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“Youre making things up! My eldest son pushed my second son! Why! Do you even make sense!” the woman shouted at Qiao Mei.

“Tsk, your children have done so many such things.”

“Thats right.

They even refused to leave my house previously.”

“And my house as well.”

The people around them started talking about who had suffered the same things.

“Get lost! What does it have to do with you! My children didnt do such things!” The woman roared at the surrounding neighbors.

These children did not go in a group to one house to ask for food.

They would split up and one kid would go to one house so that their targets would feel bad to reject them.

However, a few families would not let the children get their way and would kick them out of the house.

These families would have then suffered from the childrens revenge antics.

“What do you mean it has nothing to do with me! Last week, they even broke the new flower pot I just bought!”

“And the eggs I bought yesterday morning were smashed by your children the moment I entered the courtyard!”

“So is my milk! Its all spilled because of them!”

“Your eldest son has done a lot of things! He even threw the vegetables I bought onto the ground and trampled them!”

Everyone chimed in and complained about what these children from the Sun family had done.

However, these children were still young.

Even if they were caught, they would only be reprimanded and sent home to be disciplined.

It was actually Old Madam Suns idea for them to go to someone elses house to freeload.

Sending them home to be disciplined would only make them worse.

The eldest son of the Sun family was a person who bore grudges and he also had food aggression issues.

For anyone who snatched his things, he would definitely not let them have an easy time.

He felt that people who did not give him anything were all his enemies and he would think of ways to take revenge on them.


“You have no evidence! What right do you have to say that!” the woman said with her head lowered.

In any case, she refused to admit anything.

These were all incidents from long ago and no one would be able to produce any evidence.

As long as she did not admit it, then it was not something her children had done.

“With your character, what good can your children do!”

“What the hell! How dare you still have the cheek to come out if this is how you bring up your children!”

“Shes just a shameless person.

Back then, she did all kinds of things to marry into the Sun family!”

Qiao Mei and Xia Fang watched from the side as the neighbors quarreled with this woman.

They found out many interesting things through the information being thrown out during the arguments.

“Busybodies! Just mind your own business!” the woman shouted.

These people arguing with her were the ones who did not allow her children to go to their house, so she felt that there was no need to be polite to them or ask for their support.

This way, she could also show the other neighbors the consequences of not helping her family feed her children.

Who would dare to not feed the children!

If you do not feed them, they will cause trouble for you.

Lets see who wins!

The only reason why so many people gave these children food was to avoid unnecessary trouble.

After all, it would be troublesome to have to deal with such a shrew.

Not only would it waste a lot of time, but it would also bring about other problems.

“Hurry up and bring my child to the hospital!” The woman said as she pointed at Qiao Mei.

After talking for a long time, she finally remembered Qiao Mei.

“Theres no hurry.

Let me take a look.” An old-sounding voice came from the back of the crowd.

Everyone made way for the person who spoke and they realized that it was the highly respected old master who lived in the compound.

“In the hospital, the orthopedic doctors are all my students.

Let me see if this child is alright,” the old master walked to the front and said to the woman.

The woman thought that her second son must be suffering from a broken bone, given the redness and swelling.

She stepped aside confidently to let the old master treat her second son.

The old master gently raised the second sons arm to take a look and then checked the injured area.

“Its no big deal.

The swelling will go down after a few days of rest,” the old master said.

When the woman heard this, she said in disbelief, “No, Im still worried.

We have to go to the hospital to get an X-ray done!”

Qiao Mei smiled.

This woman did not even want to believe the old doctor and still insisted on going to the hospital.

“Then come and look for me at the hospital tomorrow.

The orthopedics doctors are not around today,” the old master said with a grin.

This old master looked like a friendly person.

“Hmph, then pay me for the medical expenses, nutrition fees, food expenses and compensation for the mental damage! Give me the money!” the woman reached out her hand and said to Qiao Mei.



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