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Qiao Mei looked at Xia Zhe quietly and smiled as she gestured for him to go over to her side.

Xia Zhe was in low spirits and he hung his head as he stood by the bed and looked at Qiao Mei.

“Come and sit down, why are you standing when youre already off duty and not training your soldiers.” Qiao Mei smiled playfully and patted the edge of the bed, asking Xia Zhe to sit down.

Xia Zhe nodded and sat down gently next to Qiao Mei.

He looked at her thoroughly and reached out to touch her face.

His tightly furrowed brows showed no signs of relaxing.

Qiao Mei put her finger at the middle of Xia Zhes forehead and said, “Why are you so nervous Its not like Im dead.”

When Xia Zhe heard this, he quickly glared at Qiao Mei and said, “Pfft, touch wood! What nonsense are you saying!”


“Pfft, touch wood.

I wont say it anymore.

Look at how nervous you are,” Qiao Mei said as she giggled.


Xia Zhe could not even smile at all.

His mind was still filled with scenes of what happened to Qiao Mei just now.

The situation was so dangerous and terrifying and he had almost lost her.

Xia Zhe lowered his head and remained silent.

He held Qiao Meis hand tightly and stroked it repeatedly, not knowing what to say.

He felt that as a man, he had not protected his wife and child well.

Moreover, it had happened in the army camp, surrounded by his soldiers and without any enemies around.

What if something like that happened on the battlefield or elsewhere!

If something like this could happen even with him around, what if an accident happened to her when she was not with him Xia Zhe had mixed feelings and did not know what to say.

Qiao Mei could tell what he was thinking and gave Xia Zhe a kick as she said, “Hey! Commander Xia! What are you worried about! Im right in front of you.

What are you still worried about”

He was more than happy to see Qiao Mei doing something so improper.

Qiao Mei was still the same Qiao Mei.

She was not scared by the whole incident and was still so childlike and cheerfully forthright.

At the thought of this, Xia Zhe curled his lips and slowly articulated his thoughts.

“I just feel that Im useless for letting you go through such a thing in the army camp.

How can I face you and your grandfather If your grandfather finds out, he will regret letting you marry me.”

Qiao Mei became unhappy immediately after she heard this.

She pointed at Xia Zhe and roared, “Xia Zhe! Now you regret marrying me!”

Xia Zhe looked at the furious girl in front of him in confusion.

“When did I say that I regret marrying you”

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“You did say it! Asshole! You dont want me anymore! Only you would know whether you regret it! You want to run off after getting me pregnant! You have no conscience!” Qiao Mei swung her little fist and gently punched Xia Zhes shoulder.

At first, Xia Zhe was so nervous that he did not know what to do.

He carefully observed Qiao Meis expression and realized that she did not seem angry at all.

She puffed up her cheeks as she rattled off and looked like a little bun.

It was obvious that she was just throwing a little tantrum and was not really angry.


Xia Zhe pulled Qiao Mei into his arms and rested his head on the top of Qiao Meis head.

He slowly stroked Qiao Meis back and said dotingly, “Have you messed around enough, my little ancestor”

Seeing that her plan had been exposed, Qiao Mei no longer had any intention of fooling around with him.

She lay quietly in Xia Zhes arms and wrapped her arms around his waist.

“Hmph, whos messing with you.” Qiao Mei muttered.

Xia Zhe stroked Qiao Meis head and said, “I dont regret marrying you.

I think the best decision I ever made was to marry you.

I originally wanted you to become a military spouse, but now that something like this has happened to you right under my nose, I just feel that Im very useless to be unable to protect you.”

Qiao Mei broke free from Xia Zhe, crossed her legs and sat upright on the bed.

She looked at Xia Zhe solemnly and said, “Youre the most useful person.

My husband is the most amazing person! The baby and I both think that youre the best and you did protect the baby and me.

Why do you say that youre useless”

Xia Zhe looked at Qiao Meis serious expression when she said that he was amazing and his ears turned red.

He said awkwardly, “Its not like what you said.

I could have prevented this from happening.”



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