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“Who are you fooling! Bring out the evidence!” The elderly female neighbor looked at Qiane mockingly.

Qiane stopped hiding behind Zhao Ni and stood in front of the elderly female neighbor.

“Of course I have evidence!”

Upon hearing that Qiane had evidence to prove that she was Xia Zhes girlfriend, Qiao Mei immediately became interested.

She walked up and asked, “What evidence do you have Tell us about it.”

“I have the love letter Xia Zhe wrote to me back then!” Qiane glared at Qiao Mei and said.

Qiao Mei looked Qiane in the eyes, with a look of disbelief on her face.

Xia Fang had already said that Xia Zhe clearly told his family that he did not like Qiane.

She believed Xia Fang.

Besides, Qiane had her engagement broken off and even had an abortion during that time.

If Xia Zhe knew about this, he would not behave so indifferently if he had any feelings for her.

Furthermore, when he knew that Qiane was going to get married, he would have come back to fight for her hand.

He could not possibly watch Qiane suffer like this.

To say that Xia Zhe liked Qiane Qiao Mei really did not believe that.

“Then show it to me and well see if it was written by Xia Zhe,” Qiao Mei said.

Qiane panicked a little, seeing that this village girl was actually not intimidated by her.

Qiane put on airs and said, “Youre a country bumpkin from the countryside.

Can you read”

“How do you know that I cant read Even if I really cant read, it cant be that all these people here cant read as well.

If you say you have it, then bring it out for us to take a look,” Qiao Mei said, then she smiled and looked at the neighbors around her.

“Thats right, thats right.

All of us can read.

Bring it out!” the neighbors echoed.

“Dont tell me its all in your dream.

This love letter is engraved in your mind so you cant take it out!” Qiao Mei looked at Qiane mockingly.

“Hahahahahaha!” The neighbors standing around burst out laughing.


“You!” Qiane pointed at Qiao Mei and could not even say a word.

She was so angry that her face turned red.

Qiane did not expect Xia Zhes new wife to be so sharp-tongued that she could choke people to death with her words.

In addition, she did not kick up any fuss either.

She could make people speechless with just a few words.

Feeling stressed, Qiane said anxiously, “The love letter is in my house! Its very precious to me! How can I have it with me everywhere I go!”

“Then is your house in this compound, and is it far” Qiao Mei looked at Qiane and asked her.

For a moment, Qiane did not know how to answer.

Seeing that Qiane did not say anything for a long time, Qiao Mei looked at the neighbors beside her.

“Its in this compound.

Its that building!” The elderly female neighbor even pointed it out to Qiao Mei.

“Thats right, its just on the third floor.

A round trip will only take five minutes!” someone shouted from the crowd.

“Alright, you can walk slowly.

Ill give you 10 minutes.

Go get the letter and well all wait for you,” Qiao Mei said with her arms crossed.

Qiao Mei knew that Qiane would not be able to produce the letter.

It was not possible that Xia Zhe could write such a thing to Qiane.

If they really had any feelings for each other, things would have happened long ago.

There was no need to wait until now, when everyone was not that young anymore.

Furthermore, with Xia Zhes stubborn temper, there was no way that he would give up if he really wanted to marry someone.

Qiane definitely did not have any evidence in her hands.

Qiane stared daggers at Qiao Mei, wishing that she could cut Qiao Mei into pieces.

“Whats wrong, is 10 minutes not enough Or is there really no such letter, or are you unable to imitate Xia Zhes handwriting in these 10 minutes” Qiao Mei looked at Qiane curiously.


“Looks like she really doesnt have any evidence.

Shes just bluffing here!”

When the neighbors saw how nervous Qiane looked, they could roughly guess what was going on.

If the letter was real, it would not just be Qiane who would rush home to retrieve it to prove her innocence and that what she usually said was true.

Even her mother, Zhao Ni, would have done the same.

Moreover, she would not have waited until now.

If she really had received any token of love, she would have produced it and made it public long ago.

“I! I just forgot where I put it! I have to look for it! I can definitely give it to you!” Qiane said as she looked at Qiao Mei.

“Oh, didnt you say that Xia Zhes letter is oh so precious to you Why arent you able to find it now” Qiao Mei pretended to look at Qiane in confusion.

When Zhao Ni saw how aggressive Qiao Mei was and Qiane not being able to say anything to refute her, she stood up for her daughter and said, “Its up to you whether you believe it or not! Xiaoe, lets go!”


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