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Qiao Mei led the soldiers all the way to the small stream.

It was already so dark that they could not even see their own fingers in front of them, and the direction was not so clear.

However, depending on the guidance of the plants, Qiao Mei easily found the path she took during the day.

“Sister-in-law, youre amazing.

Its so dark but you still know the way even though you have only taken the route once.

Its such a pity that you didnt join the army,” the soldier said to Qiao Mei.

Along the way, Qiao Mei did not hesitate in her instructions.

Although the distance was not far, even a soldier like himself could not see the road ahead clearly.

However, Qiao Mei could still accurately pinpoint the exact location.

To him, that was not an easy task to do.

“No, no.

I only remember the general direction.

Its your driving skills thats good,” Qiao Mei said.

When the soldier heard Qiao Mei praising him, he felt embarrassed and quickly went about making arrangements for the other soldiers to start carrying and loading the water.

He assured her that they would work hard and go back quickly.

“Everyone, get out of the vehicle! Take the water in an orderly manner! Lets do this quickly!” the cookhouse deputy squad leader shouted.

Qiao Mei was about to get down as well when she was stopped by one of the soldiers.

The soldier hastily said, “Sister-in-law, dont come down.

You must be tired.

Let us do it!”

“Thats right, thats right! Theres still us!”

“Thats right, sister-in-law! Just sit in the truck!

Everyone persuaded Qiao Mei to relax and rest in the truck as they carried out their work.

Qiao Mei could not turn down their kindness and could only watch obediently as the soldiers busied themselves.

As she sat in the truck, she got lost in her thoughts about all the things that had happened.

“Sister-in-law, thank you,” the cookhouse deputy squad leader said as he stood outside the truck window.

“Huh Why are you thanking me” Qiao Mei looked at him in confusion.

“If it werent for you helping us solve such a big problem, we wouldnt know what to do about the soldiers rations tomorrow morning.

Although we dont know what kind of punishment the cookhouse team will receive, youve still done us a huge favor.

Thank you so much.” The cookhouse deputy squad leader saluted Qiao Mei to express his gratitude.

Qiao Mei hurriedly waved her hand and said, “Please dont stand on ceremony.

Were family.

Dont stand on ceremony.

Its what I should do.”

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The cookhouse deputy squad leader smiled and nodded as he said, “Alright, then well cook something delicious for sister-in-law tomorrow! Ill go and help with the water now!”

“Go, go!” Qiao Mei smiled and waved her hand.

Qiao Mei stared blankly at the busy soldiers..

She wondered how Xia Zhe was managing the situation at the camp and whether he went to look for that woman, Zheng Yuan. Why did Zheng Yuan try to frame her time and time again

The more she thought about it, the more frustrated she became.

Qiao Mei shook her head and muttered softly, “Forget it, forget it, dont think about it anymore…”

Xia Zhe indeed did not look for Zheng Yuan, but it did not stop her from looking for him.

After Zheng Yuan returned to her tent, she quietly waited for Xia Zhe to come and look for her.

However, two hours had already passed.

Even if there was an interrogation, it would have been completed long ago.

Yet Xia Zhe had not come to look for her yet!

Zheng Yuan hit the tent cot angrily and the bed creaked noisily.

Zheng Yuan did not understand why Xia Zhe ignored her and did not come to ask her about the matter. She had already done so much, did she need to go further with this

Zheng Yuan felt indignant and ran angrily towards Xia Zhes tent.

However, bBefore she could reach it, she heard the roar of vehicles.

The soldiers from the cookhouse who had gone to get water had returned to camp.

Zheng Yuan decided to head over to check on how things went.

After all, this was her job.

However, she did not expect to witness a scene that she did not want to see.

As soon as he heard the sound of vehicles, Xia Zhe rushed out of the tent anxiously and looked for Qiao Mei among them.

“Im here!” Qiao Mei stuck her head out of a truck window and shouted.

Xia Zhe hurriedly ran over, opened the truck door and reached out to carry Qiao Mei down.

His sweet gesture really made the others feel envious.

“Aiyoyo, this Commander Xia is way too gentle.

Is this still our Commander Xia!”

“Thats right! Is this still the impartial and cold-hearted Xia Zhe!”


Although the soldiers teased Xia Zhe, they were actually all dying of envy inside.


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