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“Aunt, I just want to have a high school education.

I want to see if I can study,” Qiao Mei said.

Xia Fang thought that Qiao Mei really just wanted some form of academic certificate and said confidently, “Thats easy.

When I have a day off, Ill go to the school nearby and tell them to put your name on the list!”

Qiao Mei smiled and said, “Aunt is the best! Thank you, Aunt!”

So, the feeling of not having to take an examination is so good.

Xia Fang smiled at Qiao Mei, amused by how such a small thing could make her so happy.

Qiao Mei knew that it would definitely be a good thing to improve herself.

This way, it would address the issue that the Xia family was so concerned about.

Having a good educational level would also be better for the children.

When the time came, she need not have to worry about the future for Xia Zhes children.

That would allay one of the Xia familys worries.

She would write to the Xia family about this when she was free, so that they would feel at ease.

During this era, studying was a useless endeavor for ordinary people.

Studying did not guarantee one a job at a good workplace, and it also cost money.

When one reached an age when one could earn money, their family would straightaway ask them to go to work.

It was possible to find a workplace by way of an introduction, otherwise the children in a family could take their parents place at the workplace when the parents got old.

In the afternoon, Qiao Mei had a lot of free time, so she drew many clothing designs for Xia Fang to choose from.

At night, she quickly made a simple long shirt dress that looked both dignified and age-appropriate.

Xia Fang liked it so much that she could not bear to put it down.

It made her look particularly elegant.

It made her aware that Qiao Mei made really beautiful clothes and her designs were very unique.

She thought that not only could Qiao Mei be a pastry chef, but she could also work at a clothing factory.

Xia Zhe was really lucky to have found such a good wife.

It looked like they would have good days ahead.

There was no need to think about which workplace was suitable for Qiao Mei for the moment.

The main thing was for her to give birth to the baby safely first and they could think about everything else later.

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Early the next morning, Qiao Mei and Xia Fang went out for a walk.

As soon as they went downstairs, they saw five to six children glaring at them in the courtyard.

Their gazes were like those of hungry wolf cubs, making Qiao Meis hair stand on end.


These children knew that Xia Fang was not to be trifled with, so they were waiting for her to leave before looking for Qiao Mei!

After all, this was what Qiane had done previously.

These children knew they could follow suit.

Qiao Mei quickly followed Xia Fang out of the apartment complex.

As soon as she stepped out, she felt relieved.

These children did not look like they were easy to deal with.

Xia Fang stuffed 50 dollars into Qiao Meis hand and said, “Go shopping in the department store today.

Its a hot day, so dont stay outdoors for too long.

Ill be back as soon as I get off work tonight.”

“Aunt, I have my own money! You dont need to give me any!” Qiao Mei quickly rejected Xia Fang.

“Keep your own money and spend it slowly.

This is from me, just take it.

Im in a hurry to go to work, so Id better get going.” With that, Xia Fang went off to work.

Qiao Mei took the bus to the nearest antique market.

The antiques now were probably very cheap and not marked up to very high prices yet.

If she could keep a few of them over the years, she would be rich in the future!


Only rich families would be interested in these things.

Ordinary families would treat such things as worthless and sell them away.

This allowed many people to pick up valuable items for next to nothing.

Qiao Mei wanted to be one of those people who picked up something valuable for next to nothing.

At this time, the works of famous local artists were not popular.

People did not cherish them and felt that imported works were the best and that these old items were useless.

People who did not know their stuff would sell them for one to two dollars.

Qiao Mei wanted to find shops like these so that she could get good bargains at dirt cheap prices!

As she explored the area, Qiao Mei saw an old house that looked as if it had been there for a long time.

She imagined that there would probably be something valuable inside, so she could not resist going in to take a look.

She crossed the threshold and pushed the door open.

The creaking sound made by the door was like an old mans groan, detailing its age.

The house was very big and filled with many things.

There were all kinds of shelves at the side with many old items on them.

This place looked more like a supply and marketing cooperative selling worthless junk rather than an antique shop.


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