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Qiao Mei could not help but sneeze.

She opened her eyes in a daze and saw a green furry thing in front of her.

She thought it was a bug and screamed in fear.

“Ah, caterpillar!” Qiao Mei covered her face with her hand and said as she backed away.

Xia Zhe threw the foxtail aside and hugged Qiao Mei gently.

“Dont be afraid, dont be afraid.

Its just a foxtail, dont be afraid.”

When Qiao Mei heard that it was Xia Zhe teasing her, she clenched her fists and hit him on his back.

“You scare me so early in the morning!” Qiao Mei said with tears in her eyes.

“Its my fault, its my fault.

I wont do it again.” Xia Zhe was at a loss when he saw Qiao Mei crying.

He wiped her tears and covered her with the blanket.

Qiao Mei did not know what was wrong with her.

She never used to cry, but ever since she got pregnant and when Xia Zhe was by her side, she felt like crying whenever she felt aggrieved.

Perhaps it was because her emotions kept fluctuating after she got pregnant and Xia Zhe had always indulged her and spoiled her too much.

“Then dont do this again next time,” Qiao Mei said as she sobbed.

Xia Zhe nodded and tried to redeem himself by saying, “I got up early this morning to tidy up the vegetable garden you wanted.

I didnt know what you wanted to plant though, so I havent gone to buy any seeds.”

Vegetable garden Planting What was he talking about

Qiao Mei had just woken up and felt a little puzzled. Why did Xia Zhe suddenly mention a vegetable garden

“What vegetable garden Where did that come from” Qiao Mei asked in puzzlement.

“Did you become forgetful after getting pregnant You were the one who told me yesterday that you thought the backyard looked quite nice and wanted to have a vegetable garden there,” Xia Zhe said.

“Ah.” Qiao Meis memories gradually returned and she recalled what happened yesterday.

“How is it, do you feel better now” Xia Zhe asked.

“Im awake now.

Lets go take a look at what we can plant in the backyard.” Qiao Mei got dressed and followed Xia Zhe to the backyard.

The yard looked quite big.

It was definitely more than enough to grow vegetables.

They could also have fruit trees or something similar.

Then they would not have to go out to buy fruits in the future.

However, Qiao Mei did not plan to stay in this house for too long.

She still wanted to return to the village to stay for a while before returning to the capital with her grandfather when he was ready.

“Lets go and buy the seeds to grow some potatoes, sweet potatoes and corn,” Qiao Mei said.

It was easy to grow these things.

All they had to do was to sow the seeds and let them grow.

Moreover, these things did not require much care.

After they bought the seeds and planted them, Qiao Mei wanted to try her hand at making desserts.

At this moment, Zhou Sheng came to visit again.

“I saw the two of you going out to buy things early in the morning.

Where did you go” Zhou Sheng came in and said with a grin.

“Grandpa Zhou, youre here.

I thought that the vegetable garden in the backyard was too empty and wanted to plant some vegetables,” Qiao Mei said.

“Its such a big yard.

It would be exhausting if you grow too many plants,” Zhou Sheng said.

Most of the neighbors in the vicinity had the same house layout, so they all knew what it looked like.

“Thats so true.

Thats why Im also thinking whether its better to plant fruit trees or something,” Qiao Mei said seriously.

“In the past, your family had plum trees.

Those plum trees grew tall and big, and the flowers that bloomed every winter were especially beautiful.

The neighbors in the vicinity all came to this house to get some plum branches to plant in their own homes,” Zhou Sheng said.

Looking at Grandpa Zhous dazed expression, it appeared that he was thinking of their grandmother again.

It looked like he was not missing the plum blossoms, but the person who planted them.

“Alright, lets grow a plum tree then.

There will be flowers blooming again during winter in the future,” Xia Zhe said.

“Good, good, good.

When Im free later, Ill take a few branches off my plum tree and plant them for your family,” Zhou Sheng said with a smile.

“Thank you, Grandpa Zhou,” Qiao Mei said with a sweet smile.

Zhou Sheng felt very happy to see Qiao Mei. Who would not like such a smart and capable girl This must be a blessing that Xia Zhe had accumulated from his previous life.


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