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He Mei felt so embarrassed by Qi Ling that she regretted coming out today.

In a fit of anger, she shook off Qi Lings hand and walked out of the shop.

Qi Ling shouted from behind, “Wait for me, Sister Xiao Mei.”

Qi Ling quickly followed behind.

When she reached the door, she did not forget to turn around and say to Qiao Mei, “Youd better be sensible enough to send this set of jewelry over!”

Qiao Mei smiled without saying anything.

The shopkeeper found Qiao Mei to be very interesting.

Even he did not dare to offend the He family, yet this young lady could still smile after doing it.

“Young lady, arent you afraid that theyll cause trouble” the shopkeeper asked.

“Theres nothing to be afraid of.

I bought it with real money.

Whats there to be afraid of” Qiao Mei said with a smile.

The shopkeeper also felt that what Qiao Mei said made sense.

No matter how unreasonable these people were, they would not openly snatch things.

“I think its fate that brought you here.

If theres anything else you want, Ill give it to you.” The shopkeeper stood up and looked at Qiao Mei.

Since he offered, Qiao Mei did not stand on ceremony.

She looked around but did not see any calligraphy and paintings.

“Why dont you have any calligraphy and paintings here” Qiao Mei asked.

The shopkeeper smiled helplessly.

This smart little girl had realized it after all.

He loved calligraphy and paintings the most in his life, and he liked all of them regardless of the artists.

He would buy them for his own collection and did not sell them.

Now that this little girl was eyeing them, he had to take them out as promised.

“Tell me what kind you want.

Lets be clear, I only agree to give you one,” said the shopkeeper.

“I want an ancient landscape painting,” Qiao Mei said.

The shopkeeper walked around the shelf behind the counter and called Qiao Mei over.

It turned out that there was another room behind this shelf.

It was a place for the shopkeeper to rest and he kept many calligraphy and paintings there.

Qiao Mei looked through the calligraphy and paintings hanging on the wall one by one.

In the end, she chose an inconspicuous landscape painting.

“I want this one!” Qiao Mei said as she looked at the shopkeeper.

That painting was really quite old and could be traced back to a hundred years ago.

It was not perfectly preserved, but at least 80% of it was still in good condition.

The shopkeeper had no choice but to take it down and slowly roll it up.

He repeatedly reminded Qiao Mei how to maintain the painting.

“You have to treat it well.

Dont ruin it!” the shopkeeper said.

“Ill definitely treasure it and pass it down.

Dont worry,” Qiao Mei said.

After packing up the things she had bought, she prepared to make her way home.

The shopkeeper did not give the painting to her because it was not valuable, but because Qiao Mei had paid the high price he had casually quoted for the jewelry.

The things that one could buy with more than 2,000 dollars included more than 10 bicycles, or 15 to 16 radios, or a refrigerator, or an oversized black-and-white television.

Qiao Mei knew that it was expensive to spend 2,000 dollars on a set of jewelry, but no one knew the value of antiques now.

In the future, the value of these things could double or even increase more than tenfold.

Some things could even be priceless!

Qiao Mei originally intended to give the set of jewelry to Aunt, but the longer she wore the bangle, the more she liked it.

She did not feel warm when she wore it.

It was like a natural air conditioner, so it was now something that she could not give anyone or sell off.

For her to give it to He Mei

No way!

On the way home, Qiao Mei ran into someone selling flower pots by the roadside.

She casually picked out four flower pots that she thought looked good.

She thought that these flower pots were being sold at a reasonable price of four dollars each.

She did not feel tired even though she was carrying so many things and even felt quite refreshed.

After that, she made her way home happily.

At the same time, He Mei also reached home.

She threw her bag on the sofa and asked gloomily, “Dad, have you checked on the matter with Qiao Mei”

“Yes, Ive checked.

Weve already gotten some clues,” He Guo said.

By now, it was the third brother of the He family who was the one handling all the business matters.

Now that he was older, he did not manage the family business much and just waited for the dividends every year.

He Mei sat on the sofa unhappily.

She was angry at the thought of what had just happened and could not wait for her plan to be implemented immediately.


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