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Qiane could not believe this piece of news.

She had always thought that He Mei was her best friend and did not expect He Mei to plot against her.

He Mei forced Ma San to marry her cousin and asked Ma San to leave Qiane.

In the end, Ma San was so blinded by the He familys power and wealth that he gave up Qiane.

Not long after, Qiane also found out she was pregnant, but as it was an ectopic pregnancy, there was nothing she could do but to terminate it.

Ma San ignored Qiane completely as he saw no value in her, so Qiane went to meet He Mei when she was at her wits end.

It was He Mei who came up with the idea for Qiane to go to Ma Sans house and cause a scene.

She told Qiane not to let go of the issue so quickly.

In the end, Ma San pushed her in a fit of desperate anger, causing her to have a miscarriage and ending up in the hospital.

As she did not manage to seek timely treatment, she had to have her uterus removed.

Initially, only a few close colleagues knew about her pregnancy.

It was not a good thing, so only her close relatives and friends knew about it.

However, the fiasco made the matter known in the entire capital.

Ma Sans family felt that Qiane was to be blamed for making them deal with such an unlucky matter.

Qiane was only the daughter of a doctor in the hospital.

The He family was one of the most powerful families in the capital and they could not fall out with the He family because of this matter.

From then on, Ma San also completely detested Qiane and wanted to have nothing more to do with her.

After experiencing all this, Qiane went to He Meis house to vent her grievances.

Before she left, she happened to catch a glimpse of He Meis mocking face reflected on a glass surface.

Only then did she realize that He Mei was the mastermind behind everything that happened.

She had been played like a fool by He Mei.

After returning home and thinking about all the events carefully, she realized that she had been deceived by He Mei all along.

In fact, He Mei also liked Xia Zhe, and had done all of this on purpose.

Up till today, He Mei was probably still waiting for Xia Zhe to marry her.

The reason why He Mei had not gotten married was because she was waiting for Xia Zhe to return.

Now that Xia Zhe was married, Qiane felt that she had to share the good news with He Mei.

She did not want to be the only one to know about this.

She decided to make use of the nasty He Mei to get her revenge and be able to take back everything that belonged to her!

Qiane asked her father, Qian Wang, to go home first and she turned around to go and look for He Mei at her original workplace.

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Qiane hesitated for a moment at the entrance of the hospital, but she still braced herself and went inside.

As soon as she entered, the nurses and doctors next to her looked a little awkward, but they were all busy with their work since it was still working hours.

He Mei used to work at this hospital.

She was not a doctor though, but an administrative staff member.

The He family was a sponsor at this hospital and often funded its medical equipment.

Ever since the year when she was diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy and came here for surgery, Qiane had not returned to the hospital again.

In this era, getting pregnant out of wedlock was more humiliating than being caught red-handed in bed.

In Qiao Meis case, the situation was not discovered and she had gotten married straight away.

Otherwise, she would have a rough time as well.

Qiane went straight to He Meis office as if she did not sense everyones attention on her.

He Mei was joking around with her colleagues in the corridor.

Once she saw Qiane, she had an awkward look on her face.

Her colleagues were all new and did not know much about Qiane.

They were all curious about who Qiane was to be able to make He Mei react so strongly.

“He Mei, whos this” one of the colleagues asked.

He Mei smiled and said, “Its my friend.

Please excuse me while I go talk to her.”

He Mei excused herself politely and quickly walked towards Qiane.

She pulled Qiane back to her office and locked the door.

“Why are you here” He Mei clearly showed her impatience as soon as she entered the room.

“Hmph, am I still your friend now” Qiane asked mockingly.

“Dont forget our agreement!” He Mei roared.

Qiane did not think much of it.

They had made an agreement previously when Qiane wanted to denounce He Mei and expose her crimes after discovering that she was the one who had done all those things.

However, He Mei already prepared a backup plan against Qiane.

She told Qiane that if the matter was exposed, her parents and all her relatives and friends would be out of work.

Her father, brother and sister-in-law were all doctors who worked in this hospital.

At that time, they did not hold very high positions.

If they have to leave the hospital, it would be hard for them to find another place of employment.

He Mei even told Qiane that if she did not go ahead with the denouncement, her family could get promoted or transferred to better positions.


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