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Xia Jun looked at them for a long time before he sighed and asked, “Where did you all find these people”

Xia Xiu looked at Xia Jun and said, “You have to ask my third brothers wife about this.”

Everyone turned to look at Third Aunt-in-law at the same time.

Third Aunt-in-law waved her hands in a panic and said quickly, “Everyone, its a misunderstanding.

I met these two people at the entrance to the courtyard.

They were asking all passerbys if anyone was from the Xia family and then they told me about these things.

Thats why I brought them back.”

“You didnt even do any checks before bringing these shady people home” Xia Jun asked with a frown.

“I… I didnt know what to do at that time.

I was anxious and wanted to come back and ask all of you.

I thought that if we can question the people involved and let them confront one another face to face, the matter could be resolved quickly.

I didnt think about the authenticity of this matter.” Third Aunt-in-laws voice became softer and softer.

“How silly and brainless of you!” Xia Jun scolded softly.

Third Aunt-in-law wanted to retort but was pulled back by Second Aunt-in-law.

“Dont say anymore.

Dont add fuel to the fire!” Second Aunt-in-law whispered.

Third Aunt-in-law flung the other womans hand away angrily.

She was usually the one who got bullied the most at home, but now even her sister-in-law was trying to control her actions.

“Xia Xiu, what are your thoughts on this matter” Xia Jun asked as he looked at Xia Xiu.

“I think Xiao Zhes marriage must be annulled! Such a woman cant marry into the Xia family!” Xia Xiu said as she pointed at Kong Li.

“Impossible!” Xia Zhe said immediately without a second thought.

Xia Zhes reaction surprised Xia Xiu.

In a normal scenario, if one knew that ones wife was pregnant with someone elses child and even lied about it, one would be heartbroken or furious.

She did not understand why Xia Zhe was so calm.

“Dont tell me they have something on you” Xia Xiu looked at Xia Zhe in disbelief.

He was the best kid in the Xia family.

How could he have made a mistake in such a matter

“They dont have anything on me,” Xia Zhe said.

“Nothing Then why cant you reject this ridiculous marriage” Xia Xiu asked.

“Because Qiao Mei is pregnant with my child,” Xia Zhe said with a smile.

This statement made Xia Xiu furious.

She stood up and pointed at the three people in the middle of the living hall and asked Xia Zhe, “Didnt you hear it just now This woman is pregnant with his bastard child, its not your child!”

Seeing that things were getting out of hand, Xia He gently nudged Qiao Mei.

“If you dont go out soon, Eldest Aunt will probably tear down the house later,” Xia He said laughingly.

Qiao Mei took the opportunity to walk to Xia Zhes side.

He held her hand and walked up to Xia Xiu.

“Eldest Aunt, this is my wife, Qiao Mei,” Xia Zhe said gently.

“Hello, Eldest Aunt.

Im Xia Zhes wife,” Qiao Mei said with a sweet smile.

This shocked everyone who had never seen Qiao Mei before.

They widened their eyes in disbelief to hear that it was the person in front of them that was Qiao Mei.

The old widow and Wang Yong were especially shocked.

Back then in the village, Qiao Meis figure was what they despised the most, yet this beautiful young lady turned out to be the “Black Bear Spirit” from before.

The old widow now regretted not being nicer to her back then.

Xia Xiu could not believe it either.

The investigators who went to the village said that Qiao Mei weighed more than 200 pounds, but the person standing in front of her now weighed not more than 100 pounds.

“What exactly is going on This person isnt Qiao Mei” Third Aunt-in-law asked in disbelief as she looked at the scene unfolding in front of her.

It was clearly different from what they said at the door earlier. What did these two people want Why is Qiao Mei a different person

“Do you understand the meaning of the farce today” Xia Jun looked at Xia Xiu meaningfully.

Xia Xiu nodded with coldness in her eyes and said, “I understand.”

“Since you know whats going on, Ill leave this matter to you.

Im tired and will go back to my room to rest for a while.” Xia Jun returned to his room after saying that.

He left behind a group of people looking at one another in the living hall.


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