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“When did you become Xia Zhes fiancée!”

“How shameless! You were previously married, yet you still want to meddle with someone elses wedded bliss!”

“Thats right.

You got divorced and still want to become a nuisance to Xia Zhes family.

How shameless!”

“You liked Xia Zhe so much back then, but in the end, you still went with Ma San! Now that he doesnt want you anymore, you come looking for Xia Zhe again after the divorce.”

After Qiao Mei listened to the neighbors around her talking over one another, she understood the whole story even more clearly. So the man who divorced Qiane was called Ma San.

“Look at how beautiful Xia Zhes wife is.

Then look at yourself!”

“Oh, so this is Xia Zhes wife from the countryside.

Shes too beautiful!”

“Thats right.

No wonder Xia Zhe got married without telling anyone.

If its me, I will also definitely hold on tightly to someone so beautiful.”

“What a pity.

Xia Zhes wife! If you have a younger sister, please introduce her to my son.”

“Hahahahaha, why do you keep thinking about your own family!”

The neighbors began to praise Qiao Mei for being beautiful and even wanted to propose marriages for Qiao Meis sisters.

They thought that given Qiao Mei was so beautiful, her female relatives must all be pretty as well.

Moreover, even if they looked down on Qiao Meis countryside background, she had already married into the Xia family.

If their sons married Qiao Meis relatives, they would be considered a relative of the Xia family in the future.

None of them would want to give up a chance of both having a beautiful daughter-in-law as well as being related to the Xia family.

The more Qiane listened, the more jealous she became. What was so good about Qiao Mei that everyone would praise her!

The neighbors usually did not talk much about Qiane.

After all, she had lived in the same compound as them since she was young, and everyone had watched her grow up.

When she was younger, she had many talents and knew how to dance and play the piano.

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Back then, many people praised Qiane and even wanted to propose an arranged marriage between her and their sons.

Yet, Qiane was really pitiful now.

She not only had an abortion, but she also got divorced.

In the future, she would not even be able to get pregnant.

It would be difficult for her to marry into a good family in the future, and her reputation was affected as well.

She was originally such a good kid.

If Zhao Ni had not insisted that Qiane get married, it would not have led to the current situation.

Zhao Ni not only did not educate her child well, but she even allowed Qiane to live in her own fantasies and continue wasting her life away.

Now, Qiane was even becoming a nuisance to Xia Zhe and his family.

Such people were the most infuriating type.

When they did not lead a good life, they wanted others to suffer too!

“You gossipy women! What has it got to do with you! Are you done dealing with your own family matters! Youre spouting nonsense! If you behave like this, youll all go to hell when you die!” Qiane pointed at the neighbors standing around and cursed at them.

People did not want to hear the word “die” nowadays.

Now that life was good and everyone was starting to enjoy life in their old age, Qiane actually cursed them to die!

This caused everyone to be unhappy and they all started to reprimand Qiane.

“Beat her up! She actually believes in feudal superstitions!”

“Go to her unit and report her!”

“Yes! Report her!”

“Shes absent from work during office hours! Report her and get her laid off!”

“Fire her!”

Qiane could not withstand everyones insults and beatings and ran all the way downstairs, almost falling over on the way.

Qiao Mei took the key that Xia Fang had given her, locked the door and followed everyone downstairs.

After all, she was still pregnant and it was safer to walk at the back of the crowd.

Otherwise, it would be easy for Qiao Mei to get accidentally injured during any commotion.

After all, everyone was feeling indignant because of Qiao Mei.

Being the protagonist, if she closed the door and let everyone stand up for her without being there, all the neighbors would become bitterly disappointed in her.

When they reached the courtyard outside, Zhao Ni was on her way back from buying groceries and saw Qiane being beaten up.

She hurriedly threw away her groceries to one side and went forward to stop them.

“What are you doing!” Zhao Ni hurriedly ran over and pointed at everyone.

No one was afraid.

Seeing that Zhao Ni had come, they stopped beating up Qiane and went to reason with Zhao Ni.

“Your daughter is superstitious.

Were going to report her!”


“She even framed Xia Zhes family.

How shameless!”

“She also skipped work during office hours! Lets report everything!”

Everyone started listing down all the things that they thought Qiane had done wrong while Qiao Mei listened from the side.

In just a short while, there were already more than 10 items to report.

It was more than she could count with two hands.

“Im not spouting nonsense! Im Xia Zhes girlfriend!” Qiane shouted.


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