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“Zhao Ni! Just shut up! Dont you think your Xiaoe has embarrassed herself enough! Why must you make a fuss until everyone knows about it!” Xia Fang pointed at Zhao Ni angrily and scolded her, “Have some self-respect!”

“Pfft! What a snob you are! Whats wrong with our Xiaoe! Back then, your Xia Zhe still begged to marry our Xiaoe! In the blink of an eye, he doesnt seem to know her anymore! How heartless!” Zhao Ni sat on the ground and wailed.

Xia Fang was so angry that her hands trembled, but she did not know how to deal with Zhao Ni.

“Listen carefully! Our Xia Zhe is married.

He did not have any previous relationship with your child at all.

They didnt even talk much!” Xia Fang explained.

“Lets go back.” Xia Fang did not want to waste her breath and steered Qiao Mei towards the direction of her house.

Zhao Ni quickly stood up to stop them from leaving.

After a long day of traveling, as well as not having absorbed the energy of surrounding plants for a long time, Qiao Mei already felt a little tired.

“Dont go! Make yourself clear! When is Xia Zhe coming back!” Zhao Ni glared fiercely at Qiao Mei.

“So what if hes back, anyway our Xia Zhe is already married.

Get out of the way!” Xia Fang pushed away Zhao Ni, who was standing in the way, and walked away with Qiao Mei.

Zhao Ni sat back on the ground and pointed at Qiao Mei.

“Look at how poor she looks! Xia Zhe has only taken a fancy to her face! She looks like she came from the countryside! A marriage can still end in divorce! Were not afraid! Just you wait!”

When the neighbors standing around saw Xia Fang leaving and that the drama had ended, they all went home as well.

Seeing no one around anymore, Zhao Ni also left while still cursing on the way.

Her Xiaoe had a miscarriage and a broken engagement.

From then on, Zhao Ni became completely shameless.

As long as someone looked at her, she would scold the person and say that the person looked down on her.


In the past, Zhao Ni had married well and her husband was the deputy director of the hospital.

She had always been a full-time wife at home taking care of her husband and children.

She used to be very arrogant and looked down on everyone.

Now, she was like a shrew and did not resemble her previously dignified self at all.

Even her daughter, who was once a nice good girl, became influenced by her.

The neighbors all lamented and thought that it was such a waste of a good kid like Xiaoe.

However, Zhao Nis current situation was also caused by her children.

It was always the parents who had to pay for their childrens debts.

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Xia Fang brought Qiao Mei home.

Xia Fangs house was on the fourth floor, which was the highest floor.

The house occupied an area of more than 120 square meters and had an exquisite timber floor.

There were beautiful white porcelain tiles in the kitchen.

There was a large color television, a large refrigerator, a washing machine, a radio, and a sewing machine.

Xia Fang had all the most advanced items at home.

Just the large television alone made Qiao Mei marvel with wonder.

Not only did she have these things, but the top floor also came with a loft.

There was a small skylight that allowed one to see the starry sky at night.

Xia Fang loved flowers and plants and planted many flowers in the loft, all of which were blooming beautifully.

“Xia Zhes wife, come sit down and drink some water.

You must be tired from the journey.” Xia Fang had not been idle since she entered the house.

She kept bringing food and drinks for Qiao Mei, afraid that Qiao Mei would be too tired.

Qiao Mei obediently took the cup and took a few sips.

She looked at Xia Fang with her big eyes, making Xia Fangs feel as if her heart could melt.

“Xia Zhe has nothing to do with that persons daughter.

The two of them just grew up in the same compound.

Xia Zhes school is close to here, so he basically comes to stay with me during his school days.

Her child is also from this compound, so the kids know each other since they play together,” Xia Fang said nervously as she looked at Qiao Mei.

Qiao Mei listened quietly to what Xia Fang said and did not take anything to heart.

She knew that Xia Zhe must have suitors in the capital, but she just did not expect them to be so aggressive.

Xia Fang was also puzzled.

She wondered why Qiao Mei did not look angry, and whether it was because she did not care about their Xia Zhe.

Did she really not care, or was she just magnanimous Or did she have other plans

Xia Fang had all these thoughts in her head.

“Ah, that girl has to be around 26 or 27 years old, right” Qiao Mei said.

“Yes, shes 26 this year,” Xia Fang nodded and said.

Xia Zhe was three to four years older than her.

When Xia Zhe left back then, Xiaoe had been chasing after him relentlessly.

Even now, her mother was still thinking about Xia Zhe.



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