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Anyone in the capital who could afford to spend 2,000 dollars at one go must not be from an unknown family.

She wondered why she had never seen this person before.

“Qiao Mei.” She was not afraid that these two people would come looking for her, so she told them her name.

It would have been better if she did not tell them, but once she did, He Mei became suspicious.

Her name was Qiao Mei and she was pregnant.

It was too coincidental.

“Your name is Qiao Mei Who is Xia Zhe to you” He Mei asked in disbelief.

Oh, she even knew Xia Zhe.

Alright, this must be another one of her mans romantic debts.

“Hes my husband.

Do you know him” Qiao Mei smiled innocently after saying that.

He Mei said mildly, “My grandfather and his grandfather used to be comrades-in-arms.

Our fathers are also good friends, so I do know him.”

“Oh, I see.” Qiao Mei packed her things and prepared to leave.

Qi Ling did not know about the grudge between the two of them, and Qiao Mei was even more unaware.

Qi Ling felt that since they knew each other, Qiao Mei should be able to let her have the set of jewelry so that she did not have to go home empty-handed.

Qi Ling went forward and said to Qiao Mei, “Since you know each other, why not let Sister Xiao Mei have this set of jewelry.

Its her birthday today.”

He Mei was already angry, but she did not expect Qi Ling to make things even more awkward. How could she ask Xia Zhes wife for jewelry

He Mei held on to Qi Lings arm while smiling at Qiao Mei.

She seemed to be keeping quiet, but she was actually warning Qi Ling and looking at Qiao Mei at the same time.

Qiao Mei could tell that this He Mei was not someone easy to get along with.

She was good at pretenses.

“How much would you give me for it” Qiao Mei looked at Qi Ling and said nonchalantly.


Qi Ling was so silly that she really thought that Qiao Mei was going to give in to He Mei.

She said to Qiao Mei, “How about we split this gift between us.

Ill give you 1,000 dollars, that means I pay a bigger share and you dont lose much.

Well then give the jewelry to Sister Xiao Mei.”

Qiao Mei asked in a confused manner, “What do you mean by I dont lose much”

Qi Ling thought that Qiao Mei was a fool so she said excitedly to Qiao Mei, “Thats right, we all know one another.

Today is Sister Xiao Meis birthday so you should get her a gift too.

You bought this set for 1,500 dollars and now Im giving you 1,000 dollars.

Do you think youre losing out”

Qiao Mei did not know what to say as she watched Qi Ling explain herself.

It seemed that Qi Ling was the real fool.

As Qiao Mei did not say anything, Qi Ling did not know what Qiao Mei was thinking.

She only knew that she must give He Mei a nice gift today, otherwise she would not be able to explain herself when she got home.

Qiao Mei really could not take it anymore.

This Qi Ling was too clingy and unreasonable.

She leaned against the counter and almost fell asleep as she listened to Qi Ling talk about what to do next.

“Hey! Are you listening to me or not!” Qi Ling stomped her feet in anger.

She pointed at Qiao Mei and said, “Havent you heard of the He family! There are so many people who want to celebrate Sister Xiao Meis birthday with her, youre the only person who doesnt know how to cherish the chance! If not for your husband being…”

“Wait, who is your husband”

Qiao Mei said without looking up, “Xia Zhe.”

Qi Lings eyes widened.

She had heard about Xia Zhes marriage and thought that he married He Mei.

It was no secret that He Mei had been waiting for Xia Zhe to return.

However, just as she wanted to congratulate He Mei, she realized that the bride was not He Mei but someone else.

She did not expect the person to be this woman here.

Qi Lings eyes widened as she looked back and forth between Qiao Mei and He Mei.

In the end, she could not help but ask, “Sister Xiao Mei, is it him”

He Mei frowned and did not say anything.

However, Qiao Meis interest was piqued when she heard what Qi Ling said. So this person really had some form of relationship with Xia Zhe, and it was really a romantic debt.

At He Meis age, she was considered one of the oldest single women within the prominent families.

However, the He family was rich and powerful, so no one dared to say anything about her.

They only gossiped behind her back.

Qi Lings father had instructed Qi Ling not to introduce boyfriends to He Mei, otherwise it could be disastrous.

Everyone knew that He Mei was waiting for Xia Zhe.

Now that Xia Zhe was already married, Qi Ling thought that if she were to introduce a boyfriend to He Mei now and succeeded in doing that, she would be able to become even closer to the He family!

Qi Ling shook He Meis arm and asked, “Am I right, Sister Xiao Mei!”

He Mei stood there in silence.


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