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“Dont worry, Xiaoe will never hurt the child from your family again.

I swear to Heaven,” Qian Wang said.


Qiao Mei looked at Qian Wang and felt a little sorry for him.

“Whats the matter” Qiao Mei walked to the door and asked.

Xia Fang hurriedly pulled Qiao Mei behind her, not giving them a chance to face her directly.

“Im sorry.

I brought Xiaoe here to apologize.

We were in the wrong the last time.

Were really sorry and Xiaoe already knows her mistake,” Qian Wang said sincerely.

After saying that, he handed over two bags full of big and fresh fruits.

He certainly looked very sincere but there was not a word from Qiane, the main culprit.

When Qiane saw Qiao Mei, her originally indifferent attitude turned into a fierce stare, as if she wanted to disassemble and eat up Qiao Mei.

“You shouldnt be the one apologizing.

Whoever made the mistake should be the one apologizing,” Qiao Mei said with a smile while looking at Qiane.

Qian Wang nudged Qiane and said, “Hurry up and apologize.”

Qiane looked at Qiao Mei indifferently.

She would rather be killed than to apologize, and she would probably feel better that way as well.

The initial deal she had with him was that she only needed to follow him to the house.

She did not expect that it was not enough just to turn up and that she even needed to apologize.

Xia Fang looked at Qiane who refused to open her mouth.

She shook her head helplessly and said to Qian Wang, “Since the two of you havent discussed it properly, you should just go back.”

Xia Fang was about to close the door but Qian Wang held on to it and said, “My daughter is very immature.

Please dont mind her.

My daughter already knows her mistake.

The kids may fool around but we should continue to get along well.”


So this was his actual purpose!

Xia Fang looked at Qian Wang mockingly and suddenly felt that Qiane was actually quite pathetic and pitiful.

Her useless father only cared about his own reputation and did not care about her at all.

“You all just continue to get along with one another.

What I do has nothing to do with him.

If you need to hate someone, just hate me,” Qiane said stubbornly as she looked at Qiao Mei and Xia Fang.

“If you dont want to apologize, then you can go back,” Qiao Mei said to Qiane.

Although Qiane almost hurt her, she could roughly understand the situation Qiane was in by looking at the way Qian Wang behaved.

She just could not understand why Qiane carried on making mistakes and getting into trouble.

Seeing Qiao Meis nonchalant attitude, Qiane felt her eyes reddened.

She thought about how she used to frequent this house and come over often for meals.

She still remembered all the furnishings in this house clearly.

Yet, everything belonged to Qiao Mei now.

“What right do you have to enjoy all of this! All these used to belong to me!” Qiane suddenly shouted at Qiao Mei.

Xia Fang immediately shielded Qiao Mei behind her.

For consecutive days, it was either the Sun familys children who came to cause trouble or Qiane who came to pick a fight.

It was so hard to chase away these people.

“What used to belong to you” Qiao Mei asked curiously.

“The person Xia Zhe should marry is me! Why should it be a country bumpkin like you! What trick did you use to make Xia Zhe walk into your trap! Shameless thing! All of these should be mine!” Qiane walked forward slowly and Qian Wang did not stop her.

Xia Fang pointed at Qiane and roared, “I dare you to take another step! Ill call the police! We wont do anything, well just let the police settle everything!”

The moment Qian Wang heard that Xia Fang wanted to call the police, he hurriedly held Qiane back and said to Xia Fang, “No need to go to that extent.

Dont be angry, Xia Fang.

Its just that Xiaoe could not let go of the issue yet.”

“If she cant let it go, then go home! Dont cause trouble for us here! What a jinx!” Xia Fang said.

Qian Wang whispered to Qiane, “Dont go looking for trouble.

Think about it, your mother is still at home.”

When Qiane heard this, she fell silent.

Both Qiao Mei and Xia Fang also heard what he said.

They originally thought that Qian Wang was a decent person, but they did not expect him to be such a person.

Qiao Mei looked at Qiane, who was being forced into a corner by Qian Wang, and thought of the time when she was forced to do farm work at Qiao Zhuangs house.

At that time, they all lied to her and said that her mother did not want her anymore, and that she needed to work hard to be able to see her mother.


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