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She tried her best to hold on and waited for Li Gui to come and save her, but she almost died that winter.

Fortunately, her grandfather came back in time to save her.

“I… I…” Qiane opened her mouth hesitantly, but she still could not bring herself to apologize.

Qiao Mei did not have any sympathy for Qiane.

Even if her father did not treat her well and she had to go through all the unfortunate things, there was still no reason for her to do evil things.

The matters were completely unrelated and each matter should be judged on its own.

“Speak up!” Qian Wang snarled.

“I… Im sorry,” Qiane turned her head to the side and muttered softly.

Xia Fang waved her hand in annoyance and said, “Just leave quickly.

We dont want the things you brought.

Just go.”

Qian Wang thought that Xia Fang did not hear what Qiane said and was worried that Xia Fang would tell her other colleagues about this matter when she returned to work.

This might in turn affect his reputation.

There was going to be a promotion grading at the hospital this year.

If news of this matter spread, then he would not have any chance at all.

Impatiently, Qian Wang gave Qiane a kick and said, “Louder!”

Qiane glared fiercely at Qiao Mei and said, “Im sorry.”

When Qiao Mei saw the look in her eyes, Qiao Mei understood that this matter was not over.

Instead, it had become even more serious.

It was such a bad end to the day.

After Xia Fang heard this, she pushed Qiane away.

Before closing the door, she said, “Dont ever come again! Get lost!”

Qian Wang carried the two bags of fruits and walked down the stairs without looking back.

As he walked, he ranted, “This woman is really ungrateful.

Ive already come to her door, what else does she want! Just because shes the sister of the hospital director, she thinks she can do whatever she wants!”

“Pfft! Who does she think she is!” Qian Wang spat and cursed again when he felt that his earlier ranting was not enough to vent his anger.

Qiane continued standing at the door and staring at it, thinking to herself that she only came to save Zhao Ni from getting beaten up.

Zhao Ni had said that otherwise, Qian Wang and Old Madam Qian would beat her up badly, not give her any money and then send her back to her hometown.

Qiane knew that her mother did not want to return to the hometown to be looked down upon by her uncle and aunt-in-law.

Her mother did not want to be despised every day, so her mother chose to sacrifice her.

“You money-losing good-for-nothing! What are you still doing at her door! Get down here!” Qian Wang cursed.

Qiane followed behind Qian Wang silently.

If it was Old Madam Qian, Qiane would still talk back.

However, Qian Wang was a two-faced person.

On the surface, he was amiable to everyone, but in reality, he was an evil person.


Everyone thought that he was good-natured and a nice person, and that he just had a wife and daughter who were out of line.

In actual fact, if it was not for Qian Wang beating up Zhao Ni all year round, the family would not have become like this.

When they reached the courtyard, Qian Wang quickly changed his expression and looked mild-mannered.

“Oh, Qian Wang, why are you walking out of this block” an elderly female neighbor asked.

“Oh my, Auntie, Im old and went to the wrong place.

Im so forgetful,” Qian Wang said with a grin.

“Youre not that old.

Why did you buy so many fruits! Goodness, these fruits are not cheap,” the neighbor smiled at Qian Wang and said.

“This Xiaoe had hurt her hand.

Its good for her! Were going off!” Qian Wang hurriedly brought Qiane home.

The few older women started talking among themselves.

“He said that he went to the wrong place.

Im sure he went to Xia Fangs house.”

“Thats right, thats right.

He was carrying so many things.

Looks like Xia Fang didnt give them a nice attitude.”

“Dont you know Xia Fang It would be weirder if she accepts his apology.

She doesnt even care about the hospital director, why would she care about him”

“Also Qiane and her face.

She pulled such a long face that its almost drooping to the ground.

I cant imagine how her father can still smile.”


Qian Wang did not know what the neighbors were talking about.

He was still thinking about how to make Xia Fang forgive and forget about this matter and let it pass so that it would not affect his rating at work.

The moment Qian Wang entered the house, he heard Zhao Ni screaming, but his expression did not change at all.

When Old Madam Qian saw her son, she stopped the beatings and scoldings.

She observed that he had come back with all the things that he brought with him.

It must mean that the matter did not get settled.

Looking at Qiane and the indignant expression on her face, Old Madam Qian knew that she must be the cause of it.


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