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Qiao Mei looked at the unreasonable woman and did not want to waste her breath.

The old masters expression changed for the worse when he heard what the woman said.

He said quietly, “The people living in this compound are all hospital employees and their family members.

It doesnt cost anything for anyone here to get an X-ray.”

Qiao Mei took her things and prepared to go upstairs.

She thought that since this was an unsolvable issue, she might as well leave now.

The woman went forward to grab Qiao Mei and said, “You cant leave! You havent paid me yet!”

Qiao Mei quickly came up with a plan.

She put down the box in her hand and held her stomach as she slowly sat on the ground and groaned in pain.

This scene gave Xia Fang a huge fright.

She went up to the woman and pushed her away before she held onto Qiao Mei and asked nervously, “Oh, Mei Mei.

Whats wrong, Mei Mei Tell me where it hurts.”

Qiao Mei leaned on Xia Fangs shoulder and muttered softly, “Its an act.”

Xia Fang immediately understood Qiao Meis intention.

She started crying and said to the woman, “You deserve death! If anything happens to my Mei Mei, I wont let you off!”


Qiao Mei leaned against Xia Fang and did not move at all, looking as though she had fainted.

This frightened the woman so much that she did not dare to move and quickly denied that it had anything to do with her.

Taking advantage of the chaos, she dragged her children back home, afraid that she would get the blame if there was anything wrong with Qiao Mei.

No matter what, Qiao Mei was pregnant.

The woman knew that the loss of a baby would be akin to her taking a life.

Compared to the injury on her childs arm, she would be in much bigger trouble if Qiao Mei lost her baby.

When Qiao Mei saw that the Sun family had left, she quietly opened her eyes and said weakly to everyone, “Everyone… please go back… I just suddenly felt pain… Im fine…”

Seeing how pitiful Qiao Mei looked, everyone wanted to render help.

“Sister Xia Fang, youre a doctor.

Can you see if shes alright”

“Hurry up and go to the hospital!”

Xia Fang waved her hand and said to everyone, “Shes fine.

Its just that she had just been out in the sun all day because she wanted to avoid those children and didnt dare to come home.”

As she spoke, she even choked up.

“But then again, it was so sunny today and this child had been out in the sun all day.

Now she even got bumped into…”

The neighbors gathered around all felt angry on Qiao Meis behalf.

Qiao Mei was a nice girl who had even baked cakes for them.

She was so beautiful and kind-hearted.

Furthermore, Xia Zhe was the most outstanding child from this compound.

He had been upright since he was young, so the woman he had married must be a good person.

“Everyone, you can go back.

Mei Mei and I will sit here for a while and then well head back.

Dont worry,” Xia Fang said gently.

Hearing what Xia Fang said, everyone knew that they would only just block the air circulation if they continued to stay around, so they listened to her and left.

Before the old master left, he took a look at Qiao Mei.

The old master smiled and muttered to himself, “This girl is really smart.”


Once everyone left, Qiao Mei stopped pretending.

She stood up and patted the dirt off her body, picked up the two bags, and went home with Xia Fang.

As soon as she entered, Qiao Mei happily told Xia Fang about what had happened today.

As she rattled on, she suddenly realized that Xia Fang was sitting on the sofa without saying a word.

Qiao Mei looked at Xia Fang timidly and only then realized that she seemed to have something wrong earlier.

She tiptoed over and sat beside Xia Fang, hugging Xia Fangs arm and refusing to let go.

She said sweetly, “Aunt, Aunt, dont be angry.

I know I was wrong!”

“What did you do wrong Youre so clever, how can you be wrong” Xia Fang said angrily without looking at Qiao Mei.

“I know I shouldnt have pretended to be unwell.

Aunt must have been frightened.” Qiao Mei looked at Xia Fang in embarrassment.

When Xia Fang heard this, she stood up angrily and pointed at Qiao Mei.

“Mei Mei! You scared me to death! What if something goes wrong! Do you know how dangerous it is for women to give birth! The child is not the main issue, but what if something happens to you!”

Xia Fangs heart really ached for Qiao Mei.

If something bad really happened and she lost the child, she could always try again.

However, if anything happened to her, then there was no second chance.

Even though she had been pretending to be unwell, it had really given Xia Fang a huge fright.


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