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What if it was really like what Zhao Ni said, that Qiao Mei and Xia Zhes marriage was the result of a scam

Qiane could not help but feel happy when she thought of that. If this was true, she could expose Qiao Mei! Then, Qiao Mei would end up like her and Xia Zhe would fall in love with her.


It was true that Qiao Mei had tricked Xia Zhe into getting married back then, but now that Qiao Mei and Xia Zhe were open about the fact that they liked each other, Qiao Mei could pretend that the earlier part never happened.

Qiao Mei grinned at Qiane and said, “Xia Zhe and I actually had an arranged marriage when we were children.

My grandfather and Xia Zhes grandfather made an agreement a long time ago regarding their grandchildren.

If theres two boys, the boys will join the army together.

If theres two girls, the girls will become sisters.

If theres a boy and a girl, then the two children get married.”

Everyone was not too familiar with Xia Zhes family and did not know whether what Qiao Mei said was true.

However, since she could even say such a thing, then Qiao Meis grandfather was definitely not some small fry.

Then why did Qiao Meis grandfather return to the countryside

Everyone felt uncertain as they looked at Qiao Mei and Qiane, waiting to see what happened next.

“Nonsense! Xia Zhe grew up in this compound.

How can he know you!” Qiane roared.

Qiao Mei smiled disapprovingly and said, “It was both our grandfathers who made the decision, not me.

How would you know what our grandfathers talked about If you dont believe me, you can ask Xia Zhes grandfather yourself.”

When the neighbors heard this, they felt that it made sense.

With Old Master Xias temper, if Qiao Mei really had wanted to trick Xia Zhe into getting married or if she had any ulterior motives towards Xia Zhe or the Xia family, she would have already been dealt with.

Moreover, everyone had seen the expression on Xia Fangs face when she brought Qiao Mei back.

She looked even happier than if it was her own son bringing her daughter-in-law back.

Qiane must be overthinking the situation.

Everyone shifted their anger to Qiane again.

It was also impossible for Qiane to really go to the Xia family to demand an answer.

Zhao Ni made a move to drag Qiane home.

It was almost time for the hospital staff to get off work and the girls father, Qian Wang, was about to knock off soon.

Furthermore, Qian Wang had always known about the shenanigans that Zhao Ni and Qiane got up to.

It was just that Qian Wang had a good temper.

In the past, he would not have married Zhao Ni if not for the fact that she had insisted on marrying him, and caused a scene that made everyone know about it.

Fortunately, Zhao Ni kept an even temper after her marriage and took care of her husband and taught her children well.


The good times did not last long.

Ever since Qiane fell for Xia Zhe, there had not been a day of peace and Qian Wang just turned a blind eye to it.

In addition, he and Xia Fang were colleagues, so it was even more difficult for him to say anything.


Zhao Ni was not working at the moment and solely depended on Qian Wang to support her.

Even if she went around throwing tantrums, she would be fine as long as she did not let Qian Wang catch her in action.

She hoped that Qian Wang would not find out about this whole incident, otherwise she would have a difficult time for a while.

“Why are you dragging me! Dont make me go back! I want to take a good look at this vixens face!” Qiane scolded Zhao Ni as she was being pulled away.


Qiao Mei did not care about how badly Qiane cursed at her and just quietly rubbed her stomach with a nonchalant expression.

Her action made Qiane even angrier.

Qiane broke free from Zhao Ni and rushed towards Qiao Mei.

Nobody could react in time, and it so happened that Xia Fang and Qian Wang saw this scene as they returned on the hospital shuttle bus.

As Qiao Mei turned her body sideways, Qiane shot past her due to the momentum, crashing into a tree by the roadside.

“Qiane! What are you doing!” Xia Fang shouted at Qiane.

Everything in her hands dropped to the ground.

She had wanted to come back and make chicken soup for Qiao Mei, but she did not expect to encounter such a thing.

Qian Wang was also stunned when he heard Xia Fang calling out his daughters name.

He turned around and saw Qiane bent over the ground, moaning as she held onto her wrist.

“Oh my, Xiaoe! What happened to you!” Qian Wang rushed to Qiane to see if she was hurt in any other way.

Xia Fang and Qian Wang focused their attention on each child from their families.

Zhao Ni did not dare to say anything as she stood at the side.

If Qian Wang found out about what happened, she would definitely have to go back to her family.

If that happened, her own sisters-in-law would mock her again, and she just could not take the insults.

Her own brothers were all doing very well and they all thought that she had married well and was doing the best among them.

However, after what happened in her family, everyone mocked her and looked down on her.


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