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Xia Zhe had actually informed Xia Xiu about his marriage a long time ago, but she had been busy with military affairs and did not have the time to come back for a visit.

At that time, she had only called him to congratulate him and sent him a gift.

Now that she had some free time and heard that Xia Zhe and his new wife had returned home, she came back to take a look as well.

She did not expect to run into this drama.

Xia Xiu was the first one to reach home, followed by Second Aunt-in-law and Third Aunt-in-law.

Xia Xiu hated Third Aunt-in-law the most.

The daughters-in-law of the Xia family were usually either intellectual people or people in the military, but Third Aunt-in-law was different.

Her family was in business and she did not study much.

If not for the fact that when the third son of the Xia family met with an accident in the past and Third Aunt-in-law happened to save his life, he would not have married her.

When the few of them reached home, they realized that someone also brought along these two strangers.

When they questioned the strangers, they were told that Qiao Mei was actually in a relationship with someone else before she married Xia Zhe, and her babys father was actually that person.


The two families were about to prepare for the wedding when Xia Zhe suddenly came for a visit.

Qiao Mei and Qiao Qiang then decided to go with the flow and knocked Xia Zhe out, before pushing the responsibility to Xia Zhe.

After Wang Yong and his mother told Xia Xie this story, she firmly believed in what she heard.

This was because when she heard that Xia Zhe was getting married, she immediately sent someone to do a check on Qiao Mei.

She was told that Qiao Mei was arrogant and despotic in the village and that she must have first pick of all the nice food and drinks in her house first.

This was the reason why Qiao Qiang had been seriously ill for so many years.

Based on this point alone, it was obvious to Xia Xiu that Qiao Mei was an unfilial child.

She would not let such a person stay in the Xia family!

Xia Xiu took one glance at Kong Li and turned away.

Not only was she so fat, but she also looked very vicious.

Xia Xiu had seen many women like her who were lacking in virtue and greedy for wealth.

The investigator that Xia Xiu sent to the village also interviewed Qiao Zhuang and his family.

Other people might praise Qiao Mei, but not Qiao Zhuang and his family.

As the saying went, there was nothing one could expect from a hog but a grunt.

Every member of Qiao Zhuangs family said that Qiao Mei was a greedy and lustful person who hooked up with men outside the village and gave in to all her sensual desires.

They even said that she had a previous engagement, but broke it off.

That was what led the investigator to Wang Yong and his mother.

Representatives from the He family had visited the mother and son and offered them compensation in return for their insistence that Qiao Mei was supposed to be their familys new daughter-in-law.

The moment the mother and son entered the Xia residence, they wanted to speak but Xia Xiu stopped them.

Xia Xiu first told Xia Jun and Xia Zhes parents the whole story about what she found out.

After hearing what she said, they were agitated for a long time.

They had all met Qiao Mei before and thought that she looked quite demure.

They did not think that Qiao Mei was such a heartless and seductive woman.

Just like that, the group of over 10 people sat quietly in the house.

No one spoke as they waited for Xia Zhe and Qiao Mei to return home before they questioned Wang Yong and his mother.

Who knew that such a scene would happen after Xia Zhe and Qiao Mei were back

Xia Jun stood up solemnly, walked next to Wang Yong and asked, “Are you sure this is your wife”

“Im sure! Of course Im sure!” Wang Yong firmly and hurriedly replied in the affirmative.

Kong Li was about to speak when Xia Jun gave her a glare.

The veteran army general had a sharp and murderous look in his eye.

Kong Li was just a young lady and could not withstand such intimidation.

She covered her mouth and did not dare to make a sound.

This question made the old widow suspicious.

She raised her head to take another look and thought that Qiao Mei had become uglier after these few months, though her figure had not changed much.


However, there were only three women who came in together just now.

One was Xia Zhes elder sister and the other one was her sister-in-law.

Both of them were very slender and their calves were even slimmer than Qiao Meis arms.

Neither of them could be Qiao Mei.

Although she had heard in the village that Qiao Mei had lost weight, it was not possible for her to have lost so much weight in just a few months.

Wang Yong was even more certain that the person in front of him was Qiao Mei and that there was no mistake.

“Shes my wife.

Although we didnt register our marriage, shes pregnant with my child!” Wang Yong said as he grabbed Kong Li.


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