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Xia Zhe bent down to wipe Qiao Meis feet with a dry towel and said patiently, “Dont let your imagination run wild.

Youre my first woman and youll be my only woman.”


Hearing this, Qiao Meis face turned red in an instant.

She reached out and gently gave Xia Zhe a slap on his back as she pouted and said, “What nonsense are you saying.

Youre telling me this in broad daylight.

If other people hear this, they will definitely report you and say that youre shameless!”

“Im not afraid.

Were a legally married couple.

Besides, it isnt broad daylight now.

Its already dark, and Im not saying this in public,” Xia Zhe muttered softly.

Xia Zhe picked up the basin of used water and walked out.

He poured it away and came back to rub Qiao Meis back.

As Qiao Meis pregnancy progressed, she began to face the same issues as other pregnant women, even though she was still less affected than other women.

If she walked for too long, she would still get a backache.

The capital was not like the village.

There were plants everywhere in the village and it was also a good place for resting.

The supply of energy was endless.

There was nothing much in the capital, and the few trees on the road were all a little withered.

As Qiao Mei thought of the village, she realized that it had been about a month since she left.

She missed her grandfather and wondered if he was doing well while living alone at home.


“Shall we go and see my grandfather tomorrow” Xia Zhe asked.

Qiao Mei nodded and said, “Of course.

I hope your grandfather wont dislike me.”

“No, he wont.

My grandfather is very easy-going and a very direct person.

He wont dislike you.

Besides, youre the granddaughter-in-law whom he chose personally.

How can he not like you” Xia Zhe said.

After he rubbed her back for a while, the two of them lay down on the bed and prepared to sleep.

Xia Zhe lay on his side and gently pulled Qiao Mei into his arms.

Qiao Mei was tired from the long day and quickly fell asleep.


Xia Zhe looked at the sleeping Qiao Mei and smiled tenderly.

He felt that this young girl looked so cute when she was at rest and not talking.

She was usually very spirited, but when she was quiet, she looked especially gentle.

It had been a long day of traveling for Xia Zhe as well and he gradually fell asleep.

The next morning, the three of them took the bus back to the military compound.

Xia Jun was a very busy person and was seldom at home.

When he heard that Xia Zhe had brought his wife home, he quickly rushed back from outside.

His eyes lit up as soon as he entered and saw Qiao Mei.

She was exactly how he expected Qiao Qiangs granddaughter to be like, and it was clear that he had not made a wrong choice.

Back in those days in the army, Qiao Qiang was one of the most handsome men around.

He had already married Wu Min by then.

Otherwise, he was quite sure that Wu Min, that woman who liked good-looking people, would definitely be interested in Qiao Qiang.

“This must be Qiao Mei.” Xia Juns smile was so wide that his eyes disappeared.

“Yes, grandfather.

Its me,” Qiao Mei said with a smile.

“Aye! Come and sit here! Tell me about your grandfathers health Is he well” Xia Jun said in a gentle manner.

At home, Xia Jun was only amiable towards Xia Zhe.

He did not have a nice attitude for the rest of the family.

In the past, when Xia Jun was still in the army, he had a strong temper and was very insistent on his ways.

He behaved the same way at home after he retired.

It was only after Xia Zhe was born that people saw an improvement in his temper.

“My grandfather is well and he has been taking good care of his health recently.

He will come to the capital to meet you sometime soon,” Qiao Mei said.

After knowing that Xia Zhes wife was visiting, Xia Zhes elder brother, Xia Wen, also came home with his wife, Tan Jing.

Tan Jing looked at the smiley Xia Jun and felt very shocked.

When she first came to visit, Xia Jun did not behave like this.

He did not even come home that day.

Tan Jing looked at Qiao Meis stomach.

She thought it was indeed true that a pregnant woman received better treatment, and she looked at her own stomach indignantly.

Xu Lan came back slightly later than them.

She usually spent most of her time in the military art troupe.

Although she had already retired, she still liked to sing and dance and was willing to go over to help and guide them.

When Xu Lan came back, she was also shocked to see Xia Jun like this.

After living with her in-laws for so many years, she had only ever seen Xia Jun smile at Wu Min.

Xia Jun also had a happy smile when Xia Zhe was born.

He had always treated Xia Zhe very well.

As Xia Juns daughter-in-law, she had never seen his smiling face again after that.

However, with Qiao Meis arrival, Xia Jun was now grinning from ear to ear.


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