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They strutted down the street and bought a lot of things before returning to the old house.

Xia He felt relaxed the moment she entered.

She sat under the grapevine and said, “This house is truly nice.”

“Its not just the two sections in front anymore.

Qiao Mei just bought the two sections which the Cao family had.

Now, this entire house belongs to Xiao Zhe and Qiao Mei,” Xia Fang said.

When Xia He heard this news, her eyes lit up.

Then, she felt emotional the next moment.

“It would be nice to have my own house.

Then, I can do whatever I want every day and wake up whenever I want.

I dont have to lock all the drawers and cabinets and I dont have to worry about others stealing my things.

It would be so nice…”

Xia He leaned her head against the vine rack and quietly looked at the sky, imagining her life in the future.

Xia Zhe looked at his sister at this moment and felt that she was like a stranger.

In the past, Xia He used to be very carefree and would think of him whenever there was anything nice to eat or drink.

She used to live her life with a bright smile on her face.

Now, Xia He was always frowning and thinking about how to get through every day.

Her mother-in-law and sister-in-law made things difficult for her, and her husband did not care about her.

“Then buy a house for yourself.

Its not like your salary isnt enough,” Xia Fang said.

Qiao Mei objected to that suggestion, which caught Xia He by surprise.

“Elder sister, do you still plan to stay with that man” Qiao Mei suddenly asked.

Her question surprised everyone.

Xia Hes relationship with Kong Lu had not been good for a while and everyone in the family had heard about it.

However, how did Qiao Mei know about it

Xia Zhe was always away in the army and did not know anything about all these things happening with his family.

Xia He had only told her aunt and her aunt would never have told Qiao Mei.

“Dont look at me like that.

I just happened to hear it when I walked past earlier and also guessed most of it from what I saw today,” Qiao Mei said with a smile.

Xia He sighed and smiled resignedly as she said, “I didnt want the two of you to know, but its also good that you found out.

Actually, I came back home this time without any intention to go back.”

Qiao Mei nodded.

She thought that Xia He was right to think that way.

That house was like an inferno and she definitely should not go back.

“Since youre not divorced yet, I think the matter of getting a house can wait.

If you buy it now, our brother-in-law will get a share of the house.

Its possible they will even say that your mother-in-law and sister-in-law will get a share as well,” Qiao Mei explained.

These words were like a wake up call for Xia He.

After being married for so many years, all her money had been taken by Old Madam Kong and Kong Li.

If her house belonged to them after the divorce, it would be a huge loss to her.

“Qiao Mei is right.

You cant buy a house yet.

The most important thing now is to get a divorce!” Xia Fang said as she turned to look at Xia He.

“But is it that easy to get a divorce” Qiao Mei asked curiously.

She said that she wanted a divorce, but how could she get one

Xia He and Kong Lu had a military marriage, and Xia He was also a government worker.

If Xia He wanted a divorce, she must get Kong Lus agreement unless it was due to Kong Lu making a serious mistake.

When it came to a conflict between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law, there was no serious mistake at all.

It was not even a mistake, just a family conflict.

With Xia He being like a cash cow, Kong Lu would not agree to divorce her.

Even if Kong Lu agreed, Old Madam Kong would not allow it.

“If you get a divorce, then what about your job” Xia Zhe asked.

“Thats not a big deal.

Ive applied for a permanent position in the capital,” Xia He said.

Xia Zhe nodded and felt at ease.

He thought that he should look for Kong Lu soon and have a good talk with him.

He could not let his sister suffer in vain.

“Alright, everyone.

Stop troubling yourself with my affairs.

The delivery man from the mall will be here with the furniture soon.

Lets hurry up and clean up the house,” Xia He said as she stood up.

Qiao Mei rolled up her sleeves and was about to walk into the house when Xia Zhe stopped her midway.

“Itll be very dusty when we clean the house.

Dont go in.

Its not good for your health.

When Im done, then you can go in and do what you need to do,” Xia Zhe said.


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