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After a while, the phone rang.

Before He Guo could get up, He Mei rushed to the phone and picked it up.

“Hello, this is the He residence,” He Mei said calmly.

She must still maintain her sense of decorum.

Unexpectedly, it was a call from one of the investigators.

“Miss, we have checked and she did not have any intimate contact with any man in the village,” the investigator said.

He Mei was shocked and asked suspiciously, “Are you sure you screened all of them Is there really no one who has an ambiguous relationship with her”

“We have certainly checked every household.

There are really no men in the village who had any relationship with her,” the investigator said firmly.

“How is that possible Then how did she get the child Look into it again!” He Mei snarled.

He did not dare to refute her because she was the daughter of the He family after all.

However, he had really searched the entire village and there was really no one who had any ambiguous relationship with Qiao Mei.

After He Mei saw Qiao Mei today, she became even more convinced of her own suspicions.

Based on her work experience at the hospital, when she saw Qiao Meis stomach and figure, she was sure that Qiao Mei was definitely more than three months pregnant.


He Guo watched as He Mei kept making things difficult for the investigator.

He got up and grabbed the phone to find out more about the situation himself.

“Alright, continue with the investigation and see if theres anyone in the neighboring villages who knows her.” Then He Guo hung up.

“Dad! Why did you hang up without asking more questions!” He Mei shouted at He Guo angrily.

He Guo looked at his daughter coldly without saying anything.

His gaze made He Mei lose her imposing manner quickly.

“Dad, shouldnt we probe more” He Mei no longer had the arrogant stance from before.

Although she was willful and impudent by nature, she was still a child of the He family and had to maintain her decorum at all times.

“Theyre professional investigators who do everything flawlessly.

Ive been using them for many years.

Are you doubtful of their capabilities” He Guo questioned.

“No… I dare not.

Its just that Im still worried.” He Mei sat down beside He Guo tentatively.

“They said that they have asked everyone in the village individually.

Qiao Mei doesnt even leave the house and doesnt have any chance to interact with men at all.

They are unable to find out anything more,” He Guo said.

“But! But its possible that theres a man who made secret visits!” He Mei said.

It was not that He Guo had not thought about the possibility, but given Qiao Qiangs character, he would not allow such a thing to happen at home.

Besides, if no one had noticed anything during the day, it was even more impossible for things to happen at night as Qiao Qiang would be at home.

“Thats impossible.

Anyway, let them continue with their investigations.” With that, He Guo went to the dining table to have his meal.

He Mei followed He Guo cautiously.

Although she behaved like a glamorous and spoiled young lady outside, she could not behave freely when she returned home.

Qiao Mei did not go home immediately.

It was not the time that Xia Fang got off work yet.

If she went back now, she would definitely be caught by those brats.

She did not want them to see her.

Qiao Mei went into a random restaurant near the house and had a leisurely meal.

After that, she took a walk through many alleys and bought a lot of pickled vegetables and cold dishes before going to the small park opposite the house to sit in the shade.

Qiao Mei only dared to return home after Xia Fang got off from work.

Before entering the courtyard, Qiao Mei hid all the food she bought in the flower pots.

At a glance, she looked like she was only carrying ordinary flower pots.

After she packed everything neatly, she prepared to enter the courtyard nonchalantly.

The moment she entered the courtyard, she saw five children sitting on both sides of the corridor like five little door guardians.


They looked at Qiao Mei with resentment in their eyes, as if they were asking her why she had only just returned.

They had met many people like her before, so this sister was definitely not a good person!

“Elder sister, what did you buy” a child of about six years old asked.

Qiao Mei sighed.

The age of these children ranged from being in their teens to the youngest being four or five years old.

They were so scheming.

It seemed that her own younger siblings were really sensible kids.

When she could go back to see them, she would definitely buy them a lot of fun stuff and delicious food.

She must praise them and then tell them about the naughty children she had met so that they would be more vigilant and not get bullied by other people.



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