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“I… I shouldnt have opened the door.

I should have stayed at home.

I shouldnt have contradicted Qiane and quarreled with her.

I shouldnt have angered her and made her attack me.” The more Qiao Mei spoke, the less confidence she had.

She did not even dare to raise her head to look at Xia Fang.

When Xia Fang heard this, she wondered how it turned out that Qiao Mei was the one who made Qiane so angry

That a girl who looked so well-behaved could make Qiane so angry.

“And you did it on purpose” Xia Fang asked.

Qiao Mei quickly shook her head and said, “I didnt! Its because she slandered Xia Zhe and I got so angry that I spouted some nonsense which made her angry, then she just came at me…”

Xia Fang also knew what kind of person Qiane was and did not blame Qiao Mei.

She already heard from the neighbors that Qiane had caused quite a commotion.

Otherwise, Qiao Mei would not have opened the door.

“Give me your hand,” Xia Fang said.

Qiao Mei reached out her hand in fear, not knowing what Xia Fang was going to do.

Xia Fang suddenly reached out and gently smacked Qiao Meis palm.

Qiao Mei was so shocked that she let out a cry.

“Im teaching you a lesson.

Lets see if you still dare to do it in the future!” Xia Fang said as she pretended to be angry.

Qiao Mei knew that Aunt was no longer angry.

She smiled and leaned over to hug Xia Fangs arm, saying sweetly, “Yes I know, Aunt.

I wont do it again.

Dont be angry anymore! I know youre the best!”

Xia Fang was so tickled by Qiao Meis flattery that she smiled and did not mention the incident again.

In the past, she had wanted to have a daughter, but she gave birth to a boy instead and was depressed for a long time because of that.

She then waited a long time for someone in the Xia family to have a daughter.

It turned out to be Xia Zhes older sister, Xia He.

However, Xia He was not gentle and quiet at all, and she even inherited the temper of Xia Zhes father, Xia Mao.

The eldest brother of the Xia family, Xia Wen, turned out to resemble Xia Zhes mother, Xu Lan.


This also shattered Xia Fangs dream of raising a daughter.

The Xia family either had boys or girls who behaved like boys.

There was not a single gentle and quiet girl.

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Now that she had Qiao Mei with her, Xia Fang was overjoyed.

Even if Qiao Mei said that she wanted to eat all kinds of delicacies tomorrow, Xia Fang would find a way to get them for Qiao Mei.

Qiane was taken to the hospital by Qian Wang and diagnosed with a broken wrist.

After getting a cast on her arm, she followed Qian Wang home.

Along the way, Qiane kept thinking about how she could have her revenge.

She would not let the matter today rest just like that.


These things had to be repaid one by one!

Back then, in order to marry Xia Zhe, she had waited bitterly.

Now, Xia Zhe had married a beautiful wife and forgotten all about her.

If you think you want to have a peaceful life, hmph, no way!

Qiane had already thought of how to proceed with her plan.

First, she needed to look for a person, He Mei.

She hated this person to the core, but she had to get this person to help.

She could not carry out the plan herself and must get someone to do it for her.

It was all thanks to He Mei that Qiane ended up in her current state!

He Mei also liked Xia Zhe, but she had never said anything about it and kept it to herself.

Qiane treated He Mei as her best friend and told He Mei everything that was on her mind.

This was how He Mei found something to use against her.

Back then, He Mei was the first person she told when she fell for Xia Zhe.

It even made He Mei so curious about the person who made Qiane so infatuated.

When He Mei returned home with Qiane after school and saw Xia Zhe, He Mei also fell in love at first sight and vowed to have Xia Zhe for herself.

He Mei often came up with ideas for Qiane.

She asked Qiane to be more attentive to Xia Fang and to visit Xia Fang at home more often.

She told Qiane to draw attention to the matter so that once his parents found out about what was happening, they would definitely have to agree to the relationship.

Then, Xia Zhe would be able to marry Qiane.

Qiane firmly believed in He Mei.

In the end, the plan backfired and what she received was a warning from Xia Zhes mother, Xu Lan.

Later, after Xia Zhe went to the army, Qiane gave up on the idea of liking Xia Zhe and started dating Ma San before getting engaged to him.

Initially, Qiane had refused to let Ma San touch her, so she told He Mei about the matter and asked her for help to think of a way to deal with it.

She did not expect He Mei to say that since they were already engaged and would definitely get married, there were certain things that should be done.

He Mei told her that there was no need to hide from him or reject his requests, otherwise she would seem very pretentious.

Qiane believed what He Mei told her and went all the way with Ma San.

No one would have expected He Mei to then introduce her cousin to Ma San.

Her cousin even got pregnant!



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