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The children from the Sun family saw Qiao Mei and the others shortly after, and they quickly stuffed whatever they could into their pockets.

These childrens pockets were custom-made and could hold a lot of things.

Before long, the table was emptied of everything on it.

The children took advantage of the fact that no one was paying attention to them and ran out of the house.

They were so fast that no one could hold onto them.

Even if it was possible to grab the children, Qiao Mei found it awkward to argue with the children and to ask them to take everything out from their pockets.

After all, Kong Li was the main culprit today.

Without another word, Qiao Mei went forward and pulled off all the jewelry that Kong Li was wearing, including the earrings.

Kong Li would have been fine if she did not struggle, but she put up a fight, causing her ears to bleed from the struggling.

“Youre all bullying me! How dare you treat me like this!” Kong Li said as she covered her ears.

“These things belong to me.

I dont want to lend them to you, so Im taking them back,” Qiao Mei said as she put the jade jewelry into her pocket.

“Xia He, how can you ignore this! This is how your family treats me!” Kong Li pointed at Qiao Mei while she questioned Xia He.

“Those things belonged to someone else in the first place,” Xia He said coldly.

“Youre all in cahoots! I just borrowed it to wear for a couple of days! Why are you so petty!” Kong Li said as she looked at Qiao Mei.

Qiao Mei laughed and said, “This is mine and I didnt lend it to you.

What right do you have to wear it”

Of course Kong Li wanted to take it! She had heard Xia He asked Xia Fang yesterday and knew that this set of jewelry cost 2,000 dollars!

Qiao Mei crossed her arms and looked at Kong Li fiercely, accidentally exposing the two bangles that she was wearing.

When Kong Li saw them, she went up to snatch them.

Kong Li behaved the same way when she was at home.

If she took a fancy to something, she would snatch it away.

She took advantage of the fact that no one could bully her because of her size.

Once she managed to snatch something, no one could take it back.

This method did not work on Qiao Mei though, given that she was stronger than Kong Li and she had seen all kinds of unreasonable people in the village.

However, Qiao Mei did not expect her to be so vicious.

Before she could react, Xia Zhe had already pulled her into his arms so that she managed to dodge Kong Lis attack.

Xia He also knew that Kong Li would definitely use this move.

Back when she was at home, Kong Li had done this to her many times.

She rushed forward and used all her strength to push Kong Li away.

“What are you trying to do How dare you think about snatching it! This is where the Xia family lives, not the Kong family.

Its not a place where you can throw your tantrum!” Xia He pointed at Kong Li and scolded her.

Xia Zhe hugged Qiao Mei and then looked at his elder sister who was behaving like a shrew.

His heart ached for her.

In his memory, Xia He was that happy and warm elder sister who was always full of smiles.

He did not expect the Kong family to make her such a wreck.

At the end of the day, it was all Kong Lus fault! He had to settle all these scores properly after this! He must make Kong Lu pay for all the grievances his sister had suffered!

“Youre my sister-in-law and shes your sister-in-law, so shes also my sister-in-law! Since shes my sister-in-law, why cant she give me something since Im younger!” Kong Li shouted at Xia He.

“Dont flatter yourself here! Whos your sister-in-law Is she willing to be your sister-in-law!” Xia He said.

“Is that how you talk to me! When I get back, Ill definitely tell my brother and let him give you a telling off!” Kong Li said angrily.

“Then you better tell him everything that happened today so that he can teach me a lesson.

Were not done with this yet!” Xia He had thought it through.

She did not want to be bullied by the Kong family anymore.

She was fine if she was the only one bullied, but her younger brother, sister-in-law, and even her aunt, were being bullied now.

She was definitely getting a divorce!

Seeing that it was many against one, Kong Li stopped arguing.

She sat down at the dining table and decided to finish all the cake before calling up Kong Lu to complain to him.


Qiao Mei walked to the bedroom and put away all the valuable things, including the calligraphy painting in the study.

These things would be worth a lot of money in the future and she could not let Kong Li ruin them.

As for the flower pots, she decided to forget about them as she did not know where to hide them.

She only wished that the flowers in the attic were not discovered.

Xia Zhe and Xia He tidied up the mess in the house.

Xia Fang sat in the bedroom, not knowing what to do.

Kong Li was like a scoundrel and an eyesore who could not be chased away.


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