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“Next time, Ill send you cherries every year.

I used to grow grapes at home, and I would dry the grapes I planted and send them to Xia Zhe to eat.

Even Xia Zhe said that they were delicious! So Aunt, dont worry!” Qiao Mei said.

Xia Fang said suspiciously, “But Xia Zhe dislikes sweet things the most.”

“He doesnt like sweet things, but he often writes to me saying that he wants to eat raisins!” Qiao Mei said seriously.

In Xia Fangs memories, Xia Zhe had never eaten anything sweet from young.

Even for fruits, he only picked out those that were not sweet. Perhaps he was trying to make Qiao Mei happy during their lovey dovey period.

“Perhaps his taste changed after he grew up, or the raisins you dried must be really delicious, so thats why he wanted to eat them.

After all, you made them yourself,” Xia Fang said.

Qiao Mei nodded.

She was sure that the raisins she made must be delicious, and that Xia Zhe definitely did not lie to her.

As Qiao Mei looked around, she suddenly realized that a head had appeared at the top of the wall.

“Hey Aunt, can you see who that is” Qiao Mei asked curiously as she pointed to the top of the wall.

Xia Fang took a closer look and said, “Isnt it Xia Zhe! Why doesnt this kid use the main entrance, and he doesnt even use an umbrella on a rainy day.”


Xia Zhe was still in his military uniform.

He climbed over the wall and quickly ran into the house.

Qiao Mei immediately leapt into Xia Zhes arms.

“Why are you back suddenly! You didnt even send a letter!” Qiao Mei hugged Xia Zhe excitedly.


“I wanted to give you a surprise,” Xia Zhe hugged Qiao Mei and whispered into her ear.

Seeing his aunt watching them curiously, Xia Zhe blushed.

“Oh my, our Xia Zhe actually knows how to blush,” Xia Fang teased.

Xia Zhe realized that his aunt had become more talkative and much more cheerful.

She seemed different from the aunt he remembered.

He had not returned to the capital for more than two years.

In his memories, his aunt always had a stern expression and was usually very serious.

Since he was young, she had been strict with him and always told him to have self-discipline.

He did not expect his aunt to become so smiley and mischievous, and even knew how to tease him now.

Only then did Qiao Mei realize that she had hugged Xia Zhe for a long time and she quickly let go of him.

Fortunately, no one else had seen her.

If anyone else saw her, they would say that she was indecent and she would be berated for being shameless.

This would in turn affect Xia Zhe.

“Tell me, were you just humoring me or were the raisins I made really delicious” Qiao Mei said.

“Its that my Mei Mei is especially capable and everything she makes is delicious,” Xia Zhe said.

It seemed that Xia Zhe really did not like sweet stuff.

He only ate more than usual because Qiao Mei made it.

“Yes, yes, yes.

Ive long known that your Mei Mei is the best.

She knows how to do everything.

The neighbors all praise her and even say that youre lucky,” Xia Fang said proudly.

Xia Zhe did not tell anyone of his trip home this time so that he could give Qiao Mei a surprise.

When he returned to the camp after the competition, they had promoted him to an officer straightaway.

Initially, they only intended for him to remain as the acting battalion commander, but he was officially the battalion commander now.

“Are you officially the commander now” Xia Fang asked.

Xia Zhe nodded.

It was very impressive for someone his age to be in this position and this was the result of his own hard work.

In terms of military achievements, he was only slightly inferior to Qiao Meis grandfather, Qiao Qiang.

Qiao Mei was overjoyed when she heard the news.

She said excitedly, “Then lets have a good meal tonight.

Ill cook a big meal to celebrate.”

Xia Fang nodded in agreement, and Xia Zhe looked at Qiao Mei tenderly.

“Whatever you say,” Xia Zhe said.

“Also, Im going to settle scores with you after dinner!” Qiao Mei said as she pretended to be angry.

It made Xia Zhe puzzled as he did not know what mistake he had made.

He looked at his aunt in confusion.

Xia Fang shook her head, indicating that there was nothing she could do and that Xia Zhe should take care of himself.

“You have so many older sisters and younger sisters who want to marry you in the capital.

I have to settle these scores with you properly.

How many romantic debts do you actually have!” Qiao Mei glared at Xia Zhe with her hands on her hips and said in a serious tone.



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