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However, when it came to the bangle on her wrist, she could not bear to give it to others.

After all, this was a very rare treasure and not all jade stones turned out like this.

It was definitely not as good as the pendant Xia Zhe had given her, but no one would dislike having a portable “small air conditioner”.

Qiao Mei then brought the three pots of flowers in the bedroom to the loft to change the flower pots.

Upon replacing the original ceramic pots with the porcelain pots, it suddenly seemed like the pots were too good for the flowers.

“Mei Mei, its too extravagant to pair these flowers with such nice flower pots,” Xia Fang said.

“Aunt, these are all cheap goods from the market.

Theyre not very expensive.

I even bargained on the price,” Qiao Mei said as she repotted the plants.

Xia Fang brought over a small stool for Qiao Mei to sit on.

She could not help much with such matters, so she decided to let Qiao Mei do whatever she wanted.

She liked to grow flowers and liked every kind of flower.

There were more orchids at home because Xiang Jin liked them.

Xiang Jin liked orchids the most and he had planted them when he came back on leave.

She only knew how to water them and put them under the sun, and nothing else.

The orchids at home either died or became wilted under her care.

However, ever since Qiao Mei came, all the flowers had grown really well and the smell they emitted was also different from usual.

It appeared that Qiao Mei was really a lucky star.

The truth was that Qiao Mei would go to the loft every day to exchange energy with these orchids.

Although these orchids were not expensive species, their quality was not too bad.

Qiao Mei would exchange some energy with them every day and they grew up well.

“Mei Mei, you should stop now.

Take a rest first before continuing!” Xia Fang shouted towards the loft.

“Im coming!” Qiao Mei finished up with the flower pots and moved them back to the bedroom.

They now looked much more pleasing to the eye.

She washed her hands and was about to eat an apple when the doorbell suddenly rang.

Qiao Mei got up to open the door but was stopped by Xia Fang.

“It must be that real uncle of yours forgetting to take something.

Ill go.” Xia Fang smiled and went to open the door.

When she opened the door, she realized that it was not Liu Yang, but Qiane and Qian Wang.

Xia Fang looked at them with annoyance and did not say anything, nor did she invite them in.

“Um… Xia Fang, I brought my daughter here to apologize for what happened the last time,” Qian Wang said embarrassedly.

Xia Fang did not answer and just looked at them silently.

Qiao Mei looked at how Xia Fang was behaving at the door and knew that whoever the visitors were, they must be someone not nice.

Otherwise, with Aunts temperament, she would not make visitors stand outside.

“Xia Fang, our Xiaoe was in the wrong the last time.

She was impulsive and almost made a big mistake.

I hope youd allow her to apologize to Qiao Mei,” Qian Wang said sincerely as he looked at Xia Fang.

Xia Fang trusted Qian Wang, but not Qiane

“Who knows what your daughter is capable of.

If she comes into my house and breaks my things, it will be a mess to work out whose fault it is,” Xia Fang said as she looked at Qiane.

Qiane was only there because Qian Wang forced her.

Her mother, Zhao Ni, had been beaten and scolded by her grandmother at home.

Her grandmother was angry that she had embarrassed her father with what she did and that he even needed to pay her victim a visit to apologize.

In the past, Zhao Ni had married into the Qian family through underhanded means.

Qian Wang had always listened to his mother and at that time, he was already engaged to the child of a relative from his hometown.

No one expected a pregnant Zhao Ni to appear at that moment.

For the sake of the familys reputation, he had no choice but to marry her.

He did not expect that she not only did not stay at home to take care of her husband and children properly, but she went out every day to show off, pretending to be a full-time wife and a well brought up young lady from a wealthy family.

In reality, Zhao Ni did not have much of a family background and was just a girl from a humble family.

She not only did not live a prim and proper life after getting married, but she even brought up her daughter so badly that it made it embarrassing for the family to live in the apartment compound.

Due to that, everyone knew that Old Madam Qian would often beat and scold Zhao Ni for no reason.

Qian Wang did not care about family matters and left everything to Old Madam Qian, and this arrangement made Qiane very unhappy.

If not for Qian Wangs lack of concern about anything at home, her mother would not have led such a miserable life.

Qian Wang only cared about his own reputation as well as the reputation of the Qian family.

He did not care about anything else.

He used to care about his daughter, but ever since she embarrassed him, he did not care much about her anymore.


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