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Qiao Mei smiled and thought that she had to remember this.

When Xia Zhe came back, she had to ask him why he had so many outstanding romantic businesses.


At the thought of this, Qiao Mei could not help but laugh audibly.

When Xia Fang saw that not only was Qiao Mei not angry, but actually looked quite happy, she became uncertain. Was it that Qiao Mei did not like Xia Zhe and now intended to get a divorce


It could not be so.

Their Xia Zhe could be considered handsome and had a good family background.

How could she not be satisfied

Could it be that Xia Zhe had done something unfaithful!

Xia Fangs heart was in turmoil and all kinds of thoughts crossed her mind.

She did not know what Qiao Mei was thinking.

“Then she was married before And had her engagement broken off” Qiao Mei said as she looked at Xia Fang curiously.

Xia Fang did not hide anything from Qiao Mei and told her everything she knew.

Xiaoes actual name was Qiane and she was a student from a girls school in the capital.

She had originally taken a liking to Xia Zhe and then it had gone on for a few years.

In the beginning, she only liked him secretly.

It was only when Xia Zhe joined the army later that she started behaving badly.

She would go to Xia Fangs house every other day and even went around telling people that Xia Zhe liked her and was going to marry her when he returned from the army.

Everyone saw her frequent visits to Xia Fangs house, so they thought that what she said was true.

Xia Fang told everyone in private that this was not the case, but before the earlier rumors could be clarified, Qiane went around chatting with everyone again, hinting that Xia Fangs clarification was fake.

Xia Zhe was a person who did not like to talk much.

Xia Fang had asked him privately if he liked Qiane and Xia Zhe made it absolutely clear that he did not.

Therefore, Xia Fang had always refuted the rumors forcefully.

In the end, this matter reached the ears of Xia Zhes mother, Xu Lan.

She was a person who cared very much about family background, so she became even angrier when she heard such news.

Xu Lan was not someone to be trifled with.

She went straight to Qiane and asked her to stop making a fuss or it could be considered slander.

Qiane stopped what she was doing after that.

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However, there was no proper closure to the matter.

After that, Qiane never got married and when she was 24 years old and still single, she gained a reputation for being the old spinster in this area.

Zhao Ni could not stand the embarrassment and found Qiane a partner from a family which was of equal status to them.

It was only then that Qiane did not go to Xia Fangs house again and did not think about Xia Zhe anymore.

She did not even greet Xia Fang even when they bumped into each other on the street.

She behaved in a very arrogant manner, as if she had found a powerful backer.

Her partners family background could be considered to be not bad.

His family was in business, which was a background that was looked upon favorably.

Xia Fang did not take further notice as she was not too interested in such things.

She would not have been able to imagine that three months after that coincidental meeting, she would see Qiane in the hospital and accompanied by her mother, Zhao Ni, instead of her husband.

At that time, Xia Fang was not the chief physician yet.

That day, all the other doctors had scheduled surgeries and were very busy, so they had recalled her to the hospital for an emergency operation.

She did not expect to have to perform surgery on Qiane.

Qiane was found to have an ectopic pregnancy and was bleeding profusely.

She was already on the verge of going into shock given that she was anemic and weak, and was brought to the hospital too late.

In order to save Qianes life, Xia Fang had no choice but to remove her uterus.


It was Xia Fang who performed the surgery on Qiane even though the mother-daughter duos initial plan was to keep the matter a secret from Xia Fang.

At that time, Zhao Ni had an especially awkward expression on her face.

Later on, Zhao Ni went to the mans house to demand an explanation.

The man refused to admit that the child was his and even tarnished Qiane reputation by saying that Qiane was a promiscuous person.

Yet, this matter was settled in less than two days after that.

Xia Fang did not know what the man offered Zhao Ni to make her agree to a compromise, making her daughter a sacrifice.

Given that Xia Fang did not panic during this surgery and made decisive judgments, she was promoted to the chief physician as a result.

“This was something that happened many years back.

This Qiane is also really pitiful.

Shes still young but she already cant have children.” Although Xia Fang had a bad impression of Qiane, she still felt an overwhelming sense of pity for the girl.


It was only now that Qiao Mei understood the entire matter.

It turned out that Qiane had nothing to do with her husband, Xia Zhe.

It was solely Qiane and her family blowing their own trumpet.

Throughout the entire matter, Xia Zhe had never been concerned about them.

Qiao Mei clenched her fists in anger and remained silent.

Xia Fang did not understand why Qiao Mei only became angry after hearing the story.


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