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Before Kong Li could say anything more, she was left standing at the door alone.

Xia He said happily to Xia Mao and Xu Lan, “Father, mother, Im back.

Dont you welcome me”

“Youre not back to see me.

Arent you here to see your sister-in-law” Xu Lan rolled her eyes and said while sulking.

Xia He stood there awkwardly.

At this moment, Xia Zhe and Qiao Mei were already seated.

“Why not Hurry up and sit down to eat.

You havent been back for a long time,” Xia Mao said.

Only then did Xia He take her seat.

Kong Li walked over angrily and stood beside Xia He.


She reached out and gave Xia He a slap on the shoulder, putting on a fake smile as she said, “Why did you walk so fast Is it because you dont want me to look at your brother”

Xia Hes shoulder hurt, but she did not say anything.

Xia Zhe frowned when he saw what happened.

Qiao Mei reached out to hold Xia Zhes hand under the table and shook her head.

Although Xia He had a grudge with this woman, it was still someone elses family matter after all.

It was not good to comment without knowing everything.

Upon seeing that Xia He was ignoring her, Kong Li did not say anything else and went to sit down beside Xia Zhe.

“You must be my sister-in-laws brother,” Kong Li said while blushing.

Xia He pointed at Kong Li and said angrily, “You stay away from my brother! How can you sit there!”

When Kong Li saw that Xia He did not care about embarrassing her, she stood up and banged her hand on the table.

She used so much strength that half of the soup was spilled on the table.

Xia Mao and Xia Jun did not raise their heads to see what was going on.

Men like them did not participate in matters between women and they pretended not to see it.

Xu Lan frowned and glared at Kong Li.

“This is the Xia family residence.

What are you doing!”

Kong Li pointed at Xu Lan and said, “Since Im a guest, you have to give in to me.

Otherwise, Ill go out and say that the Xia family is unkind and doesnt treat guests well.”

“If you continue to behave like this, Ill just send you home!” Xia He shouted.

Unexpectedly, Kong Li did not care at all and said indifferently, “Its impossible for you to send me home.

Im going wherever you go.

If youre so capable, you can go and tell my brother to see if he will side with you.”

There were some things that Xu Lan did not know.

Xia He rarely confided in Xu Lan and would talk to Xia Fang instead.

Xia Fang knew that ever since Xia He married into the Kong family, she had not had a peaceful life.

Xia Hes relationship with her husband, Kong Lu, was no longer the same as before.

Previously, the two of them were very much in love.

They had fallen for each other on their own and were not matchmade.

Xia He also had a stubborn temper and, like Xia Zhe, she made her own decisions regarding her own marriage and did not say much to her family.

She did not expect Kong Lu to bring his mother and younger sister over to live with him after they got married.

Ever since then, the two of them had often quarreled.

In addition, Kong Lu was very busy now, so Xia He had to take care of everything at home.

Kong Lu did not know anything about what happened at home.

In the past year, Old Madam Kong kept asking for a grandchild, so she forced Xia He to try for a baby.

However, Xia He did not manage to get pregnant.

Old Madam Kong became very angry and started telling the neighbors that Xia He was unable to have children and it made people look down on Xia He.

In the past, Xia He would still explain to the neighbors one by one, but when she could not stop the rumors from spreading, she just endured it.

No one knew why Xia He had returned to the Xia family this time.

“Miss Kong, I think youre too unreasonable,” Xia Fang said.

“Who do you think you are” Kong Li could not be bothered with Xia Fang at all.


Xia Fang did not say anything else.

She stood up and moved Kong Lis chair to the spot next to her.

“Since youre a guest, you should know that guests should follow the hosts instructions.

Didnt your elders teach you manners” Xia Fang asked.

This question made Kong Li speechless.

When she left her house, Old Madam Kong had told her to do everything she could to create trouble for Xia He.

Now, she could not say that her elders did not teach her manners or this would mean that her family was improper.

Although Kong Li was not smart, she was not a fool.


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