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Hearing that, the villagers were stunned.

Instead of thinking about what to eat, Qiao Mei was now concerned about the pigs at home

How rare!

Furthermore, she was actually shouldering a carrying pole and getting to work In the past, she had never been seen at the market, not to mention going out with a carrying pole.

At this moment, the only place where one could dig up such lush wild plants would be at the hot spring area deep in the mountains.

She actually made such a long trip to dig for pig feed


Wasnt Qiao Mei supposed to be very lazy

Although Zhao Liang was also surprised, his surprise was about something else.

Qiao Mei actually called him Uncle Zhao This was even more surprising to him than Qiao Mei getting to work.

“Uncle Zhao, you guys go ahead.

Ill go back first.” After Qiao Mei said that, she walked back with a smile.

She passed by an old farmer who was frozen on the spot and said, “Uncle Wang, I heard that you are selling piglets.

Remember to leave a good one for my family, Ill go to your house to buy it tomorrow.

Dont worry, I wont forget your money.”

“Ah Oh, oh, okay, okay…” Wang Wu was shocked.

He could not believe that these polite words came from Qiao Mei.

Before Qiao Mei reached home, she already saw her grandfather waiting for her at the gate.

Seeing Qiao Mei carrying two big baskets, he held back his emotions and went up to her.

As the person closest to Qiao Mei, he naturally knew how lazy she was.

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That was why he knew how great the extent that Qiao Mei had changed.

“Grandfather, please rest.

I can handle it.” Qiao Mei sidestepped him.

“Im strong enough to carry it.

Dont spoil me anymore, I should do some work.”

“Alright, alright, lets go in!” Qiao Qiang said with a bright smile.

Qiao Mei brought the two baskets into the kitchen and lifted the weeds on the surface, revealing the golden pumpkins and big sweet potatoes inside.

Qiao Qiang froze on the spot and asked, “Where did you get so many pumpkins and sweet potatoes”

“Its from the hot spring area at the back of the mountain,” Qiao Mei said casually.

“I was walking around and didnt expect to see so many pumpkins and sweet potatoes.

Ill go and see if there are any other crops tomorrow.”

From the hot spring area

Qiao Qiang pondered that it was now the beginning of spring and the pumpkins and sweet potatoes in the fields had yet to sprout.

This was the first time he had heard of so many crops growing at the hot spring area.

However, the temperature there was high, so it was not surprising if a few pumpkins and sweet potatoes grew there.

In the past, there might have been people who managed to pluck them, but remained tight-lipped and did not tell others.

“My Mei Mei is just lucky!” Qiao Qiang said with a gratified smile.

He did not think too much about it.

Such beautiful pumpkins and sweet potatoes had to be from the hot spring area as nobodys land could produce crops of such good quality.


Qiao Mei put down all the things and started cooking.

Todays menu was a pumpkin feast – fried pumpkin, boiled pumpkin, stewed pumpkin, and fried pumpkin cake.

There was still no skill required in cooking, it all just depended on the fragrance of the ingredients.


Qiao Qiang could not stop praising once the food entered his mouth and the smile on his face grew wider and wider.

The way he saw it, compared to other girls, Qiao Mei finally had a strong point.

The food she made was so delicious.

No matter where she went, she would not be looked down upon, right

“Grandfather, I just told Uncle Wang Wu that we would go to his house tomorrow and buy a piglet to raise,” Qiao Mei said.

Qiao Qiang was even happier when he heard that.

Now, not only did his granddaughter have good culinary skills, but she also knew how to think for her family.

“Okay, okay.

Well go over tomorrow morning.

Grandfather feels much better than before and has more strength now.

Raising a pig wont be a problem.”

“You dont need to raise them.

You just need to go and buy a piglet as I dont know how to pick one.” Then Qiao Mei continued and asked, “Do we still have any money left”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Qiao Qiang smiled and waved his hand.

“Dont worry about the money.

Use the remaining money we have first and I will give him the balance when I get my retirement salary in a few days.

These few days wont make a difference.”

Besides, Qiao Qiang wasnt someone who would default on his payment.

Hearing this, Qiao Mei was stunned for a moment.

She suddenly remembered that this was a society bound by relationships.

It was not like the future when one would not be able to buy a piglet if one lacked a few dollars off the price


In that case, there was no hurry to sell the remaining pumpkins.

After all, the remaining pumpkins were not worth much.



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