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Qiao Mei smiled and nodded.

Not long after she sat down, Xia Zhe finished cleaning up.

Qiao Mei wanted to go in and have a look at the space to see how the furniture could be arranged, but Xia Zhe stopped her again.

“The furniture is all angular.

Sit down and let me do it so that you wont accidentally knock into them.” Xia Zhe busied himself with work after saying that.

After that, Xia Zhe kept giving all sorts of reasons to stop Qiao Mei from doing anything.

“These things break easily.

What if they break and you cut your hand Go and sit at the side.

Dont worry about these things.”

“Dont get up.

Just sit there.

Its still very dusty even though its already been cleaned once.

Wait for me to clean it again.

Dont come in yet.”

“The soil in this backyard is dirty.

Tell me what you want and Ill do it for you.”

“Dont move this thing.

Tell me what you want to do.

This thing is so heavy.

What if you cant carry it and hurt yourself”


In the house, there was only the sound of Xia Zhe nagging non-stop.

Sitting at one side, Xia Fang and Xia He were stunned.

They did not expect Xia Zhe, who was usually cold and quiet in front of them, to have such a side to him.

At the sight of this, Xia He could not help but think of the time when Kong Lu wooed her.

Back then, he agreed with her on everything, but now…

Xia He felt sad again.

There were still good men in the world, but this particular good man was her own brother.

She did not meet a good man herself.

Xia Fang could tell what Xia He was thinking.

She reached out to stroke Xia Hes back and said, “The family will always be your strongest backer.

Dont be afraid.”

Xia He nodded and said, “Im fine.

I just feel that its really good that Xiao Zhe turned out this way.”

“Thats true.

Qiao Mei is also a smart and quick-witted kid.

Moreover, shes very capable and knows how to do almost everything.

She learns everything very fast.

Xiao Zhe really found a treasure this time,” Xia Fang looked at Qiao Mei and said with a pleased look.

“Since Aunt says so, then she must really be quite good.

But for some reason, I feel that my mother doesnt like her very much,” Xia He said.

“Tsk, dont you know your mother She just doesnt like the fact that Qiao Mei is from the countryside and is uneducated.” Xia He rolled her eyes and got angry just thinking about it.

Qiao Mei looked at the old house and the busy Xia Zhe. He did not allow her to do anything.

What exactly was she allowed to do

“Aunt! Come and discipline your nephew! He doesnt allow me to do anything.

Im so bored!” Qiao Mei rushed to Xia Fangs side and complained to her.

Anyone who heard this delicate voice and saw the aggrieved look on her face would think that she did not do anything wrong at all.

It must be someone elses fault.

Xia Zhe stood where he was and looked at Xia Fang, indicating to her that he did not do anything.

“How about this Its getting quite late.

Lets go out to buy groceries and then come back to cook,” Xia He said.

“Good idea.

I suppose it will be alright with you if I just cook!” Qiao Mei turned around and shouted at Xia Zhe.

Xia Zhe looked at Qiao Mei, who was so annoyed with him, and found her so cute and funny.

“Yes, yes, yes.

You guys go ahead then.

Ill stay at home and pack these things.” After saying that, Xia Zhe went back into the house to continue packing.

Qiao Mei walked out arm in arm with Xia Fang and Xia He on each side.

After a short distance, Xia Fang tapped Qiao Meis hand.

“Walk properly outside and dont do unnecessary things.

If others see you, theyll gossip about you again.

Later, theyll put up posters in the alley to criticize you!” Xia Fang said.

Qiao Mei retracted her arms aggrievedly and walked behind silently.

Even if it made Qiao Mei feel wronged, Xia Fang had to tell her that.

Otherwise, it would not be good if someone got hold of some evidence and gossiped about it.

After all, once gossip started spreading, there was no way to know how the story might get twisted in the end.

If one bought a fish today and the neighbors found out and spread the word about it, the story narrated tomorrow might be that one had bought a cow.

This was quite common.

One needed to be careful when one was outside.

Some people were just plain nasty and could not bear to see others doing well.

If you were doing well, they would get jealous and then think of ways to snatch away what you had.


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