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This is not good enough Then what is considered good

The shopkeeper looked at Qiao Mei indignantly.

He could not believe that this little girl could afford anything that cost a sky-high price and decided to show off to this unsophisticated girl today.

The shopkeeper took out a box carved with butterflies from under the counter.

The box looked very crudely made.

The box was not light either.

It contained a set of jewelry comprising a bangle, a necklace, earrings, a ring and hairpins.

It was a complete set of jewelry and the quality looked extraordinary.

Although the set of jewelry was made recently and had no historical value, it would become really valuable once it was kept for a few decades.

She thought that it would be quite nice to buy the set for Aunt.

The jadestone and precious gems used in the jewelry were of good quality.

Even if they were not antiques, it would still give a noble air to whoever wearing them.

“Mister, one look and I can tell that its something from recent years.

Its so new that its not even from the same era as that bangle,” Qiao Mei said.

During this era, no one paid much attention to antiques and literary playthings.

They all felt that anything with beautiful workmanship was good enough when in fact, the most valuable things were those that had experienced the passage of time.

The shop owner looked at Qiao Mei in confusion and said, “This is the jewelry that someone ordered from me.

After that, she didnt want it anymore.

A lot of manpower and resources went into the making of this set of jewelry and Im amazed you dont like it.”

It was not that Qiao Mei did not like it, but it was far too different from the antiques she had imagined.

She thought that she would be able to find something exceptional, but the items in front of her were only good enough to give to Aunt as a present.

“How much is this” Qiao Mei asked.

Qiao Mei thought that if the set was more than twice as expensive as the earlier bangle, she would have to think about it carefully.

Qiao Mei picked up the bright green bangle from the box.

Under the sunlight, it looked even more translucent and warm, and it even made the sunlight seem dim compared to its shine.

Qiao Mei suddenly felt that the energy flow in her body became much faster than usual, which surprised her.

The golden energy wrapped around her body and quickly flowed to Qiao Meis hand.

After circling the bangle twice, the energy returned to Qiao Meis body.

Qiao Mei felt that her body had undergone a change.

It seemed to have become cooler than before and her essence, energy and spirit felt better.


It was currently the hottest month of the year and people on the streets were drenched in sweat from the heat of the sun.

Qiao Mei had also walked over from the bus stop in the same way.

When she first entered the house, she was covered in sweat.

The house was not ventilated and it was very stuffy.

Now that she was wearing this bangle, she actually started feeling cool.

It appeared that this bangle had some form of spirituality which was helpful to her.

No matter how much it cost, she had to buy it.

“This, this…”

“Who asked you to take it out! This is mine!” Before the shopkeeper could finish speaking, he was stopped by someone outside.

Two people suddenly rushed in from the entrance of the shop.

When the shopkeeper saw who it was, he smiled so fawningly that the flesh on his face seemed meshed together.

It seemed that these two people were not to be trifled with, and they must come from well-to-do backgrounds.

Otherwise, the shopkeeper would not behave like this.

It was only then that Qiao Mei had a clear look and realized that it was two women who came in.

One woman was thin and tall, with a temperament that seemed gentle and refined.

The other woman was slightly shorter and appeared to be arrogant and willful.

“What right do you have to say that its yours” Qiao Mei questioned.

The woman did not bother to listen to Qiao Mei.

She moved forward and pulled the bangle on Qiao Meis hand as if she was determined to take it off.

Qiao Mei frowned and said, “Let go.”

“Are you going to remove it or not If you dont, I will do it!” the woman said as she pointed at Qiao Mei.

It had taken Qiao Mei some effort to put on the bangle, so it would not be not an easy task to remove it.

If Qiao Mei did not want to take it off, it would definitely be difficult for others to do so.

“Im telling you! Dont come over! Im a pregnant woman!” Qiao Mei said as she flung the womans hand away.

Upon hearing that Qiao Mei was pregnant, the other three people in the shop did not dare to make any rash move.

The woman stared at Qiao Meis stomach and then at Qiao Meis face with a mocking smile.

“You already have a child at such a young age Dont tell me you got yourself into trouble” the woman said mockingly.

The other woman accompanying her did not say anything or mock Qiao Mei.

She just watched quietly from the side.


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