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During this period of time, Xia Zhe kept thinking about what Xia He was going through.

The earlier his sister could get a divorce, the earlier she would be able to escape from her misery.

“Ill make a call to get him to come to the capital quickly.

Ill say theres something he needs to do,” Xia Zhe said.

“Do you think hell believe what you say” Qiao Mei asked.

“Im considered his superior, so he should believe me.

Ill get my soldiers to call him and wont do it myself.

Otherwise, hell be suspicious.” After saying that, Xia Zhe went into the house and picked up the phone to make arrangements.


Xia He looked at Xia Zhes figure while he was on the phone and sighed silently as she said, “Mei Mei, when Kong Lu comes, how do you think I should face him”

“Do you still like him” Qiao Mei asked.

“Of course not.

In the past, we were indeed together because of our feelings for each other.

But ever since we got married and his attitude towards me changed, I no longer like him anymore,” Xia He said firmly.

“Then just treat this as a favor that youre doing for yourself.

After this matter is settled, you can start a new life again,” Qiao Mei comforted.

Xia He sat quietly and looked into the distance.

She really could not remember what she was like before she got married.

That day, Xia Zhe even said that she was no longer the smiley sister he remembered.

What was she like originally

“You dont have to worry too much about it.

The main thing you have to figure out is whether you will regret doing this,” Qiao Mei said as she held Xia Hes hand.

“I wont regret it.

I must get a divorce!” Xia He said firmly after thinking about it.


Xia Zhe walked out of the house and said, “It has been arranged.

Hell be here in two days.”

“Alright.” Xia He suddenly thought of something and said, “Im here today with an actual task, not for these other things.”

“What task” Qiao Mei asked curiously.

“Our Second Aunt-in-law, Third Aunt-in-law, Second Uncle, Third Uncle and Eldest Aunt are coming back.

Theyre coming here specially to take a look at you,” Xia He said to Qiao Mei.

“Look at me” Qiao Mei said in shock.

She had heard Xia Zhe mention other relatives in the family, but he had said that Second Uncle, Third Uncle and Eldest Aunt were all in the military.

They were usually so busy that they rarely went home and would only be back during the new year and the holiday period.

Given that it was not the new year or the holiday period, were they making a trip especially to see her

“Thats right! Xia Zhe getting married is such a big matter, they must all come back to see what his new wife is like,” Xia He said.


“Then do I need to prepare anything What do they like Is it too late for me to go and buy now” Qiao Mei stood up in a flurry, not knowing what to do first.

“Ive already prepared the gifts for you.

You dont have to worry about that.

I know that its too sudden and you wont have time to prepare,” Xia He said with a smile.

Qiao Meis eyes widened when she heard this.

With starry eyes, she went forward and hugged Xia Hes arm as she said, “My elder sister is the best~”

“Alright, alright, stop acting like a child with me.

Hurry up and change, then pack up and we can go,” Xia He said as she gave Qiao Mei a gentle pat.

Qiao Mei pulled Xia He into the room and asked her a few questions as she got dressed.

“Elder sister, can you tell me what they are like” Qiao Mei asked nervously.

“Second Uncle, Third Uncle and Eldest Aunt are all people with similar personalities to grandfather.

The only people you may need to interact with often are Second Aunt-in-law and Third Aunt-in-law,” Xia He said.

“Then what are Second Aunt-in-law and Third Aunt-in-law like” Qiao Mei asked.

It was hard to say.

These two aunts each had their own good and bad points, but no matter what they did, it was generally for the good of the Xia family and they did not bear any ill intentions.

“Second Aunt-in-law is a good person, but… shes just a little picky and prefers sons over daughters,” Xia He said with a sigh.


Second Aunt-in-law was more traditional in her thinking.

She felt that women should stay at home and only men should go out to work, and that women should be in charge of all family matters and men should not interfere.

If she thought that any woman in the family did not do anything properly, she would specially go and educate that person.

She might even go to that persons house to educate her! She had to make sure that that person fully understood that women must take care of everything at home before she would let the person off.


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