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Judging from Zhao Wus expression and behavior, he had most likely taken a fancy to the girl.

Since they were good buddies, they all tried to think of a solution for Zhao Wu.

“Then how do you feel about it” Zhang Yong asked.

“I… Im not thinking much.

I just want to just maintain it as it is and see if she has any interest,” Zhao Wu said as he gave the three of them a serious look.

“If you need anything, just say it.

Her elders and my aunt are colleagues.” Xia Zhe usually kept quiet, but when he spoke, he would go straight to the point.

Zhuang Hua patted Zhao Wus shoulder and said, “Im so impressed.

Your brother Xia Zhe has already settled her parents for you.

Since youre not exactly strangers, it all depends on how you grasp the opportunity!”

Zhao Wu nodded clumsily.

Actually, he had no other intentions.

He just felt that this girl was kind-hearted and treated him quite well, and was also concerned about him when he was injured.

He thought that he could think about the future later.

“Lets get down to business.

The superiors told us to pack up and return to our original military unit in three days.

I will be taking a break after that.

Do you have any issues with that” Xia Zhe asked.

Zhuang Hua, Zhang Yong and Zhao Wu all knew that Xia Zhe had yet to take his wedding leave.

This was an important matter and should not be delayed.

“Dont worry and just go off.

We definitely wont let anything happen to the troops.

Lets assist with one last rescue search in the next few days and then we can leave,” Zhuang Hua said as he looked at Xia Zhe.

“My team may need to leave later as there are many things that we have to hand over.

When the time comes, Zhang Yong and his team can leave first,” Zhao Wu said to Xia Zhe.

“Alright, lets proceed this way then.

Zhang Yong, do you have any problems on your end” Xia Zhe looked at Zhang Yong seriously and asked him.

“No problem, but is it really alright for me to leave first” Zhang Yong looked at Xia Zhe worriedly.

Currently, the professional rescue team has already taken over the search and rescue mission.

Their troops had only come over to help with the rescue because they were close by at the time of the disaster.

By now, it was time for them to go back and continue with their own training.

However, there were still a lot of things to be done here and the victims had not received help yet.

Although it was not their main job, they were still concerned about the victims.

“Its alright, there will be more people coming over in the next few days.

We just need to follow the arrangements.

We should leave our food here for the disaster victims and just take what we need for our journey,” Xia Zhe said.

“Alright, Ill go and arrange it now.” Zhang Yong left after saying that.

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Zhao Wu followed closely behind, leaving Xia Zhe and Zhuang Hua looking at each other.

Xia Zhe stared at Zhuang Hua, not knowing how to start.

Zhuang Hua already knew what Xia Zhe wanted to say.

“Lets go to my tent.

Its hot outside,” Zhuang Hua said, pointing in the direction of his tent.

“Sure.” Xia Zhe nodded.

The two of them walked side by side, each with his own thoughts.

However, after being together for so many years, they had basic tacit understanding and knew what each other wanted.

It did not take long for them to reach the tent.

Xia Zhe did not stand on ceremony.

He sat on Zhuang Huas bed and looked at him.

“Youre so stubborn.” Zhuang Hua looked at Xia Zhe resignedly.


Xia Zhe only lowered his head and did not say anything.

Although he had no romantic feelings for Zheng Yuan, they had grown up together after all.

Xia Zhe was the youngest child in his family and he had always wanted a younger sister.

However, he only had a domineering older sister.

The Xia family and the Zheng family were neighbors and he had treated Zheng Yuan as a younger sister since they were children.

Zhuang Hua sighed and said, “Zheng Yuan wrote a report herself and even wrote a personal letter to Uncle Zheng.

She told him everything and also submitted the report and asked for a transfer.”

“Yes.” Xia Zhe did not know what to say.

He had also written a report, but it was only about the disaster and the arrangements of the troops.

There was no mention of Zheng Yuan.

Qiao Mei had told him not to report the matter to his superiors last night, so he had wanted to wait until he returned to the capital and meet Uncle Zheng to tell him about it.

However, Zheng Yuans actions were more resolute than his.

“Dont get angry.

Weve all been together for so many years and you know what kind of person Yuan Yuan is.

Shes just… impulsive.” Zhuang Hua did not know how to explain the nature of this matter.


“I originally intended to report to the superiors, but Qiao Mei did not want me to do it.

She said that she could understand Zheng Yuan.” Xia Zhe would always smile gently when he mentioned Qiao Mei.

Zhuang Hua also knew that his buddy really liked Qiao Mei.

“Then what about you” Xia Zhe looked at Zhuang Hua.

“What do you mean what about me” Zhuang Hua was prepared to play dumb and let the question slide.


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