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“I think that we should keep an eye on the Cao family.

Although we had made an exchange for their part of the house, they definitely wont tell other people what we gave them for it.

Anyway, we did not shortchange them by exchanging the ginseng for the house,” Qiao Mei said as she looked at Xia Zhe with bright eyes.

“Right.” Xia Zhe nodded in response.

“If they dig up something, then lets report them.

In that way, I wont feel the pinch if the things get handed over to the government.

They will also suffer the consequences of their actions,” Qiao Mei said.

In fact, Xia Zhe had the same plan.

If the two of them started digging up their courtyard, the Cao family could also file a report that the Xia family was hiding something.

Even if they had no evidence, they would still suspect that there was really something hidden underground.

“So, lets just keep an eye on the Cao family over the next two days.

Hurry up and eat.

Otherwise, the food will get cold soon,” Xia Zhe said.

Qiao Mei nodded obediently.

All she could think about was how to pull the treasure boxes deeper into the ground.

She decided to check again tonight if there were any other boxes buried under the house.

After they had eaten and showered, the two of them went out to the nearby park for a walk to aid digestion.

When they returned, Xia Zhe went to the back wall to check on the Cao familys movements.

There was no more sound, so there was unlikely to be any more digging tonight.

“How is it” Qiao Mei asked softly.

“Theyve probably left.

Theres no sound from the Cao family side,” Xia Zhe said.

“Thats good, thats good,” Qiao Mei said as she patted her chest.

As it was already late, the two of them lay down on the bed.

Xia Zhe used the excuse of providing the baby with antenatal education to touch Qiao Mei everywhere.

“Dont mess around,” Qiao Mei said as she slapped Xia Zhes hands away.

After a while, Xia Zhes hands started moving again.

Qiao Mei closed her eyes and pretended to sleep.

It was not as if Xia Zhe had not seen Qiao Mei sleeping before and he could tell if she was really sleeping.

Xia Zhe smiled affectionately and just hugged Qiao Mei as he rested.

Qiao Mei gradually fell asleep and completely forgot about her earlier plans to move the treasure boxes.

The next day, Qiao Mei woke up before dawn.

It could be that she was too tired yesterday and did not really sleep well.

“How muddleheaded of me, how could I have forgotten about this!” Qiao Mei said in frustration.

Qiao Mei quietly put on a thin coat and went to the same spot she was at yesterday.

She first checked if there was anyone from the Cao family around.

When she was sure there was no one around, she secretly sent energy to the vines.

Golden energy surrounded the vines.

Before long, Qiao Meis consciousness was connected to the vines.

After checking the location where she had placed the treasure boxes yesterday and making sure that they were still intact, she continued to pull the treasure boxes even deeper underground.

By now, the treasure boxes were already 30 meters underground.

At such a depth, the Cao family would definitely not be able to discover them.

“Hmph, lets see how you can find the treasure boxes,” Qiao Mei said, feeling pleased with herself.

After finishing what she needed to do, the sky was not even completely bright yet.

Qiao Mei crept back to the bed to sleep for a while more.

The Cao family still had to go to work during the day and could only come back to dig at night.

After digging for a while, they had to return everything to its original state.

Otherwise, if any neighbors passing by saw them, they would think that their house was raided and this would invite gossip.

This affected the speed and efficiency of their digging and they would not be able to find the treasure boxes even if they dug until the day when they had to move out.

By the time the sun rose, Xia Zhe woke up.

He turned around and saw that Qiao Mei was still sleeping soundly.

He smiled and stroked her head before gently kissing her forehead.

“Time to get up.

We still have to go to Aunts house today.” Xia Zhe woke Qiao Mei up gently.

After being back for so many days, Xia Zhe had yet to formally pay his aunt a visit at her house.

Although he had already met with her, it was still more proper etiquette-wise to formally pay her a visit.

“Hmm… I dont want to get up… Let me sleep for a while more…” Qiao Mei turned over and curled up against the wall.

“If you still dont get up, we wont be able to go to Aunts house,” Xia Zhe said to Qiao Mei threateningly.

However, they did not expect Xia He and Xia Fang to come in just as they were about to get ready and leave the house.


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