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Xia Xiu sat on the sofa with a dark expression.

She thought that Xia Zhe had been deceived, but she did not expect to be the one who had been deceived!

“Who exactly are the two of you!” Xia Xiu asked coldly.

She had killed people on the battlefield before, so she exuded an aura that ordinary people could not withstand.

Her loud question frightened the old widow so much that she knelt on the ground.

Wang Yong also stood rooted to the ground, not knowing what to do.

“Speak!” Xia Xiu said angrily as she slammed the table.

“We… we really are…” the old widow stammered.

Xia Xiu frowned deeply.

She did not have the patience to listen to the two of them anymore.

“Men! Take the two of them back and Ill interrogate them myself!” Xia Xiu shouted towards the door.

The guards standing outside the door immediately ran into the house and pulled the old widow and Wang Yong out.

Xia Xiu then stood up and walked to Qiao Mei and said, “Child, its my fault today.

I misunderstood you.

I will definitely interrogate them clearly and clear your name.”

“Eldest Aunt, you can do it.

I believe you can do it!” Qiao Mei said to Xia Xiu with a sweet smile.

Xia Xiu was infected by the smile and smiled as well.

She thought that Qiao Mei was really a sensible person.

She had wronged Qiao Mei, but Qiao Mei did not blame her and could still smile at her.

Xia Xiu found herself liking this niece-in-law who had a sweet smile.

It was not bad for such a sensible and decent girl to enter the Xia family.

Although she was from the countryside, it was still better than a scheming girl.

Xia Xiu left after giving Auntie Chen some instructions and did not even stay for dinner.

After the troublemakers left, the house became quiet and there was an awkward atmosphere when everyone did not speak.

“Can any of you tell me whats going on” Second Aunt-in-law asked curiously.

“I think someone is trying to frame our family,” Xia He said.

“Then have you seen these two people before, Qiao Mei” asked Third Aunt-in-law.

Qiao Mei nodded and said, “Weve indeed met before.

They previously came by to propose marriage.”

There was really a marriage proposal!

“A marriage proposal You mean such a thing really happened!” Second Aunt-in-law took two steps back in fear.

“No, they came with a matchmaker.

After that, they were chased out by my family and we never had any contact again,” Qiao Mei explained.

Third Aunt-in-law thought for a moment and asked, “Thats not right.

It doesnt make sense.

Since theyve met you before, why cant they recognize you”

After hearing what Third Aunt-in-law said, Second Aunt-in-law also felt that it made sense and looked at Qiao Mei doubtfully.

“Because I was originally fatter than Kong Li and also weighed more than 200 pounds,” Qiao Mei said embarrassedly.

A fatty weighing more than 200 pounds! That means Qiao Mei was fat when Xia Zhe met her!

Xia He looked at Xia Zhe differently.

Xia Zhe noticed his sisters gaze and turned his head away awkwardly and coughed twice.


“Oh my goodness, then how did you lose weight” Kong Li suddenly pounced in front of Qiao Mei and asked agitatedly.

If Qiao Mei could be so beautiful after losing weight, then she would be a knockout if she lost weight!


“I walked tens of kilometers a day and did a lot of farm work, and I only ate two bowls of rice a day.

If you persist in doing that for a period of time, you will definitely lose weight,” Qiao Mei said as she thought back.

Kong Li shook her head repeatedly after hearing that.

If she ate like this, she would definitely become malnourished.

She saw no point in living if she could not eat meat, so it was better not to lose weight.


“Ill go out and take a look.

You stay here by yourself,” Xia Zhe said to Qiao Mei.

Qiao Mei nodded.

She knew what Xia Zhe was going to do and also understood that it was useless to stop him.

“Go ahead, dont be too harsh,” Qiao Mei said gently.

“Yes, I know.” Xia Zhe patted Qiao Meis head and left reluctantly.

He had a murderous look in his eyes.

His anger had dissipated a lot when he was in front of Qiao Mei, but now it was time to settle the score.

After Xia Zhe left, there was no longer any man in the living hall, so Second Aunt-in-law and Third Aunt-in-law felt more relaxed.

Second Aunt-in-law suddenly came forward enthusiastically and held Qiao Meis hand as she said, “Look how Xia Zhe has such good taste.

He found such a beautiful new wife.”


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