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“Mei Mei, are you hurt” Xia Fang looked at Qiao Mei worriedly.

“Im alright, Aunt.

Im fine and not injured at all.” Qiao Mei looked at Xia Fang obediently.

After being assured that Qiao Mei was really feeling fine, Xia Fang heaved a sigh of relief, though her anger had not subsided.

“I told you to rest at home, but you insisted on going out.

See how youve met a lunatic on your way,” Xia Fang said sarcastically as she glanced sideways at Qiane, who was on the ground.

“Aunt, I was at home… Its just that…” Qiao Mei said aggrievedly.

Before she could finish speaking, Qiane interrupted her.

“Who are you calling a lunatic!” Qiane roared at Xia Fang.

“Then why did our Mei Mei come out and how did you meet her” Xia Fang had heard Qiao Meis reply.

If Qiao Mei did not come out on her own accord, then Qiane must have gone looking for her.

Earlier, she had left in a hurry and did not pay much attention when she passed by Qiane at the courtyard door.

She did not expect that Qiane would take advantage of her absence to go to her house to bully Qiao Mei!

“I… I…” Qiane stammered, unable to speak.

The elderly female neighbor at the side said, “Fanger, she went to your house and knocked on the door.

The noise she made summoned almost everyone in the building.”

After Xia Fang understood what had happened, she looked at Qian Wang and said, “Chief Qian, let me know how you think we should handle this matter.

Your daughter went to my house to drag Xia Zhes wife out and deliberately hurt her.

Our Mei Mei is currently pregnant! Tell me what you think we should do.”

When Qian Wang heard this, he felt so ashamed that he did not dare to look up.

When Qiane saw how weak her father was, she shouted angrily at the crowd, “What proof do you have that I did it deliberately! So what if shes pregnant! As if no one else had been pregnant before!”


As soon as she said that, Qian Wang gave her a slap to stop her from talking.

Qiane looked at Qian Wang in shock, unable to believe that her father had just hit her.


Even if Qiane was divorced and had been pregnant, she should not say such shameless words in public.

Qian Wang could not stand it anymore.

Qian Wang stood in front of Qiane and blocked her from everyones view as he said, “Chief Xia, Im so sorry about this.

Ill come to your house later and formally apologize to you.

Look at Xiaoe, her hand might be fractured.

Why dont I bring my child for treatment first, then when Im back, Ill definitely come and apologize to you and Xia Zhes wife.

What do you think”

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They were both colleagues from the same hospital, and Xia Fang knew Qian Wang as someone that could be trusted.

She nodded and did not say anything else.


Just as Qian Wang was about to leave with Qiane, Qiao Mei said, “Lets pretend that this incident about the love letter never happened.

Dont come looking for trouble.

Who knows if youll produce a letter in the future and say that Xia Zhe gave it to you.

If I find you doing that, Ill sue you for slandering a soldier!”

Given that everyone had come down to watch the commotion, plus the people who had just gotten off work and were passing by, she decided to take the chance to address this matter directly.

This would also prevent Qiane from having any ulterior motive and causing trouble for Xia Zhe.

Otherwise, it would be difficult to deal with the fallout from the issues in the future.

Qiane glared at Qiao Mei and said fiercely, “Just you wait! Were not done yet!”

After she said that, Qian Wang dragged her off to the hospital to see a doctor.

When Zhao Ni saw Qian Wang and Qiane leave, she also quietly slipped away and disappeared into the crowd.


Seeing that the matter had been resolved, the crowd dispersed and everyone returned home.

Xia Fang went home with Qiao Mei and looked at her silently with a serious expression.

Qiao Mei also knew that she was in the wrong.

She lowered her head and stood in the room, not daring to move.

“Why are you standing, come here and sit down,” Xia Fang said sternly.

Qiao Mei slowly walked to the sofa and sat down, looking at Xia Fang obediently.

“Aunt, I was wrong.

Please dont be angry.” Faced with those big round eyes and sweet voice, Xia Fang could not bear to flare up at Qiao Mei even if she was angry.

“Then tell me, what did you do wrong and how were you wrong” Xia Fang still looked at Qiao Mei with a serious expression.

She had to teach Qiao Mei a lesson for what happened today.

Qiao Mei must understand that she could not go out casually or come into contact with Zhao Ni and Qiane.

It was really too dangerous.

Qiao Mei blinked her big eyes and mentally counted the number of things she had done wrong.

Xia Fang looked at how serious Qiao Mei looked and almost did not have the heart to make her say it.


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