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“Yes, I called up many people just now and they all said that this matter is true.

Xia Fangs neighbors all saw Xia Zhes wife,” Li Xiu said.

When He Mei heard this, she suddenly seemed to lose her strength and collapsed on the sofa.

“Xiao Mei! Whats wrong!” Li Xiu rushed forward to help He Mei when she saw that He Mei almost fainted.

She had waited for Xia Zhe for so many years! How could Xia Zhe have gotten married!

Who exactly was this new wife of his! What kind of extraordinary abilities did she have for Xia Zhe to take a fancy to her!

He Mei was so angry that she felt dizzy and she had no idea how to deal with this matter.

When Xia Zhe was still single, even if he took a fancy to some girl, the relationship could not progress as long as the He family put a little pressure on him.

However, now that Xia Zhe was already married, it was impossible to make Xia Zhe marry her.

Unless… unless Xia Zhe got a divorce! Yes! A divorce!

“Mom, who did you hear this from Is it true Did you find out who that woman is and what her identity is” He Mei held Li Xius hand tightly.

Li Xiu felt bad seeing her daughter like this, and kept trying to comfort He Mei to prevent her from doing anything stupid.

He Meis father, He Guo, happened to return home at this moment.

When He Mei saw her father, her tears began to fall uncontrollably.

“Whats going on Who bullied our Xiao Mei” He Guo asked.

“Dad, quickly call up Uncle Xia and ask him if Xia Zhe got married” He Mei said tearfully.

He Guo laughed and said, “Xiao Mei, did you have a nightmare If Xia Zhe is getting married, how can he not inform the people in the capital Arent you thinking too much”


Li Xiu looked at He Guo earnestly and said, “Its true.

Zheng Yuan from the Zheng family said that its true.”

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Immediately, He Guo stopped smiling and looked at Li Xiu and He Mei sternly.

The news might be fake if they heard it from anyone else, but Zheng Yuan and Xia Zhe were in the same army unit and Zheng Yuan herself was bent on marrying Xia Zhe.

If she said it was true, then it was probably true.

“Dont panic, Xiao Mei.

Ill call your Uncle Xia and ask him.” After saying that, He Guo went to the phone and dialed the Xia familys number.

“Hello.” The Xia familys helper picked up the phone.

“Hello, Im He Guo.

I would like to speak to Xia Mao,” He Guo said patiently.

“Alright, please hold on.

Ill go look for him.”

Not long after, Xia Mao picked up the phone.

“Hello, Lao He, you really havent called me in a long time.

Whats the matter” Xia Mao asked.

“Brother Xia, youve been too nonchalant about Xia Zhes marriage.

You didnt tell us and I had to hear it from others,” He Guo said in a teasing manner.


When Xia Mao heard that it was because of this matter, he thought that it was unfair to say he hid it from everyone.

He was actually the one who had been kept in the dark!

Xia Mao laughed and said, “Its not that we didnt tell anyone.

Its because Xia Zhe is still in the army and hasnt come back on leave, so the wedding ceremony has been delayed.

When Xia Zhe is back, Ill get him to send you the wedding wine.

Its a rather special period now, so we wont be hosting a banquet.

Besides, its inconvenient for our Xia Zhes wife.”

Inconvenient How is it inconvenient

He Guo was baffled by what he heard and asked in confusion, “Whats wrong, is Xia Zhes wife sick”

“No, no, no.

Xia Zhes wife is pregnant.

The weather is hot now and itll be tough to host a big banquet.

So we wont be doing that part, but well definitely send you the wedding wine when Xia Zhe comes back.”

“Thats really double happiness for your family.

My congratulations, Ill be waiting for the wine.

Brother Xia, Ill hang up first.

Lets meet another day when theres a chance,” He Guo said.


Go ahead.” Xia Mao hung up after saying that.

Sitting in the living room, He Mei and Li Xiu looked at He Guo and waited for him to tell them the truth.


He Guo was also feeling very angry about this.

He had hinted to Xia Mao countless times about the matter of their two families becoming in-laws.

Every time, Xia Mao would either tactfully reject him or change the topic, adamant about not discussing the marriage of their two children.


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