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Qiao Mei buried her head in Xia Zhes chest out of embarrassment.

Xia Zhe tenderly supported Qiao Meis waist with one hand and gently held Qiao Meis head with the other hand.

“Go, go, go! Why are you making a fuss! Hurry up and get to work! Dont you want to rest!” Xia Zhe shouted as his ears turned red.

It was dark and no one could see Xia Zhes expression or whether he was blushing.

Only Qiao Mei knew that Xia Zhes body temperature was ridiculously high.

Zheng Yuan decided to imprint this image in her heart.

Their lovey-dovey behavior was like a sharp blade stabbing into Zheng Yuans heart, repeatedly cutting open a wound that could not heal, torturing her forever.


“I should be the one in his arms.

Why is it you” Zheng Yuan muttered to herself.

Unacceptable! I cant accept this! Why is it Qiao Mei! Why is everyone full of praise for her! Shes just a country bumpkin! How can someone who has never seen the world fight with me! Why is she the one beside Xia Zhe!

The anger in Zheng Yuans heart had burned up the last shred of her rationality as she approached Qiao Mei step by step.

Xia Zhe still had to deal with the aftermath of the matter so he let Qiao Mei return to the tent first.

He had not walked far when he saw Zheng Yuan running up to Qiao Mei.

“Qiao Mei! I want to kill you!” Zheng Yuan reached out to slap Qiao Mei.


“Qiao Mei!” Xia Zhe exclaimed.

Xia Zhe desperately ran back to Qiao Meis side, but distance-wise, he was further away than Zheng Yuan.

Qiao Mei looked in surprise at Zheng Yuan running towards her.

Without much hesitation, she subconsciously reached out to push back with her backhand and managed to shove Zheng Yuan to the ground.


Her grandfather had taught her this skill for self-defense and she did not expect it to really come in handy.

Xia Zhe hurriedly pulled Qiao Mei into his arms and checked to see if she was injured.

“Qiao Mei, how are you! Are you alright! Say something!” Xia Zhe looked at Qiao Mei anxiously.

Zhuang Hua did not expect to see such a dramatic scene when he brought his people to pick up the vehicles.

He immediately sent someone to watch over Zheng Yuan and waited for Xia Zhes instructions.

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Qiao Mei looked at the overly nervous Xia Zhe and then at Zheng Yuan, who was struggling on the ground and roaring away.

Qiao Mei thought to herself, “Do I look like Im not alright Zheng Yuan is already lying on the ground.

What else can be wrong with me”

“Im fine.

You should take a look at her…” Qiao Mei said as she lowered her head and looked at Zheng Yuan.

Xia Zhe shielded Qiao Mei behind him. He did not expect Zheng Yuan to lose her composure like this.

In his impression, Zheng Yuan had always been a well brought up young lady from a wealthy family and had never behaved out of line at all.

She was a little spoiled, but after all, she had grown up in the army and been pampered since she was young.

It was understandable that she had developed a slight temper.

However, Xia Zhe had never expected her to hit someone, what more to hit a pregnant woman who did not know how to fight back.

Xia Zhe stared at Zheng Yuan and did not know what to say.

The crazy woman who was still cursing away in front of him was no longer the same person he knew from before.

“You go in first.

This is an army matter and I have to handle it,” Xia Zhe said to Qiao Mei.

Qiao Mei nodded and went into the tent to take a rest.

She believed that Xia Zhe would be able to handle this matter well and seek justice for her and their child.

She was unable to say that she was not frightened by the scene just now.

Her first reaction was to fight back though, which was all thanks to her grandfathers years of education, and that reaction was what saved her and her baby.

“Grandfather… I miss you now…” Qiao Mei said as she sat on the bed and touched her belly.

Outside the tent, Xia Zhe asked Zhuang Hua to let go of Zheng Yuan.

After all, she was the deputy battalion commander.

Even if she had made a mistake, she should not be treated in this manner.

“Let her go,” Xia Zhe said.

“Let go What if…” Zhuang Hua looked into Xia Zhes eyes and did not finish his sentence.

He sighed and said, “Let go of her.

The two of you can return to the team.”

Zheng Yuan got up in a sorry state and patted the dust off her body as she gave Xia Zhe a devastated look.

“Why are you treating me like this” Zheng Yuan asked with tears in her eyes.

Zhuang Huas eyes widened. There was going to be drama. He knew what had always been on Zheng Yuans mind.

Not only that, it would be more accurate to say that the entire troop knew that Zheng Yuan wanted to marry Xia Zhe and that Zheng Yuans father was also trying his best to make it happen.

However, no one expected Xia Zhe to settle his marriage on his own.

Even though Zheng Yuans father and Xia Zhes father had discussed this matter before, it turned out useless in the end.


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