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Zheng Yuan briefly checked for any other wounds on her body and then sat there quietly, looking in the direction of the tent door.

She still maintained hope that Xia Zhe would come looking for her.


Not long after, there were footsteps outside the door and someone knocked lightly on Zheng Yuans door.

“Who is it” Zheng Yuan asked happily, her eyes filled with anticipation.

She hoped that the person who answered her was the person she wanted to see.

“Yuan Yuan, its me, Zhuang Hua, I brought you some food and also medicine for your bruises.

I”ll leave them at the door.

Remember to apply the medicine and rest early if theres nothing else.

Im going off now.” After Zhuang Hua finished speaking, he gently placed the things at the entrance of the tent and left.

As he walked away, he looked back a few times worriedly.

Zheng Yuan lowered her head in disappointment and did not say anything.

She made her way slowly to the door and opened it to see some red fruits and a bottle of potion on the ground.

Zhuang Hua saw these fruits when he went out for the rescue mission earlier and specially plucked them for Zheng Yuan.

Looking at the red fruits and then at Zhuang Huas departing figure in the distance, Zheng Yuan understood the mistake she had made and tears flowed down her face again.


After picking up the things and re-entering the tent, Zheng Yuan sat at the table and wrote a report through the night.

In the report to her superiors, she listed down everything that had happened today and also provided details on the handover of her work.

She had decided to ask for a transfer and leave the troops to go somewhere else.

She had worked out her issues and completely let go of this matter.

She wanted to be herself again and not that Zheng Yuan who liked Xia Zhe so much that she lost her mind.


After packing her things, she asked someone to send the report out at dawn.

Meanwhile, Zheng Yuan handed over her remaining work to her subordinates.

It did not take long for Zhuang Hua to hear about this.

Zhuang Hua found Zheng Yuan and said, “Have you considered carefully about the transfer”

“Yes, I think I should leave this place,” Zheng Yuan said to Zhuang Hua as she looked at the sky.

Zhuang Hua did not speak.

He had been silently protecting Zheng Yuan all along.

Basically, Zhuang Hua would appear wherever Zheng Yuan went.

It had been like this for so many years.


“Im determined to do this.

Dont try to dissuade me.

You stay here and dont follow me.” Zheng Yuan looked at Zhuang Hua tenderly.

Zhuang Hua was a little surprised at first, then he gave a relaxed smile.

“So you know,” Zhuang Hua said happily.

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The thoughts that he had kept hidden for so many years could finally be out in the open.

Zheng Yuan nodded and said, “I figured it out last night.

Ive been chasing after Xia Zhe for so many years and trying my best to keep up with him.

I thought I loved him, but all I did was to lose myself.”

Zheng Yuan stood in front of Zhuang Hua and said solemnly, “I even let down the people who cherish me, so I want to transfer out of here and go somewhere else to look for the old me.”

Zhuang Hua was relieved to see Zheng Yuan with her current mindset.

The confident and haughty Zheng Yuan he had always liked had returned.

“Remember to come back and visit us during the holidays.

Well eat together in our big courtyard then,” Zhuang Hua said.

“Alright, its a deal.” Zheng Yuan smiled happily and continued, “Ive already sent a report to the superiors this morning.

I also wrote a letter to my father.

He already knows the stupid things Ive done so Ill probably be transferred out soon.

Just keep this matter to yourself.”

Zhuang Hua nodded.

He still could not accept the news of Zheng Yuans transfer because he did not know when they would be able to meet again.

However, he also wanted to support Zheng Yuan in her search for her old self.

“Your father will punish you, wont he” Zhuang Hua asked worriedly.

Zheng Yuans father was famous for being strict when they were growing up in the military compound.

At that time, all the children were afraid of him, even Xia Zhe.

This time round, Zheng Yuan would definitely be severely punished.

“Who cares This is how it should be if I have done something wrong.

Ive already thought it through.

Theres no benefit in hiding it from him.

Im his biological daughter, what can he do to me” Zheng Yuan said with a chuckle.

Zhuang Hua also laughed.

He still had vivid memories of the things that happened when they were young, but they have all grown up in the blink of an eye.

“Then take care of yourself and Ill bring you out for dimsum when you come back.” Zhuang Hua looked at Zheng Yuan tenderly.


“Alright, its a deal,” Zheng Yuan said with a smile.



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