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Kong Li sat down embarrassedly beside Xia Fang.

When she returned home, she would tell her brother that this woman had bullied her and made Xia He suffer for it.

The family finished their meal in silence.

After dinner, Xia Mao left in the military district car.

After all, he had a limited amount of time to come home this time and there were still things that he needed to settle at work.

Xia Wen and Tan Jing also had their own work to do and left not long after.

Xia Jun, being an old man, became bored at home after a while and went out for a walk to look for his friends.

As for Xu Lan, she was already retired.

Since her children were back, she wanted to speak with them.

She had always known that Xia He was unhappy, so she wanted to ask her daughter about what was going on.

Xia Fang quietly pulled Xia He aside, held her hand and asked, “How have you been recently”

Xia He lowered her head in silence.

When Xia Fang saw Xia He like this, she knew that Xia Hes life had not improved.

“Then why did your sister-in-law come with you She must be the one whos causing the problem between you and your husband.” Xia Fang glanced at Kong Li who was eating fruits.

“I didnt want her to come, but I had no choice.

She insisted on coming,” Xia He said with a sigh.

“Its fine, just do your thing.

You still have me,” Xia Fang said.

“Aunt, you dont know how sad the situation is.

With her looks, she still wants to find a partner whos an army officer,” Xia He said mockingly.

“An army officer Then why doesnt her brother find one for her but ask you to do it instead” Xia Fang frowned and said.

“Its all because they want to ride on our Xia familys status.

They think that we can randomly introduce a soldier to her.

Didnt you see how her eyes were on Xiao Zhe the moment she entered” Xia He became furious at the mention of this.

While the two of them were still talking, Qiao Mei and Xia Zhe were dealing with Kong Li on their end.

“Youre also my relative.

Why dont you bring me out” Kong Li asked.

Qiao Mei suppressed the anger in her heart and said, “Whos your relative”

“How can you not be considered my relative My sister-in-law is your elder sister.”

“So we are relatives.”

“Since were relatives, why cant you bring me out”


Kong Li sat beside Qiao Mei and spoke a lot to convince Qiao Mei that they were considered relatives.

There was nothing that Xia Zhe could say and he could only sit at the side and listen.

Xia Fang and Xia He also noticed what was happening.

Xia He was about to go over to speak her mind when Xia Fang pulled her back.

“Its fine.

Dont worry, Mei Mei knows what shes doing.

She wont lose out,” Xia Fang said with a laugh.

After spending so many days together, Xia Fang had a rough idea of Qiao Meis personality.

Qiao Mei had a good character, but she also had quite a fiery temper.

If someone was kind to her, Qiao Mei would definitely return the favor many fold.

“I just dont feel like going shopping with you! You stay at home alone! I dont want to bring you to my house either! Even if were relatives, I dont know you well, so dont try to act familiar with me!” Qiao Mei said, feeling exasperated.

Qiao Mei had no choice when faced with such an unreasonable person.

Since being cultured was not an option, she decided to resort to being forceful.

Qiao Mei pulled Xia Zhe along and left without looking back.

Seeing this, Xia Fang patted Xia Hes hand to reassure her and hurriedly followed them.

Xu Lan sat in the living room and did not say anything.

It was not easy to have her children home, but everyone had left by now.

If not for this fatty, her children would still be accompanying her at home.

“Auntie, are you going to watch your daughter-in-law bully me like this Im a guest after all!” Kong Li shouted at Xu Lan.

Xu Lan could have spoken to Kong Li politely, but the way Kong Li addressed her as “auntie” made her feel unhappy.

Initially, she thought that Qiao Mei was the one she hated the most.

She did not expect herself to hate Kong Li even more now.

Xu Lan looked at Kong Li and did not say a word.

After all, she was still a guest.

If she also reproached this person, she would be criticized if word got out.

Xia He could not do anything about it.

Xu Lan had long known that she had such a troublesome sister-in-law.


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