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Out of habit from being in the army all year round, Xia Zhe woke up at dawn.

For a moment, he was not used to having someone sleeping next to him, even if she had fair skin and a pretty face that looked like a cute little bun.

Her small mouth opened and closed slightly with every breath, and her long eyelashes would occasionally flutter.

Xia Zhe tightened his hug on Qiao Mei and rested his chin on her head, enjoying the beautiful morning.

After a while, Qiao Mei muttered something in her sleep and slowly stretched out while flipping over.

Xia Zhe did not even dare to breathe loudly, afraid that he would wake the person who looked to be dreaming.

He quietly put on his clothes and prepared to go out to make arrangements for the days mission.

Before he left, he took another look at Qiao Mei who was still in bed, unable to hide the smile on his face.

Xia Zhe thought to himself, “What a wonderful life.”

He gently pushed open the tent door to go and look for Zhuang Hua, but did not expect to find Zhuang Hua chatting with Zheng Yuan.

He did not go forward to disturb them and just waited quietly in the distance.

Zhao Wu tiptoed from behind and prepared to launch a sneak attack on Xia Zhe.

Just as he was about to reach out, Xia Zhe grabbed him and threw him to the ground with a smooth shoulder throw.

“Ouch! What the hell! Xia Zhe, youre playing rough for real!” Zhao Wu lay on the ground and gritted his teeth.

Zhang Yong, who was following behind, saw Zhao Wu lying on the ground and guessed that it was Xia Zhe who did it.

He could not help but laugh loudly.

“Hahahahahaha, you deserve it!” Zhang Yong said.

Xia Zhe looked at these two uncontrollable jokers and shook his head helplessly.

“Can you still get up Why didnt you move after falling down Youre behaving like a scammer,” Xia Zhe said as he pointed at Zhao Wu.

“Ouch! Ow, ouch! I cant make it! Im going to die! Xia Zhe hit me!” Zhao Wu became more and more animated as he spoke.

He lay on the ground and groaned loudly, looking like he was really in pain.

“Oh my, look at that.

Dont tell me your bones are broken Then we must get you treated quickly.

Should I get Sister Cheng from the medical team to take a look at you” Zhuang Hua bade Zheng Yuan farewell and ran over to look at Zhao Wu teasingly when he heard Zhao Wus voice.

“Tsk, Im fine!” Zhao Wu got up from the ground embarrassingly with a red face.

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Sister Cheng

“What Sister Cheng” Xia Zhe looked at Zhang Yong in confusion, thinking that Zhang Yong knew what was going on.

However, Zhang Yong was so surprised that he could not close his mouth.

He flapped his hands and said, “What I really dont know!”

Zhao Wu lowered his head and did not dare to say anything else, afraid that he would trip on his words if he spoke further.

These buddies of his were smart people and would probably make him confess in two or three sentences.

He was determined not to say anything.

Zhuang Hua laughed and said, “Its Sister Cheng Fang from the medical team.

Shes probably around three years older than us.

Shes kind and beautiful… Hey, hey, hey, dont stop me from talking!”

Before Zhuang Hua could finish speaking, Zhao Wu anxiously reached out and covered his mouth.

When Xia Zhe heard the name Cheng Fang, he thought that he seemed to have an impression of her.

There were not many female soldiers to begin with, and most of them were from the logistics department.

Most of them reported to Zheng Yuan.

Cheng Fang was not really that old, but she would be considered an old maid in the countryside.

Qiao Mei was already married at her age but there were still some people who said that she got married late.

Therefore, Cheng Fang would be considered to be past marriageable age.

The Cheng family was actually a family of doctors who had been practicing for generations.

Cheng Fangs grandfather, father and mother all worked in the main hospital in the capital and they were all very outstanding doctors.

The family also seemed to be related to one of Xia Zhes aunts, who was also colleagues with them in the same hospital.

“Three years older Thats just right.

As the saying goes, a wife whos three years older than the husband ensures a richer life! Hahahahahaha!” Zhang Yong clapped his hands and cheered.

“Dont talk nonsense! Theres nothing going on between us!” Zhao Wu hurriedly stopped Zhang Yong from talking.

Xia Zhe understood what was going on.

It appeared that Zhao Wu had taken a fancy to the girl, but the feeling was not reciprocated.

“What exactly is wrong with you” Xia Zhe finally asked.

“Well… its just that… she and I…” Zhao Wu kept stammering as his ears turned red and he scratched his head in embarrassment.

“Stop wasting time and tell me quickly,” Xia Zhe said.

“Its just that some time ago, my arm got scratched during a rescue mission.

It was just a flesh wound, so I went to the infirmary to bandage it.

That was where I met comrade Cheng.

When I got too busy, she took the effort to remember me and look for me to help change my dressing.

Thats all there is,” Zhao Wu said bashfully.


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