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Her father, Qian Wang, was the pillar of the entire family.

If her father did not have a job, the entire family would lose its foundation.

Although Qian Wang had a weak character, he still had a backbone.

He told Qiane not to give in and said that the whole family could go overseas in the worst case scenario.

However, her brother and sister-in-law did not share the same view.

They had just settled down in the capital and finally found decent jobs, and had just been allocated a place to live.

If they had to choose to leave now, it would be no different from killing them.

In the face of her brother and sister-in-law kneeling down to plead with her, Qiane had no choice but to put aside her hatred for He Mei.

She told herself that she would endure it and never forget it, and to always keep it in her heart.

“I didnt forget.

I just came by to see you,” Qiane said as she sat on the sofa.

Now that Qiane and her mother, Zhao Ni, were not working, and her brother and sister-in-law had stable jobs, she was no longer afraid of anything and behaved more impudently than before.

“To see me You Hmph, dont tell me you have a favor to ask of me,” He Mei said as she looked at Qiane mockingly.

He Mei had always looked down on Qiane.

In the beginning, she treated Qiane as a friend because Qiane was obedient and dumb, and liked to follow her around like a dog.

Of course, she was willing to be “friends” with her then.

However, now that Qiane was no longer of any use to her, there was no longer a need to put on a show of them having a close sisterly relationship.

“As if theres anything I can ask of you.

Im here to tell you some good news,” Qiane said.

“What kind of good news can you have Are you pregnant again” He Mei looked at Qiane derisively and glanced at her stomach.

Qiane was so angry that she wanted to go up and hit He Mei.

She suppressed the fury in her heart and said, “I came to tell you that Xia Zhe is married and even has a child now.”

He Mei was drinking water when she heard that, and got so shocked that she dropped the glass in her hand and it shattered on the ground.

“What! Xia Zhe is married! When did this happen Its impossible that I dont know about it.

How can I not know that Xia Zhe got married” He Mei stood up and interrogated Qiane.

Qiane watched He Meis reaction with satisfaction.

This was what she wanted and she had achieved her goal.

She just knew that He Mei would not be able to accept the fact.

“How are you related to Xia Zhe, and why do you need to know Who do you think you are” Qiane said as she looked at He Mei.

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He Mei looked at Qiane coldly.

She wondered if Qianes was telling the truth, but she knew that there was no need for Qiane to lie to her.

She had always been very concerned about anything related to Xia Zhe, and had even gone around asking for news about Xia Zhe some time back.

A few months ago, someone had even tipped her off that there was a possibility that Xia Zhe would be promoted and he could then return to the capital for a vacation.

She had been waiting for that day to come.


Maybe youre lying to me.” He Mei looked at Qiane calmly.

Qiane laughed and said, “Me Why would I lie to you, youre the only one who likes to tell lies.”

He Mei sat back in her chair and thought carefully about what Qiane said.

She would need to find someone to investigate this matter and could not just listen to the one-sided story from Qiane.

“You can doubt me, but his wife is already here and shes already three months pregnant.

You can forget about marrying into the Xia family.

Shes at Xia Fangs house now.

If you dont believe me, you can go and take a look,” Qiane said nonchalantly.

“Three months How is that possible” He Mei always had her informers in the army.

Every once in a while, they would send news to He Mei and they also helped her to keep an eye on Xia Zhe. Three months ago, Xia Zhe did not even take any break, so how could he have a child!

This was impossible! It was definitely fake news!

“Where did you hear it from and is it true Are you here just to scare me” He Mei still did not believe Qiane.

Qiane did not seem to mind He Meis attitude and recounted everything that had happened today.

He Mei listened to the whole story and thought that Qiane did not seem to be lying.

He Mei thought that the story seemed to be true, but she wondered how the woman in the story managed to hook up with Xia Zhe. The timing was off, so could it be that her informers in the army were lying when they sent her the message

It was not a matter that could be easily resolved.

Qiane had only mentioned Xia Zhes new wife, but not Xia Zhe, which meant that this woman had come to the capital by herself.

In that case, she had to take advantage of that to investigate the matter properly during this period of time.


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