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“Come Mei Mei, dont get scalded.

Ill teach you.” Xia Fangs tone was very gentle and she did not look down on Qiao Mei at all.

She slowly taught Qiao Mei how to use the appliances and brought her a new towel and toothbrush, as well as newly bought comfortable underwear.

Xia Fang held on to the underwear as she looked Qiao Mei up and down.

“Did I… buy too small a size Perhaps you can make do with it for now.

I can go and buy new ones now, its just nearby,” Xia Fang said.

Qiao Mei looked at her chest and thought that it did look a little bigger than before. Perhaps it was because of the pregnancy.

“No need for that, Aunt! I brought many new ones!” Qiao Mei said as she held back Xia Fang.

She was afraid that if she spoke too slowly, Xia Fang would head out to buy another pile of clothes.

Qiao Mei returned to the room and opened her backpack.

She took out all her clothes and put her underwear at the bottom of the stack.

Xia Fang casually picked up the light blue dress made by Qiao Mei and unfolded it.

There was nothing really special about this dress.

It was just a simple tailored dress with a circle of white floral patterns embroidered on the side.

Xia Fang had never seen such a design before and found it novel.

“Mei Mei, is this a popular design from where you came from” Xia Fang asked curiously.

“No, Aunt.

I made this myself.

Its maternity wear,” Qiao Mei answered patiently.

Maternity wear Xia Fang looked at the pure cotton clothing that she was holding in her hands.

The more she looked at it, the more she liked it.

She did not expect Qiao Mei to be skillful enough to be able to make her own clothes.


Xia Fang looked at Qiao Mei with even more affection in her eyes.

The clothes she bought had excellent workmanship and were made of various types of fabrics.

They were beautiful and durable, and the styles were varied.

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Being a doctor, she naturally knew that pure cotton fabric was the best for pregnant women.

However, she was afraid that Qiao Mei would misunderstand her intention, so she bought the most expensive and best ones.

Qiao Mei watched Xia Fang fondle the dress lovingly as if she could not bear to part with it.

Although Xia Fang did not say anything, her eyes revealed her fondness for it.

In her heart, Qiao Mei secretly planned to make a beautiful dress for Xia Fang so that she could also have something pretty to wear.

Qiao Mei took her toiletries and a set of new clothes and went to take a shower.

She finished washing up very quickly and came out with a change of clothes.

Her hair was in a neat braid and she had tied a white ribbon bow at the end of her hair.

She wore the light blue maternity dress and looked refreshed and unique.

The way she was beautifully dressed, she did not look like a girl from the countryside at all.

People would believe it if they were told that she was from a rich family.

No wonder their Xia Zhe got married quietly and without informing anyone, and even already had a child!

This was another person who felt that Xia Zhe had married Qiao Mei because he was blinded by his lust for her.

Only Qiao Qiang and the couple knew about what exactly happened back then.


“Come and eat, Mei Mei.

Im not a good cook, so just make do with it,” Xia Fang said embarrassedly.

There were a total of 12 dishes, including fish, meat and seafood.

It was as if they were celebrating a festival.

Qiao Mei thought that if this was still not good enough, then she did not know how to define good anymore.


Qiao Mei shyly sat down to eat and rushed to wash the dishes when they had finished.

Xia Fang did not try to stop her.

It was a workday and she should be at work, but she had taken a day off for Qiao Mei.

However, the hospital had called her just now to ask her to go back for an emergency case, so she had no choice.

“Mei Mei, I have to go to the hospital.

Theres a patient I have to see.

You have to remember not to open the door no matter who comes by.

We all have our own set of keys,” Xia Fang said as she packed her things.

Qiao Mei nodded obediently.

“Also, on the shelf at the door, theres a keychain with a lamb toy attached to it.

Thats your key.

Wait for me to come back and then Ill show you around.

Otherwise, Im afraid youll get lost.

Also, dont use anything dangerous, like knives or such…” Xia Fang nagged at Qiao Mei as she hurriedly packed up.


Qiao Mei looked at Xia Fang and could not help but smile.

She had thought that Xia Fang would be a rigid person like Xia Zhe, and did not expect her to have such a nice temper.

When Xia Fang did not hear Qiao Meis reply, she looked up and asked, “Mei Mei, do you remember everything I said”

When she looked up and saw Qiao Meis bright smile, Xia Fang could not help but smile back as well.

“I hope you remembered everything.

Dont forget anything.

I really have to go before its too late.” Xia Fang put on her shoes and went out.

“Yes, yes.

Off you go,” Qiao Mei waved goodbye and returned to the room to unpack her luggage.


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