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Qian Wang said respectfully, “Mother, Im back.

Ill go to my room.”

Old Madam Qian nodded and tacitly agreed to what Qian Wang wanted to do.

Qiane tried to secretly sneak in by following behind Qian Wang.

“Stop right there,” Old Madam Qian said.

Qiane slowly turned around and looked at Old Madam Qian with a feeling of unease.

She knew that she would definitely get beaten up today, so she lowered her head and remained silent.

“Tell me, what did you two do today” Old Madam Qian said.

“We went out to convey our apologies.

We didnt do anything else,” Qiane said casually as she tilted her head.

“You went out to convey your apologies Then why didnt you manage to give these things away Did the Xia family reject them” Old Madam Qian said.

“They said that they appreciated our gesture but they wont accept it,” Qiane said.

Old Madam Qian thought that what she said was indeed possible.

However, it did not seem that believable.

The expression on Qian Wangs face when he returned did not look as if the Xia family had forgiven them for this matter.

“Youre not lying” Old Madam Qian asked as she looked at Qiane suspiciously.

“No!” Qiane replied softly.

Old Madam Qian held the stick and walked in a circle around Qiane, wondering if what Qiane said was true.

She could ask the few old ladies in the courtyard who liked to gossip and she would immediately know if it was true or not, but that solution was useless now.

“I wont argue with you on this matter.

Youd better not be lying.

Also, I have settled your marriage for you.

Your father has already agreed to this matter, so its final.” Old Madam Qian walked back to the sofa and sat down.

Marriage What marriage

Qiane looked in shock at Zhao Ni, who was bent over the ground.

Zhao Ni shook her head helplessly.

It seemed that she knew about this matter and she had been beaten up because of it.

“Im not getting married,” Qiane said.

“Youre not getting married It doesnt matter what you say! You dont have any right to speak in this family!” Old Madam Qian pointed at Qiane and shouted.

“I just wont get married.

Its useless no matter what you say!” Qiane said as she looked at Old Madam Qian.

Old Madam Qians hands trembled in the face of the tough stance from Qiane.

She glanced at Zhao Ni and gave her a kick.


“This is the kind of good daughter that you brought up! She ruined her own reputation and even dragged me and my son down! Why did I let you enter our Qian family!” Old Madam Qian said.

“Dont hit my mother! Anyway, I wont get married.

If you want to get married, you can do it yourself!” Qiane pounced over to protect Zhao Ni.

“What a rebel! Do you really think you have a say in this family! You heartless brat! See if I dont break your legs!” Old Madam Qian picked up the stick and wanted to hit her.

Qian Wang, who had been silent in the room, suddenly opened the door and walked out shouting, “Stop arguing! Theres no end to it!”

“You spoiled brat, who are you talking to Is this how you talk to your mother” Old Madam Qian said.

“Xia Fang did not accept our apology at all.

Instead, this wretched girl made her angry,” Qian Wang said.

Old Madam Qian looked at Qiane fiercely.

Not only did this girl cause trouble for the family, but she was also going to affect her sons grading at work.

If her son could not get a good grade at work, he would be stuck for the rest of his life and would not have much of a future.

“Didnt you say that you have settled with the Xia family Damn girl, how dare you lie,” Old Madam Qian said.

Zhao Ni protected Qiane with all her might.

Before Qiane and Qian Wang returned, Old Madam Qian told Zhao Ni that she had already betrothed Qiane to a rich family in the countryside.

It was hard to imagine that a rich family in the countryside could be really rich.

Qiane would have a hard life for years if she married into the family.

Furthermore, it was not like Qiane could carry anything with her hands or shoulders, and she was not particularly capable.

Moreover, the man from that family had been married before.

His wife had died three years ago and left behind four daughters.

If Qiane married into the family, she would definitely not have an easy life.

Even if Zhao Ni was greedy for her own wealth and status, she could not treat her daughter badly and she felt really bad about it.

After all, her daughter was her own flesh and blood.

In addition, that family was from her hometown and the same village.

If news of this got out, she would not be able to return to her parents house in the future…


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