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He Ning could feel his health getting better after eating these medicinal dishes, but he also thought that the food really tasted very bad and found it difficult to swallow.

“Shes already the best cook specializing in medicinal cuisine in my family.

If youre not satisfied with her skills, who else can you find” The old Chinese doctor looked at He Ning helplessly.

The family of the old Chinese doctor had been in the same line for generations.

Most of his relatives and friends also did work that was related to Chinese medicine.

In this instance, He Nings current cook was the old Chinese doctors cousin.

This cousins family was very good at making medicinal cuisine.

His cousin was the best cook among all of them and was well known for her skills in the capital.

There were many people who wanted to invite her to their house to make medicinal cuisine, but she turned them down.

“But it really doesnt taste nice.” As He Ning spoke, he saw the couple from the Cao family behind the old Chinese doctor.

“Isnt… isnt this Director Cao How did you find time to come to my humble house, please come in and take a seat,” He Ning said with a smile.

He had only seen Cao Da once and they did not even speak that time.

He only saw Cao Da from afar that time, but it was enough for him to remember Cao Das face.

He Ning had a photographic memory since he was young.

“We! We are… we are not… we are…” Cao Da stammered, not knowing what to say.

He Ning continued smiling.

He knew that people would not visit unless they needed something.

Furthermore, given that the old Chinese doctor had brought them, they must be useful to him.

The old Chinese doctor went forward and slowly opened the cloth bag.

As soon as the bag was opened, He Ning had a whiff of an extremely strong smell.

“Yes! The smell is so strong.

It must be top-grade.” He Nings eyes lit up.

Although He Ning had never studied medicine, he had learned a lot from taking medicine for so many years and had some basic medical knowledge.

The old Chinese doctor whispered to He Ning, “The medicinal value of this ginseng cannot be compared to those available in the market.

This 100-year-old ginseng can let you live for another 15 years.”

Another 15 years! That was not a small number.

He Ning was currently being kept alive by all kinds of valuable herbs.

If not for these herbs, he would have died long ago.

It would be great news for him if this ginseng could allow him to live for another 15 years.

The couple from the Cao family stood rooted to the ground in a daze.

They did not know what the old Chinese doctor and Xia Ning were talking about and did not dare to go forward to listen.

He Ning nodded in the end.

The old Chinese doctor understood what he meant.

“This is what Director Cao wants to give you.

You can talk about other matters.

Im going to prepare the medicine.” The old Chinese doctor looked towards the couple from the Cao family before heading to the small pharmacy in the next room to brew the medicine.

Ever since He Ning fell ill, the guest bedroom on the first floor had been renovated into a small pharmacy.

It was filled with priceless medicinal herbs that the old Chinese doctor used to prepare concoctions.

Seeing that He Ning had accepted the ginseng, Cao Da felt at ease.

It seemed that this matter was settled.

He Ning had been ill since he was young and he was congenitally deficient.

This illness had haunted him for his entire life.

The He family had all kinds of medicinal herbs, but the medicinal value of ginseng was determined by its quality.

There were not many ginsengs of good quality around, let alone good quality wild ginseng.

He thought that it was heavens will that he could come into possession of this wild ginseng.

It was the heavens that were allowing him to live a few more years.

In the past two years, He Nings health had been deteriorating and he could only stay at home to recuperate.

The He familys businesses were all handed over to the eldest son of the He family, He Guo.

However, the one who really had the right to make decisions was still He Ning.

“Youve done me a favor, so now Ill do you a favor as well.

Tell me what you want,” He Ning asked calmly, the fake smile gone from his face.

Cao Da looked at He Ning nervously.

He had heard rumors about He Ning, but he did not expect himself to be so afraid of He Ning even though there were no emotions on He Nings face.

He had originally wanted to ask for something sky-high in exchange for this 100-year-old wild ginseng, but when he looked at He Nings face, he found himself unable to say a single word.

“What do you want You have no desires” He Ning asked with a frown.

The Cao familys eldest daughter-in-law hurriedly gave the stunned Cao Da a push and said, “Speak quickly!”

Cao Da came back to his senses and he hurriedly took two steps forward and looked at He Ning.


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