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After sending Xia Fang off, Qiao Mei returned to the kitchen and hummed a tune as she cleared the crockery and cutlery.

As there was a water heater in the house, the water was warm and not cold at all.

In the past, there was no such advanced equipment in the village.

She guessed that her grandfather, Qiao Qiang, had probably never seen such an electric appliance before.

Even in the county city, there were not many families who would be able to afford it.

What she did back at home was to boil water in the big cooking pot and then use the cold water in the well to neutralize the temperature of the water.

The water in the well was cold even in summer.

Qiao Mei really disliked not being able to find a good solution to get warm water.

After all, no matter how well the big cooking pot was scrubbed during washing up, it was impossible to guarantee that there was no oil at all after that.

Given the situation, it was inevitable that there would always be some oil in her bath water, even though it was just a thin layer and not a lot.

“When theres a chance, Ill think of a way to bring one back and ask grandfather to install it for me.

I cant let go of such a good thing.” Qiao Mei was still thinking about how to connect the pipes in the village when she heard someone pounding on the door.

Qiao Mei stood at the kitchen door and looked out before she stopped herself.

Before Xia Fang left, she had told Qiao Mei not to open the door for anyone.

Besides, if the visitor was really looking for Aunt, the visitor would go off to look for her at the hospital if there was no one at home, and would not knock for too long.

Unexpectedly, not only did this person continue to knock on the door, but the knocking became more forceful, as if the person would smash a hole in the door if it was not opened.


Qiao Mei frowned slightly and wiped her hands clean before opening the door.


As soon as she opened the door, she saw an aggressive woman who looked a little older, with not very good skin.

She even had very serious dark circles under her eyes and she was quite thin.

“Who are you and wheres Auntie Xia Fang” the woman said disdainfully.

“She went out.

If youre looking for her, come back tomorrow.” Qiao Mei rebuffed the woman the moment she heard her asking for Xia Fang.

She was about to close the door when the woman stopped her.

“Im not here to look for Auntie Xia Fang.

Go ask that country bumpkin to come out,” the woman said.

Country bumpkin

Could she be talking about me

You are reading on MYBO XN 0 V E L.


Qiao Mei smiled and said, “Maybe Im the country bumpkin youre looking for.”

The woman looked at Qiao Mei in disbelief.

According to her mother, the person who came was a poor villager.

The person in front of her did not look like a woman who did farming in the countryside.

“You must be Qiane,” Qiao Mei guessed.

“You know about me” Qiane looked at Qiao Mei and asked.

“Yes.” Qiao Mei nodded.

After hearing the whole story from Xia Fang, she felt as if she knew enough about Qiane.

However, the unexpected thing was that Qiane misunderstood what Qiao Mei meant and thought that Xia Zhe had told Qiao Mei that she was Xia Zhes fiancée.


“You knew about me but you still married Xia Zhe! Shameless thing!” Qiane suddenly became irritable.

Qiao Mei had a puzzled look on her face.

She found herself unable to understand what Qiane was saying.

The surrounding neighbors came out to see who was causing the commotion.

When they saw that it was Qiane, most of them came to help Qiao Mei while some people remained watching from the side.

“Xia Zhes wife, ignore this crazy woman and hurry back into the house,” said an elderly female neighbor in the crowd.

“Pfft! Who are you calling Xia Zhes wife! Im Xia Zhes girlfriend!” Qiane yelled loudly when she heard this.

Qiao Mei looked helplessly at the woman in front of her who had come to cause trouble.

As she could not teach the woman a lesson, she clenched her fists in anger and blamed it all on Xia Zhe for going around incurring “romantic debts”!


“You! You must have used some tactics to get Xia Zhe to marry you! Whats your name! How many people are there in your family! Who allowed you to marry Xia Zhe!” Qiane threw out a lot of questions, almost like she was checking up on all of Qiao Meis ancestors.

“My name is Qiao Mei.

As for your other queries, you can find out for yourself since youre so capable.” Qiao Mei rolled her eyes and paid no heed.

Qiane stomped her feet in anger, and Qiao Mei then asked, “Who are you Whats your designation Are you the director of the womens community in this apartment complex”

“Hahahahahaha!” The neighbors who were watching the commotion burst out laughing.

For a woman to become the director of the womens community in her apartment complex, she needed to have a happy family, to have given birth and raise children, as well as to be married.

Its not a position that anyone could take up.

“You! Im Xia Zhes fiancée! You stole my man!” Qiane pointed at Qiao Mei and said.


The neighbors standing around could not take it anymore.


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