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“You can just continue to wait! Shes an 18-year-old sweet young woman and shes really beautiful.

Look at you, youre already an overaged girl that nobody wants!” Qiane said as she smiled and walked out.

Her main purpose was to bring the news to He Mei.

As for what would happen next, she believed that He Mei would not be able to sit still.

He Mei had been waiting for Xia Zhe for so many years, and now that Xia Zhe had suddenly gotten married, she definitely could not accept it.

Over the years, while waiting for Xia Zhe to return, He Mei had done many heartless things.

She kept herself in the know of everything that was related to Xia Zhe, and whenever there were women who liked Xia Zhe, she eliminated them one by one.

There was a time when Xu Lan took a liking to the Ma familys daughter, who was also Ma Sans younger sister.

After He Mei found out about it, she plotted for Ma San to be with her cousin.

This way, she could ensure that not only Qiane could not be with Xia Zhe, but the Xia family would also no longer consider the Ma familys daughter out of concern over the Ma familys reputation.

He Mei thought that she would have a chance once there were no more families of equal status to the Xia family in the entire capital.

The main issue was that there were some grudges between the He family and the Xia family.

Otherwise, He Mei would have long gotten her family to propose marriage to the Xia family.

He Mei hurriedly called her mother.

“Hello! Ma! Ask someone quickly! Find out whether Xia Zhe is married!” He Mei said anxiously.

“Married I didnt hear anything about it.

The Xia family is a rich and influential family.

If he is married, they definitely wont be able to hide the fact.” He Meis mother did not take He Mei seriously.

After so many years, she was already used to her daughter behaving like this whenever she heard news about Xia Zhe.

“Hey, its true! Quickly ask around! His wife has already come to the capital!” He Mei said anxiously to her mother.

Hearing her daughters anxiety, He Meis mother quickly said, “Oh, alright, alright.

Hang on and Ill go and ask around.”

After He Mei ended the call, she slammed the phone onto the table angrily.

She looked at the window and wondered how she should start investigating the matter.

“Oh my.


He, did something happen at home” Mrs.

Zheng asked.

He Meis mother was called Li Xiu.

Her family was in business and could be considered to be quite well-off.

Nowadays, she went around dining and entertaining every day and did not care about family matters.

Within the circle of rich wives, she was one of those that the rest of the women envied.

“He Mei called me in a rush and said something about the Xia family.” Li Xiu looked lost and did not know what to say as she turned to Mrs.


“Xia family What happened with the Xia family” Mrs.

Zheng asked.

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Zheng was Zheng Yuans mother.

During this period of time, Zheng Yuan had gotten into some trouble.

Although she had not been punished yet, Mrs.

Zheng had lost her prestige in the eyes of these people she hung out with.

“I dont know.

Have you heard anything recently” Li Xiu asked.

“No, but let me call my Zheng Yuan and ask her,” Mrs.

Zheng said.

“Alright, then Ill have to trouble you, Mrs.

Zheng,” Li Xiu said with a polite smile.


Zheng looked at Li Xiu obsequiously and said, “Oh my, its not a big deal.

Just hang on for a bit.”

The Zheng family and the Xia family always had a very good relationship, so everyone respected Mrs.


Zheng Yuan was also very close to Xia Zhe, so everyone used to think that the Zheng family had the greatest chance of having a marriage alliance with the Xia family.

However, they did not expect Zheng Yuan to get into trouble in the army recently.

Therefore, they all thought that the Xia family probably would not consider the Zheng family anymore.

All these made He Mei happy for a while.

However, now that a new problem had appeared and He Mei had started to investigate it, it made the He family uneasy as well.

Everyone did not think highly of Mrs.

Zheng recently and she was not treated as well as before, so she could only curry favor with the He family.

She quietly went out to make a call to Zheng Yuan.

Nowadays, Zheng Yuan was living in the small house in the capital that she bought herself and did not stay with her parents.

She was afraid that her father would be angry when he saw her, so she did not return home.

“Hello, Yuan Yuan, its mom,” Zheng Yuan said with a smile.

“Whats wrong, mom Did something happen at home” Zheng Yuan asked.

“No, I just heard someone say that Xia Zhe is married, so I wanted to ask you.

You were previously in the same army unit as Xia Zhe so I thought it best to check with you,” Zheng Yuans mother asked carefully.

After such a long time, Zheng Yuan had already gotten over her issues and did not feel awkward at all.



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