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“No one can say for sure that something wont happen.

Besides, didnt you protect me well Otherwise, how am I always safe and sound” Qiao Mei said as she looked at Xia Zhe.

“I just want you and the baby to have a more stable life and to suffer less.

You even secretly came to look for me.

If Grandpa finds out, I think he will definitely break my legs.” Xia Zhe had goosebumps as he imagined Qiao Qiang picking up a rod.

Qiao Mei looked at Xia Zhe and smiled.

She said teasingly, “I was the one who took advantage of you back then.

Its too late for you to regret it now!”


Xia Zhe thought of that night again.

Qiao Mei looked so beautiful and charming now, and her delicate voice reminded him of how they were entangled together that night.

Xia Zhes ears turned even redder, but Qiao Mei was unable to do anything strenuous now, so he could only wait it out.

As she looked at Xia Zhe, who currently resembled the color of cooked shrimp, Qiao Mei lay on the bed and laughed heartily.

Xia Zhe reached out in exasperation and gently scratched Qiao Meis ticklish spots.

Qiao Mei laughed until her tears flowed out.


“Who asked you to mess around”

The laughter in the tent stopped after a while.

Xia Zhe did not dare to play around with Qiao Mei too vigorously.

Although back at the camp, he had written a letter to his aunt to ask her about the things to take note of during pregnancy, he remained worried as Qiao Mei had not gone through a proper check-up.

“Do you feel any discomfort in your belly” Xia Zhe asked as he looked at Qiao Meis stomach.

Qiao Mei thought about it seriously.

There did not seem to be any pain or soreness.

Other pregnant women would be experiencing sore backs and constant morning sickness at this stage of the pregnancy, but she did not feel any pain at all.

Even on such a hot summer day, she did not feel any discomfort.

She ate well, everything tasted nice to her and she did not have any symptoms like morning sickness.

Qiao Mei shook her head.

Xia Zhe was still worried, but there was no hospital in the vicinity where she could go to do a checkup now.

He could only wait until they returned to the capital for his aunt to take a look at her.

“Whats your relationship with that female soldier just now” Qiao Mei looked at Xia Zhe curiously.

Qiao Mei knew Xia Zhes stand on the issue, but she was really curious as to why Zheng Yuan would have such strong feelings for Xia Zhe.

She asked him the question solely out of curiosity.

Xia Zhe broke out in cold sweat when he heard that.

He thought that Qiao Mei was going to pursue the issue and immediately stood up to look at her as he said, “Theres really nothing between us.”

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Qiao Mei laughed out loudly when she saw Xia Zhe standing at attention as if he was going to do a verbal report to his superior.

She tugged at the corner of Xia Zhes shirt and asked him to sit down.

“Whatre you doing, Im just curious about how you two met,” Qiao Mei said as she looked into Xia Zhes eyes.

After confirming that Qiao Mei really did not mind, Xia Zhe began to talk about how Zheng Yuan and he got to know each other.

“Her name is Zheng Yuan and shes the deputy battalion commander.

We grew up in the same military compound when we were young.

Zhuang Hua and Zhang Yong as well.

We all played together when we were young,” Xia Zhe said.

“Eh What about Zhao Wu” Qiao Mei stared at Xia Zhe curiously.

Xia Zhe frowned again.

He did not like to hear Qiao Mei mention the names of other men.

He quietly suppressed the jealousy in his heart and said, “We got to know Zhao Wu after he joined the army.

He did not grow up with us.”


Qiao Mei nodded in acknowledgment.

“At that time, I got along really well with Zhuang Hua.

Zhang Yong was more introverted.

At that time, he particularly liked to read and almost went into scientific research, but his father did not agree with that choice and so he joined the army.

Zheng Yuan and Zhuang Hua had a good relationship and we were all quite close with one another.” Xia Zhe only gave a simple introduction and did not say anything else.

Qiao Mei sat up anxiously and asked Xia Zhe, “And then Get to the point!”

Xia Zhe shook his head resignedly.

He did not manage to throw her off the scent, so there was nothing he could do except tell her everything.

“Zheng Yuan was one of the few girls in the military compound.

At that time, there were many boys in the compound, so girls were especially pampered.

Everyone doted on her, so she felt that everything belonged to her.

However, she also worked hard and she reached her current position on her own merit,” Xia Zhe said impartially.


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