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If Qiane was Xia Zhes ex-girlfriend, Qiao Mei would still feel a little ashamed and feel that she owed Qiane something.

However, it turned out that it was Qiane who bullied Xia Zhe because he was an upright person who did not like to talk, and she kept bullying him! She even went around spreading rumors!

“Just because Xia Zhe doesnt like to speak and explain himself, she keeps clinging onto him!” Qiao Mei said angrily.


Xia Fang laughed out loudly when she heard what Qiao Mei said. So this kid was angry on Xia Zhes behalf.

How cute.


“Dont be angry.

Lets ignore her.

Ill take a look at you now,” Xia Fang said as she pointed at Qiao Meis stomach.

Before Qiao Mei came, she already heard from Xia Zhe that his aunt was the chief of the obstetrics and gynecology department and a very good doctor.

Qiao Mei hurriedly replied, “Yes, alright.” She obediently listened to Xia Fangs instructions and did not contradict her at all.

A pregnancy examination was actually very simple and not an advanced procedure at all.

The entire process was simply to check on the pregnant womans body measurements, her height, her weight, whether her joints were sore and the extent of her morning sickness.

Xia Fangs house had all the equipment to do these tests.

Qiao Mei now weighed 130 pounds and she was 172 centimeters tall.

Everything was fine and within normal ranges.

“Its not bad.

Keep it up.

Everythings fine, going by how you look.” Xia Fang nodded, unable to contain her joy.

Qiao Mei finally knew how much weight she had lost.

If she was not pregnant, she would definitely be even slimmer.

“Mei Mei, you can rest in this room.

This is where Xia Zhe always stayed.

Even though he has been a soldier for the past few years, I still clean his room often and I havent touched anything,” Xia Fang said.

Xia Zhes room was the secondary bedroom, and it could be considered a very large room.

The floor area was more than 20 square meters and in the room, there were bright and clean windows, a simple white large closet, a study desk by the window, and a bookcase filled with all kinds of books.

The walls were also hung full of Xia Zhes awards and medals.

She could tell that Xia Fang had taken good care of this room and cleaned it regularly.

There were also a lot of clothes on the single bed and it was obvious that they were womens dresses and pants.

“Mei Mei, come quickly.

These are all the new clothes Ive prepared for you.

See if they suit you.

If not, well go out and buy more.” Xia Fang pulled Qiao Mei over to the bed.

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There were around 10 pieces of clothes covering the entire bed.

After Xia Fang received Xia Zhes call and knew that Qiao Mei was coming to her house, she carefully asked about Qiao Meis figure in detail and went to the shops to find things that would be useful for her.

She even bought new bed linen, and made sure that they were the best and most comfortable ones available.

She had always treated Xia Zhe as her child and now she was treating Qiao Mei as her own as well.

“Thats a lot!” Qiao Mei looked at the clothes on the bed in surprise.

Qiao Mei reached out to touch the material.

As soon as she did, she knew that these clothes were of the best quality and were not cheap.

It was a trend nowadays to demand for quality and this piece of clothing would have cost around 30 dollars.

She did not know how much it would cost to buy so many clothes.

There were not only clothes but also shoes of various styles.

It would probably add up to around 500 dollars.

That would be equivalent to 10 months of grandfathers salary!

It was obvious that Xia Fang doted on Qiao Mei a lot.

Qiao Mei had been with the troops for so many days and was covered in dust and dirt.

If not for her beauty and the fact that she had a natural body fragrance, she would have been despised by everyone she met.

It also explained why, during the earlier interaction downstairs, Zhao Ni had said that Qiao Mei looked poor, as if she came from the countryside.

“Aunt, is it possible to take a shower at home I would like to take a shower.” Qiao Mei looked at the new clothes and she did not reject aunts kindness.

She had more expensive gifts than that in her bag.

However, she was covered in dust at the moment and it would be a waste of effort to change into new clothes.

She had to take a shower first.

Xia Fang quickly brought Qiao Mei to the bathroom and said, “Look at me, I was so busy that I forgot to let you wash up first.”

The bathroom was also very big.

In her memory, most of the houses in this era were apartment buildings and the bathroom in each house was only big enough to accommodate just one person and it was difficult for one person to even turn around in it.

Otherwise, there were no bathrooms at all and people had to share communal bathrooms and kitchens.

Anyone who had their own bathrooms were considered to be living very well.

Qiao Mei looked at the fixtures and fittings in the bathroom and could not help but marvel that the capital was indeed an amazing place.

The washbasin and water heater in Xia Fangs house were imported appliances and looked expensive.


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