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Qiao Mei gently knocked on the things in her bag.

“Hear the sound, these are flower pots.”

“You must have good food with you! I can smell it!” the plump eldest child said bluntly as he pointed at Qiao Mei.

This kid was rude and quite overbearing.

It seemed that the younger brothers were so skinny because this eldest child must have eaten everything.

“I ate at a restaurant before I came back,” Qiao Mei said.

She had spent too much time in the restaurant today and there was probably some lingering food smell on her.

She did not expect this child to have such a good sense of smell.

The children looked at one another, not knowing what to do.

The second brother stood up and looked at Qiao Mei pitifully.

“Elder sister, can you give us something to eat”

“I dont have anything to eat.

You guys can go look for food elsewhere.” Qiao Mei continued walking straight towards the corridor.

When she brushed past them, the plump eldest child slammed forcefully into his second brother.

As the eldest kid was furthest away from her, and the second brother was the closest, he could only make his second brother bump into her.

If they managed to bump into Qiao Mei, they would be able to get their revenge for having to wait for her all day.

If they did not manage to bump into her, they would say that she was the one who pushed them and then ask her for monetary compensation.

Qiao Mei reacted by turning sideways, causing the mahogany box in her right hand to face them instead of the chinaware in her left hand.

This caused the second brother to take a very hard knock.

He held onto his arm and yelled loudly, then he started crying.

His loud yelling caused the younger brothers to become startled and they started crying as well.

At this moment, the plump eldest child pointed at Qiao Mei and shouted, “You bad woman, you bullied my younger brothers!”

These children cried, shouted and cursed among themselves.

The courtyard instantly became very noisy.

Qiao Mei, who was standing closest to them, felt as if she was going deaf as her ears were already ringing.

The noise gave her a headache.

At this moment, the door on the first floor opened instantly and a woman rushed out to hug her second son and asked with concern, “My son, what happened to you”

Upon closer inspection, she found that the second brothers arm was swollen and red.

The woman pointed at Qiao Mei and cursed at her, “Damn it! How can you hit him so hard! Hes still a child! How can you hit him! Youre pregnant yourself and going to be a mother! How can you be like this! The child you birthed wont have a butthole! Your child will definitely cant speak and will be a mute!”


She said the most unpleasant things and angered Qiao Mei with her last few statements .

What she hated the most now was hearing others curse her children.

She could not accept anything bad from anyones mouth.

Xia Fang.

who was upstairs, also heard the commotion and hurriedly went downstairs to see if it was Qiao Mei returning.

The people around also went downstairs if they could make it.

Those who could not go downstairs opened the windows and listened.

They definitely would not want to miss out on the drama.

The Sun familys children were causing trouble again.

This time, their target was Xia Fangs family.

This was going to be a good show..

The moment Xia Fang came down, she checked if Qiao Mei was injured.

Then, she reached out to take the things from Qiao Meis hand.

Qiao Mei only gave Xia Fang the bag with the chinaware but not the one with the mahogany box.

After all, ordinary women would not have the strength to carry this thing.

When the woman saw Xia Fang, she started to rant loudly, “Xia Fang, come and take a look! Look at what your niece-in-law has done!”

The woman raised her second sons hand for Xia Fang to see.

She wept as she said, “Look at how ruthless she is.

She beat the child up like this! How can she hit a child!”

“I didnt hit him.

Look at the amount of things Im carrying.

As soon as I came back, your children surrounded me and asked me if I had anything to eat.

I said that I had already eaten before I came back.

This bag contains chinaware, so when your eldest son pushed your second son towards me, I dodged and he bumped into the things Im holding,” Qiao Mei said.

Qiao Mei did not say all these for this woman to hear.

She wanted the people around her to know what had happened.

Xia Fang also understood what had happened.

It seemed that the family from the first floor had their door open and was just waiting for Qiao Mei to return.

If the kids managed to get food from her, they would bring it home to eat together with their family.

If the kids could not manage to get any food, this woman would then come out to “seek justice” for her injured child.

It was such a calculative scheme.

This woman taught the children nothing but these crooked ways!


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