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“Do I have a role to play in this” Xia Zhe said as he came in from the door.

“Where did you go” Qiao Mei asked.

“Both elder sister and Aunt havent eaten yet.

Lets eat first and talk about other things later.” Xia Zhe placed the soy milk and dough sticks on the dining table.

After putting down the things, he went to the kitchen to get some white sugar.

The soy milk they usually drank was bland and tasteless, with only the taste of beans.

Xia Zhe added a spoonful of sugar to Qiao Meis bowl so that the soy milk would become very sweet.

“Xiao Zhe, why are you so biased Why didnt you add a spoonful of sugar for Aunt and me as well” Xia He teased with a laugh.

Xia Zhe stood there with a red face and said shyly, “Its just that I dont know what Aunt and elder sister likes.”

“Alright, alright.

Stop teasing Xia Zhe and just eat,” Xia Fang said as she sat down.

After they finished their meal, they took a rest in the courtyard.

Xia Fang had already told Xia Zhe the whole story along the way.

Xia Zhe thought that it was not appropriate for him to say anything about this matter and he decided to go along with whatever Qiao Mei wanted to do.

“Lets rest for a while and then go look for Kong Li,” Qiao Mei said as she lay on the rocking chair.

“Xia Zhe, please dissuade your wife.” Xia He looked at Xia Zhe with a pleading gaze.

“Ill listen to Qiao Mei,” Xia Zhe said firmly.

When he said that, it was greeted with mixed feelings.

Qiao Mei sat on the rocking chair and laughed happily.

Xia He stood in the middle of the courtyard and pointed at Xia Zhe as she said, “How can you listen to your wife when she wants to go for a fight!”

“Dont worry, elder sister.

Im very strong,” Qiao Mei said with a smile.

Xia Zhe gave Qiao Mei a meaningful look.

It still felt as if what happened that night had happened just yesterday.

Qiao Mei was shockingly strong, and even he stood no chance against her strength.

“How can you just let her be, Xia Zhe! What if something happens!” Xia He stood in the middle of the courtyard and pointed at Xia Zhe as she questioned him.

Qiao Mei stood up and lifted the rocking chair with one hand.

Although the rocking chair was not very heavy, it weighed at least 20 to 30 pounds.

Yet, Qiao Mei could lift it with one hand without any effort.

She stunned Xia He and Xia Fang with this move.

“I just told you that Im very strong.

Come on, lets go.” Qiao Mei held Xia Zhes hand and walked out of the house, leaving the two of them in the courtyard, looking at each other and still immersed in the unbelievable scene just now.

The four of them returned to Xia Fangs house together.

Before they entered, they could hear many children making noise in the house.

Xia He felt a little dizzy.

She placed one hand on the railing and closed her eyes.

“Xiao He, are you alright” Xia Fang held Xia He anxiously.

For the past few days, she had been worried about what Kong Li did.

Not only did she not manage her own affairs well, but she even got her family into trouble.

This made her feel very guilty and she did not sleep last night, thinking about how to apologize to Qiao Mei.

Qiao Mei could tell what was going on.

She knew that those children from the Sun family would not let the matter rest.

They did not manage to bully Qiao Mei the last time and this time, they had their eyes on the newcomer, Kong Li.

Qiao Mei wanted to push the door open with all her might, but she did not expect the door to be unlocked.

She almost fell over from the momentum but fortunately, Xia Zhe held on to her.

What she saw was a huge mess in the house.

The tables and chairs were all in disarray and the cushions on the sofa had also been thrown onto the ground.

Everything edible in the kitchen had been taken out and there were oil stains and food scraps everywhere.

Kong Li and the children were seated around the dining table, eating the cake that Qiao Mei had made for Aunt two days ago.

They were wolfing it down as if they had not eaten for five or six days.

The children of the Sun family had always been like this, but she could not understand why Kong Li also behaved in the same way when she had regular meals every day.

Kong Li was the first one to see Qiao Mei and the others returning.

As she ate, she said with a grin, “Brother Xia, youre here to see me.”

Qiao Mei could not help but roll her eyes.

Brother Xia Brother Xia, your head! Are you allowed to call him Brother Xia!

This made Qiao Mei even more bad-tempered.

She had to settle this score today, or it would never end!

Although the children were badly behaved, they paled in comparison with Kong Li.


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