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Qiao Mei and Xia He had been trying to hold back their laughter as they stood at the side.

They had originally brought Kong Li here so that when she caused a scene, the Xia family would know that Xia He was having a difficult time in the Kong family.

This was so that Xia He would have an easier time when she wanted to get a divorce.

They could never have predicted that Kong Li would end up being a scapegoat and saving Qiao Mei from a disaster.


“Who knows if what you said is true or not What evidence do you have to prove that she is your wife” Xia Jun said as he held back his smile.


Wang Yong became anxious upon hearing this.

He had only met Qiao Mei once back then and she even chased him out when he wanted to have a meal at her house.

He did not know how he was supposed to prove that he was telling the truth.

At this moment, Wang Yong threw all caution to the wind and decided to take a chance.

He went forth and lifted Kong Lis clothes to reveal her stomach.

“Ah!” Kong Li pulled down her clothes in fright.


“Look at the scar on her stomach!” Wang Yong took a quick look at Kong Lis stomach and said as he pointed at the scar.

Kong Li blushed and tugged at her clothes.

She had never been treated like this in her life.

“I used to touch this scar every day and Im very familiar with it!” Wang Yong said confidently.


That scar was from Kong Lis previous appendicitis surgery.

Back then, Xia Fang had to ask someone for a favor for Kong Li to have the surgery.

At that time, the whole family was in an uproar because of this matter.

Kong Li had said that she did not trust the small clinic in the countryside and wanted to go to a big hospital in the capital.

Knowing that Xia Fang was a doctor, Kong Li insisted on asking her for help.

Even though Xia He explained that Xia Fang was a doctor in the gynecology and obstetrics department, Kong Li still refused to give up.

In the end, Xia He had no choice but to beg Xia Fang to get help from her colleagues in the hospital.

Everyone in the family knew about this incident.

When they heard what Wang Yong said, everyones expressions changed.

Xia He thought to herself that it would be great if this was true! Then, she would not need to find a marriage partner for Kong Li.

This person was actually quite compatible with Kong Li.


Kong Li could not bear with the situation any longer and gave Wang Yong a kick on his waist as she said, “What a load of rubbish! When have I ever seen you! Do you even know me!”

Wang Yong knelt on the ground from the kick.

As he listened carefully to her voice, he felt that something was wrong, but he did not have the time to think about it thoroughly.

He had never been so aggrieved in his life!

He had been the only boy at home, so the old widow always gave in to him.

In recent days, because of the money he received from the He family, many more matchmakers had come to visit him at home, eyeing the betrothal gifts that his family could afford to give.

Wang Yong had always been treated nicely within his village.

He did not expect to end up being treated like this when he came to the capital to settle the scores with Qiao Mei.

Wang Yong stood up quickly in anger and gave Kong Li a slap.

“You damn woman! Youre pregnant with my child and you still want to run away! Do you think I care about you! After you give birth, you can go wherever you want! At that time, we wont care even if you seduce eight or ten men!” Wang Yong said fiercely.

After saying that, Wang Yong pointed at Xia Zhe and glanced at him.

However, when he saw Xia Zhe staring straight back at him, he felt a little guilty and retracted his hand timidly.

Not only did this slap not scare Kong Li, but it made her tremble in anger instead.

She rushed towards Wang Yong and used her ample body to slam right into him, causing him to fly outwards.


“You money-losing good-for-nothing! You still want to…”

Before Wang Yong could finish speaking, Kong Li had already sat down on top of him.

She weighed more than 200 pounds and he felt as if there was a huge rock pressing down on him, making him unable to breathe.


“What else do I want I still want to beat you up! Today, Ill let you know that Im not someone to be trifled with!” After saying that, Kong Li gave Wang Yong a slap.

She then followed that up with punches and kicks that showed no mercy.

In the end, the old widow hugged Kong Lis thigh and begged her to stop hitting him.

Kong Li only stopped because she was afraid that she would beat him to death.

“All of you split up! Go stand in the middle!” Xia Xiu roared angrily.

When the three of them saw Xia Xius imposing manner, they did not dare to fight or cause trouble anymore.

They all stood in an orderly manner in the middle of the living hall, afraid that they would be pulled out and beaten up by Xia Xiu if they were not careful.


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